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Getting Started With Content Locking in 2015

Content Locking is an interesting category within internet marketing, or more specifically, CPA marketing. Despite available information, there is still a lot of confusion when it comes to Content Locking. The issue stems from the fact that most of the information on content locking is actually marketing material that is being driven by networks or […]

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Traveling and Your Work Load – Control Your Time

Currently in Cambodia. I posted a while back that I am traveling Asia for a year. Integrating work and travel was a bit hard the first couple weeks. The problem I had was the transition of time from a time zone where my calls and business was centered around to a new time zone. The new […]

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Networking is Far More Important than Money

I have now been in the Philippines for a little over a month now. I am actually exited I am here and I have gotten a lot of things done here. Maybe because I am now not tied down with my US employees or an office. Sad, that I grew into and office and realized […]

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Traveling in Asia for a Year, Getting Life Lessons

I just landed in the Philippines. I have recently decided to travel Asia for a year. Every time I travel I gain new perspective and views from other people as in their culture. This allows me to mend those ideas into my own, giving me insight on life. I have enjoyed thoughts from others from […]

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Interview: My Untold Story and the Current State of the Job Market

This was an interview that was done when the documentary Living dot Com came out. Audio and transcript below for your listening and reading pleasure. Introduction Hey guys this is Michael and in this podcast I’m sitting down with a very successful Internet entrepreneur, Ian Fernando. Ian has been a successful affiliate marketer and he […]

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Learn Affiliate Marketing, Don’t Start a Company

The other day there was a post from one of my private groups and one person asked what traffic sources should he push to promote his product. My reaction right away is you have a product and your asking how to market it? Seems opposite to me. It baffled me a lot that I did […]

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Interview with Oliver Kenyon, UpComing Entrepreneur

I flew to London to hit up the STM London meetup. One of my favorite international affiliate meetups. Why? I got to hangout with some great affiliate from the STM forum and chill with industry friends. One buddy of mine, Oliver, creator of CPAfix, now called AffiliateFix and is the owner of Fix Forums – […]

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How to Transition Your Work at Home Lifestyle to an Office Environment

Most of my 8 years in the performance marketing industry, I have been working from home. I have worked in a small co working office, started a new office in Atlanta, and now expanded back to New Jersey. In between I have worked most of my online career from home. It came to a point […]

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How Affiliate Summit Has Turned Me into a Millionaire

Currently on a plane and why not pass the time with a blog post. I am on my way to Las Vegas to Affiliate Summit West 2o15. In the past, I have never missed an Affiliate Summit and there are reasons why. In this industry, I have seen so many affiliates disappear and a lot […]

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Evolution of my Workspace. Home Office to Office Space

Over the years on the internet I have evolved. From a person that have been working 3 jobs to being involved in multiple businesses and now investing in projects. I want you all to look back at where I was. I want to share the struggle, because it is real. I want you all to know […]

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Personal Growth, Business Craziness, the Internet and Me

This is the first video of 2015 and the first post! I know it has been a long time and I keep saying I will start posting more. I am going to actually hold to that New Years resolution and post more blog articles and do more videos. In any case, I have this video […]

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