Buy Blog Comments: A Dark Day in the Blogosphere


Yes, finally a service that you can pay some human to spam to other blogs sites, isn’t this great! You now do not have to sit in front of your computer spamming other blogs! You can visit their webpage here: STOP!

This must have been the worst idea or concept ever! I thought merging into the world of web 2.0 we are becoming more social not spammers. Within the blogosphere there is an abundant of information ranging from cell phones to creating the perfect website, we gather information to help each other and speak about these issues.

The comment section for each blog is meant to create a discussion among peers, not so you can build SEO. Also this is a very cheap way of increasing your SEO rank.

They explain their service:

Blog comments help your site rank better in the SERPs. We hired a few people who go through a list of blogs in a database we set up and pick out blogs that are in your niche. They then read through blog posts and leave a comment that has to do with the blog post they read, that way it wont get deleted. Your backlink will then be on a targeted blog, giving you more weight in the search engines.

Though many bloggers may be familiar with the standard comment spam of the multiple letters “asdfasdr” and useless entries. Their service is all human base so the comments will relate to your post and will by pass all akismet, captcha, math questions, etc.

Is this the end for blog commenting and discussions? So far I have read from this loser, Jon Warass, he has 6 staff under him that are full time spammers! They take in the order and just comment all day.

But BuyBlogComments states they do not consider this spam:

Buy Blog Comments dot com is NOT spam! When you purchase blog comments from us, you are getting quality blog comments. They wont be saying stuff like “nice site, check out these free insurance quotes”.. the blog comments will be about the blog post that we are commenting on. You won’t even be able to tell our blog comments apart from the rest. So the blogger is safe, it will look completely like a legit comments that someone reading the blog post wrote. In fact, most blogger will like the free comments to help with their with there community.

Now with this said, yes if its human edited then it will be hard to tell if a comment is actually from BuyBlogComments or not, also some bloggers will like the comments especially if they do not know about BuyBlogComments. This is a dark and scary day in the blogosphere where we as bloggers will not know a comment spam from a standard discussions or comments.

Here is their price list:

For this price you can easily do this yourself and Yaro Starak from his Blog Profit Blueprint says to comment about 10 times a day and on your free time.

With these human edited comments, since it will be written by another person, personality WILL definitely be different from the actual blog author. A human edited comment from Buy Blog Comments maybe sarcastic as the ACTUAL blog author maybe more laid back and relaxed. This will contradict your comment, blog, and writing style!

Do you really want to destroy your brand? Do you want to contradict your writing style? Do you want to let everyone know your a fake? Will those human editors create a controversy so readers will click on your link? Or will it be just a standard statement?

With SEO, some pages do not even have page ranks. Will your comment be posted on high popular blogs, and if so will your comment be number 156? Blog authors need to think about how this maybe beneficial and so far I do not see this being beneficial at all.

To me this concept is very painful for anyone that will actually pay someone to post comments on blogs so they can gain a small percentage of SEO help.

Well anyways here are some quotes from other blogs which has written about this topic topic as well.

Darren Rowse from ProBlogger:

I think it’s one of the worst business ideas I’ve heard for a long time and something that bloggers should stand up against. I know that there are other services and tools that do this type of comment spam but this type of thing only weakens blogging.

Jonathan from SmartWealthyRich:

You definitely don’t want some random fake blogger to leave fake comments on your blog, especially if your blog has DoFollow enabled.

Connected Internet Says:

Services like these are going to make it much harder for site owners to stop spam comments. At the moment I’m doing a good job of stopping the human spam that is designed to generate backlinks, but it’s getting harder and harder. To try and dissuade human spammers, I’ve been removing any site names or urls from comments that are obviously just trying to take advantage of my ‘DoFollow’ policy.

If the above blog authors think this is an issue, then there will be an issue. The Blogosphere is meant to create a relationship among bloggers and readers. Not to abuse the blog just so you can get a good SEO/SERP, which I find will be a very poor attribute with comments.

* I apologize if my tone within this post is ‘loud’, as I do not see this being put to great use. I also apologize if my writing is off as I am just writing freely.

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  • It certainly undermines the “dofollow” movement. I do however believe they may have hard time “fulfilling” their promise to their “clients”… Unless of course they do not make any guaranty to how long those comments will stay before they get flagged as spam.

  • Personaly I think this is all being way and I mean way over blown. Who cares if someone hires someone else to comment in your blog. Those paid commenters are welcome on all my blogs, all which use rel=”nofollow”.

    Look rel=nofollow never worked and still doesn’t it is pointless. As for being harder to police your blog all these people talking are just talking about a new spin on a very old issue.

    The simple facts are if the comments are relevant to your blog, who cares if the poster or the guy who hired him gets some link juice? Anyone who does can’t see the forest for the trees! The reality is comments make your blog better, they improve your search traffic as well.

    All I expect to permit a comment on my blogs are for them to be on topic and not link to “bad stuff”.

    I just wrote an article on this, you can see it here,

    Again I just think this is the topic du jour,


  • Jack Spirko

    Oh by the way I made a mistake above I meant to say none of my blogs use “nofollow” in the comments. I am a very proud member of the do follow community. Good comments deserve good links! So um, Ian, get with the times bud and join us and become part of DoFollow, fight spam not links!


  • Ian

    > Jack

    I am part of the do follow community, I have just literally removed the button on my website.

    also my do follow is adjusted to remove the no follow after one day so I can approve other comments or mark comments as spam, as since I installed this plug in I have been getting spam comments, the typical “asdfasfdetf”

    but to your first comment, I agree if it has something to do with the post fine, but how do we know if it will be truly a comment/discussion – as it will be written in third person, the person doing the job will just write a comment because they are getting paid to do so. the quality or personality behind it will not be of the actual author

    as I stated 2 people means 2 different personality, the buyblogcomment guy may write it in a different writing style from the actual blog author – which isn’t really good

  • Ian first in response to,

    “but how do we know if it will be truly a comment/discussion”

    My answer is WHY do you care? Seriously if a comment is good, on topic and drives additional discussion what does the intent matter? Simply put the result is the same, the intent of the comment does not matter.

    Now in response to,

    “as I stated 2 people means 2 different personality, the buyblogcomment guy may write it in a different writing style from the actual blog author – which isn’t really good”

    I understand what you mean and your point IS valid but only if we assume what you have assumed. What you have assumed is the people buying these links are going to buy them and have links built to their blogs. That is most likely NOT the case, most will have links built to more traditional web sites. Or if the link is to a blog it will generaly be a commerical blog for lack of a better term.

    So on this point would it be bad for my “brand” if someone commented as me and linked to ComTech News? May be and in fact probally, which is what you are saying, but that is my choice to make or not make and the choice of others to make or not make.

    Finally I could buy the links and have them done third party, such as, yep this post is right/wrong, bla bla bla… I think it relates to this post over here, “link”. Now I have the link but the comment is seen as referencing my blog not being made by me. Makes sense?

    Again if you worry about the intent here there is a problem but as a blog owner if you only worry about the reality that the post is on topic, meets your personal blog comment pollicy and by being there helps you build your blog, so what, big deal about the intent.


  • Ian

    so then this will work with affiliates? I can buy blog comments but let the URL be an actual affiliate link? a so called blog comment adwords?

    I understand where you are coming from but the concept of blogging is for the readers, readers that will actual put the information they read to use and not just use the blog as a commercial place

  • Well you can link anywhere you like. If I was going to do affiliate marketing I would deffinitely not link to the affiliate url I would link to my own sales page for the affiliate product. That is just smart marketing. The whole point is you can link where ever you choose!

    What ticks me off is Google/Yahoo and others telling us where and HOW to link! That is total crap!

    See if you want to edit my post, take out my link or disallow it, fine that is your right this is your blog, you do what you personally want to, I will defend your right to do so anytime it is challenged even if you are editing or removing MY COMMENTS.

    But when google starts telling us how to link to compensate for their algo holes, that is their problem not mine.

    My point though with people buying comments is simple. Right now you approve or deny comments based on their quality and your standards. Bought or free the same standards are still what you should personaly do, follow your standards and don’t concern yourself with intent. Just the simple and easy way to run a blog in my opinion but again to be clear I think YOU SHOULD DO what ever YOU WANT. There is no more democratic world then the net at least for now.

  • Nothing like a “fake” review to boost ones ego.
    Its sick and deceitful.

  • Jack, I can see where you’re coming from, but I also have to disagree with some of the points you raised in your replies, although I do agree on some parts.

    Google and Yahoo telling us where and HOW to link: believe me Jack, I totally agree with you on this one, but unfortunately these are the big boys, and you and me won’t change a thing.

    What I’m really really concerned about is the credibility and branding, as it makes no sense to have some random dude post comments for me, maybe some people will buy into this, but how does this help define your brand or look credible, that just deminishes the quality, even if they say “quality will be great”. I analyzed that whole thing from every single angle I could possibly think of, and got to the conclusion that it’s bad for the blogosphere. Sure from a SEO perspective it’s fine, but man, from a blogger’s perspective, of someone who wants to connect with people, find gigs and contracts through networking with like-minded people and that enjoys conversations, this is a complete waste of time.

    “but how do we know if it will be truly a comment/discussion”
    My answer is WHY do you care?

    Why I care? simple, Imagine you’re at a bar, having a drink, and some nice chick comes up to you and starts talking to you, ask questions about what you do, and seems really interested, you talk with her for say 20-25 minutes, and then all of the sudden, she starts laughing and calls you a jerk… well Jack to me the buyblogcomments thing is EXACTLY that! And trust me I don’t like people laughing at me, and especially when they use MY BLOG’s COMMENTS SECTION as AD SPACE! and for free to top it off!

    Again, that’s just my opinion, but I do welcome your input Jack, you seem to have goood knowledge of SEO and all. But honestly I can’t see how one can look credible when hiring a fake commentator to post comments on other people’s blog, and it doesn’t help with branding at all, in fact it hurts branding. In the long run, that is pure cheating, and black-hat (which is what Jon Waraas is targetting anyway).

    So on this point would it be bad for my “brand” if someone commented as me and linked to ComTech News? May be and in fact probally, which is what you are saying, but that is my choice to make or not make and the choice of others to make or not make.

    I would like to point out something, you wrote about “choice” there.. thing is when YOU chose to do business with this company, WE ALL have to deal with YOUR decision, and deal with the fake comments and fake conversations, and WE are wasting OUR time.

  • Ok first of all again you guys are worried about “brand” of the person doing the hiring. So fine again that is his problem not yours.

    As for having to deal with my decision, first I did and have not made the decision to hire a “ghost commenter” but I sure as heck have the right to.

    What you are all missing is two things

    1. You are all foolish to go nuts about this if you really don’t like it, the whole thing is nothing but one of the most masterful creations of link bait of 2007. This guy with one obscure service is not white hot all over the net and all the negative press has made him VERY SUCCESSFUL.

    2. The solution is SIMPLE! Just police your blog by your standards the way you have always done. By YOUR RULES. Don’t worry that one post may have one intent and one another, just apply fair treatment to everyone.

    3. Trust the “free market”, if this is really such a terrible idea, it won’t work. If the comments are really “spam” then seeing them that way will be easy. Simply put if the comment is good enough that you can’t tell it is spam, then it probably isn’t.

    Oh and your analogy about the girl is a terrible one! A more accurate analogy would be you talk to a girl who isn’t really into you, you think she is but when she leave OTHERS are attracted to you because they saw you with her.

    As for your statement of, “seem to have goood knowledge of SEO”, not bragging or anything but let me say you just have NO IDEA!

    I know far more then most people do and I know a lot about the giant holes in the algorithms!

    Simply put a link in your comment section does not harm you and I am happy to see a service like this. It will help more people on both sides, new bloggers will get their comments going faster and most will never know the difference. More people will push Google/Yahoo to improve their own problems and none of the horror you guys are imagining will ever come to pass.

    Again, it is simple, just have a comments policy and enforce it.

  • Jack, you bring really good points.

    Although I don’t think all the bad press has made him “VERY SUCCESSFUL”.. maybe we don’t have the same definition of what “successful” is….

    You’re right on the money though on the comment policy thing, I totally agree on that, we have to be ruthless moderators, and I’ll make damn sure to share the infos with every single blogger I know that is interested in this, once I find even 1 single buyblogcomments comment, I’ll track it down and make sure my whole contact list will check their blog(s) and delete the comments, and I do have a HUGE contact list. It probably won’t change anything for buyblogcomments, but still that’s the least I can do.

    On the other hand, how will I be able to know it’s a fake comment? Well I’ll find a way… in the end, THEY ARE laughing at us (yes just like that girl at the bar). There are tons of ways you can get more comments on your blog and build a community, before you “need” to hire someone, which, to me, is totally unethical. Come on Jack, do you really want to spend time replying to fake comments on your OWN blog, while buyblogcomments is making money off YOUR blog and YOUR time? I don’t.

  • In response to

    “””Come on Jack, do you really want to spend time replying to fake comments on your OWN blog, while buyblogcomments is making money off YOUR blog and YOUR time? I don’t.”””

    Depends? Are the comments good? Do they improve the blog? Are the questions spot on and will my answer help other readers?

    If so yes! If the comments suck, no.

    See the enforcement is simple, what we are talking about here is like well trying to create “hate crime laws”. Just plain stupid, judge the action not the intent and you are fine.

    I also don’t worry about someone “making money off me”, that is just greed talking! Good comments in my blog will pay me better long term then what the 20 cents they guy is paid to make it?

    Seriously think about it, there is no issue here and if you want to waste your energy “tracking them down” go ahead, good luck.

    Again all we need to do is apply the same standard to every comment and we are assured of “good content”, that is what I want, that is what my readers want.

  • Ian

    well it looks like I just received a spam comment, and it was about golf, now that has nothing to do with my blog at all, posted under networking essentials: now it pass akismet – because it was well written and lengthy

    now you need to ask yourself how self determined are these workers behind buyblogcomments? it seemed as it was random, and plus I do not know if it came from buyblogcomments – but it was a comment never the less that provided no good information to my site

    golf is not what my blog is about, spending my time as jon stated is not good at all – this should not be my bulk of my day to review spam and see if a comment is true or not – and this will become harder especially if BBC becomes known

    I do not want to spend my time determining a comment is accurate or is using my blog as a commercial avenue

  • Good points Jack, but I don’t think I’m greed talking, at all!

    If you and your readers enjoy reading and replying to fake comments that supposedly add value to your blog (maybe they do add value, but so far I haven’t seen any prrof of that, have you?), hey it’s fine.

    I agree, my readers want good content and so do I. I guess if what you’re after is just to rank high for certain search terms and improve your rankings, go ahead and use buyblogcomments, but if on the other hand you’re genuinely interested in the conversations, delete the spam comments once you find ’em.

    Everyone has a different opinion on the subject, and obviously you and me disagree on many many points, but I do have respect in regards to what you’re saying, cause like you said “I have no idea”, you probably have wayyyy more knowledge than me on SEO and all. On the other hand I do get a boat load of real comments on my blog, which is what I AM interested in 🙂

    “Judge the action and not the intent” – ok, point taken, you “must” be right. But to me the intent is just as important as the action.

    Well anyway, since there’s an opinion for every one out there, I guess there’s no need discussing the topic anymore. Like you wrote, “there is no issue here”.

  • Ian, I got the same “golf comment” on my blog. Needless to say I deleted it. I do not know if it was buyblogcomments, but since BBC is targetting dofollow blogs, and both our blogs are dofollow, and there’s around 200 blogs that dofollow (from the d-list), I’m guessing it “can” be BBC. oh well…

    in a way, Jack is right, we have to moderate the comments, that is for sure, and that particular comment on golf got deleted right away.

    I think we can file all of this under the “case closed” category now 🙂

  • Both of you have kind of made my point for me here. The post was off topic, so you nuked it! Good and I would have done the same.

    This type of service is either going to have to produce on topic comments or it won’t last, either way it is far smaller a problem then those in the blog world are making it out to be.

  • Jack, I’m happy the case is closed, although I don’t think it was off topic, but let’s just say we all have different opinions, you, me and Ian would probably agree on many many points, but it’s just normal to disagree, we’re humans, I mean your blog is your business and my blog is my business, and it’s all cool like that. I still do disagree with some of your points, but I don’t see any reason to keep going at it and trying to each prove our points, I don’t expect you to change your mind, and I don’t think you expect me to change mine, so it’s all good ! 🙂

  • Paul

    Buying blog comments are just unethical.

  • I think that you should create a black list of spammer IP numbers. I know I have thought of doing it.

  • Rose,

    Apparently you are not familiar with the concept of a proxy server. Make your list, spammers churn through IPs like mad, they don’t use the same one for a day, let alone a week or a year.

    Again simple, police the content, use filters and have a beer, you’ll feel better.


  • Don’t you think good search engines like Google are able to see that also this is ablog comment and not a real link suggestion from your website ?
    So we are only talking about getting some more traffic to the blog and where is the problem, if someone like to pay for it ?

  • Apart from the questionable ethics, I’m amazed that people will do the job that the site is advertising. I mean, if you’re going to spend hours on end writing comment posts, why not put that energy into writing your own blog?

  • Its ironic that many bloggers talk about this but then they actually use no follow.

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  • This is one of the more technically inclined articles covering this subject of spamming. It is great to see a site take responsibility when cover a delicate subject. As is becoming clearer to the blogging community is nofollow does not stop a site from gaining serps. That being said, use of (index.php?url=http:// ) as the text link to the site was a great idea to not further feed the strength of the spammer site. The only addition I can add is to change the URL text to an image to absolutely leave no finger print of the offending site.
    Just my humble views, Anna

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