EntreCard Definitely EntreSucks: Check Please!


So it has been a little over a week and my conclusion about EntreCard still stands, it is a great concept with poor implementations. I did receive a good amount of traffic from it but it was trash traffic. When I say it is garbage I really mean it. The traffic that comes from EntreCard does not convert at all and serves me no reason to leave EntreCard on my beautiful blog. EntreCard can be far better than blugrush if done correctly with bloggers and webmasters in mind. Also, EntreCard users do not understand traffic stats.

They see their graph and they see amount of visitors visited from EntreCard. Do they look at other aspects like bounce, time on site, and even page views? A graph with a jump in traffic does not mean anything if the traffic is not converting in anyway or shows interest in your website. For example, my stats shows EntreCard has provide me substantial traffic – YES, NO! If I look at my other stats such as what I have mentioned above, I will see that this traffic does not do anything except look for the EntreCard Widget to drop cards.

Below is a snapshot of my total EntreCard visits. As you can see there is a high number of visits being most of them are new visitors. I should be happy right this is new traffic, but why are they staying on my blog for less than 30 seconds? Also, why the hell is my bounce rate higher than my percentage of new visitors? This means to me anyways that the traffic is not true. When I say true, these users or readers are more interested in finding the EntreCard widget than reading the content. Click to Enlarge.

Usually a reader stays on my site for at least 2 minutes; this is new traffic and true traffic. So when I saw EntreCard readers were only staying on my blog for 30 seconds I was a little annoyed. But my page views show that the readers were maybe somewhat browsing my blog since my page views were at less than 2 but just a little over 1. So this tells me there was some exploration for a little bit, maybe they were trying to find the placement of the widget? But at least there was some interaction with the blog.

So here are my hardcore stats, not very interesting I think. To the left are 3 graphs Card Drops, Advert Clicks, and Organic Clicks.

Card Drops shows the amount of cards that were drop on my widget. It is not that high, but comparing it to my analytics, the total number of cards drop almost looks similar to the total number of visits, interesting.

The second graph is the number of visitors that came to my website from a widget of another EntreCard user. Not very appealing is it. Matter a fact my EntreCard Referral was # 23 in my top traffic source according to analytics. Maybe this is due to the low traffic websites that I bought widget space from. I only bought 3 spaces from other users and the EntreCard credits were high for these low traffic sites. Why?

The last graph shows visits from EntreCard itself. It is pretty high and again is pretty close to the analytics image above. I am pretty sure users were arriving at my site just to drop their card. Readers were not interested in the website, but dropping their button.

So I will go into further detail as to why EntreCard is not a viable solution for traffic.

But first, here is a snapshot of my EntreCard adverts Stats:

Ugly right, well because I reject most of the crap that comes into my widget, its all trash that is not even relevant to my blog. Sorry, the website is not trash but there is no relevancy to my blog at all, music and mp3 downloads, let’s be serious.

Also ton confirm my low image quality, you can read their post here at the EntreCard Blog.

For those who haven’t been uploading PNGs, there have been a few image quality problems. The reason for this is pretty simple, we’ve been re-encoding all the images that get uploaded.

Looking at the overall picture, I do not think EntreCard is a viable reason for traffic. As I stated in my prior post, the concept is great but the backends needs to be thought of on a more thorough approach. It seems the traffic is just there to drop cards, if you are liooking at traffic without conversion then this is for you. I rather find traffic that are not concerned about their EntreCard Points and looking for viable information that is useful, targeted and converting that traffic is what I am interested in.

What they need to improve or my 2 cents:

  1. Better organize the dashboard
  2. Allow Me as an advertiser to chose what websites can advertise on my widget by category
  3. Allow better rejection instead of a 2-3 step system, this is time consuming
  4. Credit determination, I do not know how it is done. How is a low traffic site more expensive than a high traffic site?
  5. Allow user (me) to set how many times a person can drop their card. I had one user drop their card to my widget 1 everyday – no life!

They hype of this widget and concept is all positive through out the blogosphere, but do these users or noobs know how to read their traffic? There are 2 instances of entrecard and the traffic source you want to look at is “entrecard.s3.amazonaws.com / referral” if you are using analytics. The other source “entrecard.com / referral” are users that are looking for your widget to drop their card. This source of traffic is useless because you have a HUGE high bounce rate. Noobs need to look at their traffic with a  deeper eye and make sure you know what you are looking at. Just because you saw X amount of traffic from EntreCard does not mean that is good traffic – any traffic is usually not good traffic. I like traffic that converts in positive ways.

I am not hating on EntreCard as I said in my prior post, it is a great concept – just need a stronger back end and for all those bloggers looking a the nice traffic they are receiving, look at it closer and non converted traffic is bad traffic. Noobs. I just hate reading how much traffic they have received from entrecard and yet I do not not see any pictures or an in depth analysis of where that traffic is coming from. Ehh traffic is traffic, I guess? Too bad that doesn’t mean anything to me.

So EntreCard will be soon removed and I feel bad for the users that I have approved to show their badges on my blog. So here are the runner ups that were suppose to show their badge on my blog:

So visit the top websites as they have patiently waited to be shown on the IanFernando.com EntreCard widget. I personally have no time to jump from website to website to just drop cards to earn credits so you may have noticed EntreCard is gone from IanFernando.com. As for EntreCard – Check Please! (Mark says it reminds him of an Entre) 😛

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  • Good analysis. I will agree that the visitors to Dorm Room Biz that are coming from EntreCard are just quick stoppers. They are gone in under 20 seconds…just enough time to scroll down, drop their card, and move on to the next site. Ive got some decent ad’s purchased, so I will probably let it run its course for a few more days before removing it from my site. Oh, and thanks for displaying my card even though you took it down!

  • Simon

    I asked John Cow what his bounce rate was. He said he hadn’t looked. I asked why… He said that as far as he was concerned, the point of it is to increase your stats, so you can make more money. I suppose he’s right, stats sell.

    Still, it’s a pity that the vast majority of clicks are just to drop off cards, which makes it just like any other traffic exchange (only generally good for stats).

  • I have had some repeat customers. But, that is because I am focusing on specific categories, books, writing, environment, news blogs, personal blogs. I think if you have specific categories and aren’t just looking for general traffic, it works quite well. The marketing and making money sections don’t seem to do much.

  • I guess you have some decent points, but take a look at my perspective:

    I’m relatively new to blogging. I’ve been getting 10-20 hits per day until entrecard. Entrecard has given me over a thousand hits. Now, you may say the bounce rate is high, and it is.

    But, I’ve received over 40 comments. So a good deal of people are staying long enough to comment. To me, the comments I’m getting alone are worth the small price of a 125×125 space on my blog.

    I got a free spot on John Chow, and I got a free spot on problogger. I couldn’t afford that kind of advertising if my life depended on it!

    I write recommendations for people on Entrecard when I like their site, and they turn into readers of my blog.

    So I can see why a blogger like you may not like it, you have bigger and better things to do. But to a smaller blogger like me just getting started, it really is indespensible. I don’t know what I would do without it actually. This is why I disagree with your analysis: most of your readers are smaller bloggers like me, and to them, this thing is going to be really useful.

    Perfect example though: I found this blog through Entrecard. Hadn’t heard of you before that. And here I am commenting. Again.

    See my point? Would you rather it send you 1 hit per day, who stays 5 minutes and leaves a comment, or 100 hits a day, 99 drop their card and take a quick glance-nothing catches their eye, and 1 stays 5 minutes and leaves a comment.

  • bob

    I see your point, Ian, but I have to agree with Steve as well. I get a lot of quick visits who just drop a card and run, but I also get a few that linger. For a small-timer like me, that makes it worthwhile.

    I also find some cool and interesting sites through EC, like this one which I did not know about until I saw you on EntreCard. In defense of those that drop and run, I too have clicked on a site and new within 5 seconds that there wasn’t anything there for me, so that does happen.

    P.S.- as a first time visitor here, just want to say great job & I’ll be back.

  • Bec

    Hey! Good article! I agree with your post, however, I did arrive on your site via entrecard and I have stayed and read a bit. It’s a tough decision to make as I noticed those things in my stats as well. Seems people don’t read at all, just try to get most dropped. But if your content is interesting, even if 1/10 or 1/100 stayed, it’s still good 🙂 (unless you are getting all sorts of other paid offers for advertising!)

    Keep up the good work!


  • I was around during the heyday of the blog exchange, so I know what you’re talking about. Still, the Entrecard traffic I get is no different from the random pron hits I get from Google or elsewhere. Plus using Entrecard bumped up my subscription slightly and has increased the average number of comments on my site. So I’ll definitely keep using it.

  • If entrecard isn’t there i may have not come accross your this post.

  • I completely agree with Shanker Bakshi, if it weren’t for Entrecard I would not have come accross your post. Also, there are some of us out there who are trying to use Entrecard for more than just card dropping. I used to find new and exciting blogs all time, but it’s getting harder now and Entrecard has helped me find some extremely interesting and useful blogs. I’m not saying you’re wrong… just saying that maybe you need to open your mind a little more. But hey, to each his own!

  • I will echo what some others have already said and dole out a little tough love to the person that felt so compelled to broadcast his disdain for EntreCard.

    Fact: I found your site by using EntreCard. I stuck around to read some of your articles. They bored me. And while I am not a typical 14 year old kid with ADD that needs pictures to help explain things to him, I would have appreciated at least a graphic or two connected with the articles to at least help illustrate your point. By the third paragraph, I was bored and moved on.

    Your “beautiful blog” is covered in so much advertising that makes it look cheap and fly-by-night. Im sure you make a few bucks in Adsense and other affiliate programs, but from the looks of your Alexa charts, it looks like you haven’t been able to do anything to draw in new people. You have hovered around the same number for the last six months. Your rank is on an up-swing now, but looking at your history, it tells me that its only a brief spike and will soon start down the other side of the bell curve. This suggests to me that any ideas you may have posted about how to make money online aren’t worth the time it took me to write this sentence.

    The “trash traffic” you mention coming from EntreCard is due to the fact that everyone that visits your blog seems to be able to sum it up in about 2 seconds and then moves on. Although there may be something substantial under the surface, one thing I have learned is that perception is reality and the perception is that your site isnt worth reading.

    None of your strategies seem even the least bit different to any one of several million different “make money online” websites out there, all saying the exact same thing, the exact same way.

    According to your graphs, you were with EntreCard for a total of nine whole days. That is not nearly enough time to quantitatively analyze the data provided,but it appears that while you were happy to show the other three graphs, you conveniently neglected to show how many cards you dropped on other sites, or how many ads you placed on other higher-profile sites to attract viewers.

    I can’t speak for anyone else, but my marketing efforts with my site have definitely improved thanks to Entrecard. My Alexa reach has gone up 7,000 perecent and I have managed to drop over 200,000 points in my rankings using nothing else but Entrecard for my marketing efforts (and a couple of posts that happened to make it to Fark).

    There have been improvements to the dashboard on the EC site and the other objections seem trivial, so I wont bother to mention them.

    I am not an agent of EntreCard, but rather just see a lot of flawed logic to your reasons for saying the system sucks. Perhaps you would be happier doing all the marketing efforts by yourself, trying to drive content to your site.

    But then, I doubt I would have found your site in the first place, let alone hung around long enough to post a reply to something you wrote.

    Best of luck on going it alone.