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I just finished watching, How to to Make Millions on TLC. The show opened up with 2 students that want to start their own business. It is funny watching them struggle when it seemed to me everything is given to them on a platter.

I forgot their names, but their product is a YouTube for skateboarders, snowboarders, surfers, skaters, etc, any sport that uses their feet. If you want to see their webpage it is

While watching this little one hour show I was so piss at what they were doing. They were doing so many things wrong. They have been given the opportunity from a venture company for a loan, and yet they have come unprepared. So the venture company has given them another chance the next day, asking for several things such as actual factual data, demographics, stats, web design, etc.

Yet again these young entrepreneurs came un prepared. Even one of the venture associates said they have made the numbers up.

The only aspect I like about the mini show was hearing strategies from other entrepreneurs such as the creator of FireFox, WebLogsInc, WeddingChannel etc. They posed different approaches and aspect of marketing.

There were a lot of things I can relate to the professionals that posed ideas as well as for the new beginners of entrepreneurs. The creator of FireFox stated you need to work hard because if you don’t a 14 year old kid is doing it and is number one the next day. Which is true, if you do not put work in it why expect something from it? No one is going to pick up your slack or errors!

Another part of the show I kind of liked is these 2 college kids started to network with other companies. Since they were unable to get a loan from the venture company, they have visited a local skate/snow/surf show. One of the students introduction was very poor. Once you hear him speak, you just want to turn away. It was just that bad.

Both went back to the show the next day and after a day of practicing an introduction they were on a roll. One company called “Option” I think considered to sponsor them!

Networking on the internet is very important. Creating a relationship is very important on the internet because there are millions of websites and webmasters out there. Helping others help you while helping them is a great way to create a viral spread.

If I had the opportunity they had I would have done my work, but they are in the beginnings and I was like that at one point. I did what was needed and that is it. Now I am always networking, always reading, always learning, always doing something productive.

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  • Jack

    Good article…

    I was also disappointed in the way the 2 guys presented their business. I don’t really think they should have been on that show. If you check their website, they give away ‘boots’ as prizes. I defintely don’t think this is the ‘next big thing’.

    I would have preferred to see a company that is actually ready to make it big. A company with a decent business proposal and new idea would have been nice.

    What was the website of the other guy profiled? His website has ‘Shark’ in it.



  • JT

    I almost fell off the couch laughing when the surfer-dude said with a straight face the site was worth $22 USD per PAGE VIEW. Nothing is worth $22 per PAGE VIEW. I mean, that’s a $22,000 CPM, right?

    Guy literally thought tans and good hair = business acumen.

    Best of all, the site is so low on Alexa and Traffic Estimator I can’t even find them. Even after airing on TLC.

    Probably a necessary website, but what a bunch of monkeys. Anyone with a hint of competance should be able to overtake them.

  • Simm

    I went to school with the two guys in this episode. The really funny this is they are not two college kids. They are 27 and 28. They have both been out of school since 2002. The cocky one is a trust fund baby and the other one has been looking for a quick buck since he was a kid. Zach actually is a hard worker but it was really sad to see him not grab the bull by the horns and get his shit together for any of the meetings. Side note…the grease ball 70’s look doest not fly with the venture capitalist crowd.