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Review: EvoLeads, White Label Tracking Solution

I have used a lot of tracking platforms in my experience and was very impressed with The Montreal based company Evoleads‘ top notch and competitive tracking platform. Analyzing the product has led me to the conclusion that this platform is revolutionary. When you take a look at other tracking platforms in the affiliate marketing space, […]

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Why I Don’t Put my eMail Address on my Business Cards

Last week was adtech NY and I go each time it is in NY. This year seemed smaller and I went to catch up with friends and ofcourse meetings throughout the day. I have learned over the past years of networking and even testing, that it is all about connections. … the question is what […]

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Adsimilis 2014 Meetup in Dubai, Affiliate is a Bad Word

Just a couple days ago I was given the opportunity to speak at the Adsimilis Meetup 2014 in Dubai. I went to their 2nd Amsterdam meetup back in 2012 and I enjoyed it. The topics of discussion from then to now is way different and you can easily notice how the industry changed in just […]

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5 Inspirational Quotes I Just Added to My Office

I recently just moved into our new office and the walls seemed empty. I decided to fill the empty spaces with inspirational quotes. I look up to these billionaires and millionaires everyday. I try to see what they are up to and read as much about them as possible. I wish I just had more […]

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#ASE14 Session: Scaling from Affiliate to 7 Figures with Your Own Product

I just got back from Affiliate Summit 2014 and let me tell you a lot of things has changed since my first affiliate summit. One thing are the type of affiliates and attendees that visit. So many new faces, in essence I was actually excited to speak with 3 great friends in the industry and […]

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Clickbooth Black Event: VIPs Only – Are You Important Enough?

Affiliate Summit is just a couple days away, I recently received my cb Black Event card invite. This black card event is a private event to a selected few, 100 affiliates in fact. Why the separation? Simple, you are a product of your environment. I have written about why networking is important. I have been […]

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Rise of the Entrepreneur – Episode 21, Leaving a Job to Give Out Paychecks

Last week, Zac Johnson┬áposted a podcast featuring me in it! He has been posting 2 podcast a week interviewing successful entrepreneurs in the online marketing space from their startup failures to their on going success. Yesterday it was all about how I started and how I became such an entrepreneur. Recently I been posting on […]

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[A4D Meetup] Growth Hacking, the New Online Marketing

Just a week ago, I attended Jason’s A4D Meetup in San Diego. In 2012 I went to my first A4D meetup and I can tell you it was very educational. I unfortunately missed last year, but I made it to this year and this year it was different. Instead of media buys, affiliate links, and […]

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Living Dot Com Review – An Upsell at the End of the Documentary?

Yesterday, I went ahead and decided to purchase the Living Dot Com Documentary. As an entrepreneur, you always want to learn and seek more knowledge. Especially from people who are in your circle and from people who make more money than you. Knowledge is the founding function of every entrepreneur. I have had their browser […]

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Lasek, Clearly the Worst Decision I Made, Recovery Wise.

Recently I got Lasek Surgery done and let me tell you it is the best decision I made. The only problem is the recovery, it sucks. The rewards is def amazing and perfect. I can see clearly with out the hassle of contacts and glasses. I have vision!!! I personally will miss the fashion styles […]

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Amazing Documentary Which Will Open Your Eyes to Entrepreneurship

Yesterday, I got my eyes dilated for next week Lasik surgery and couldn’t really stare at the Mac being it was so bright even with me adjusting the brightness. So I basically closed my blinds all over my apartment and decided to turn on my Amazon Fire TV. Browsing movies I saw This documentary called […]

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