A Unique Conversation with Unique Blog Designs


While at IZEAFest I was able to grab the whole team from Unique Blog Designs all aside to have a quick discussion about their company. I insisted they owed me a podcast or interview, because I remember when John Chow had his update – I attacked them for an interview. I can imagine their business jumped because of that first design, so I wanted to get their reaction right away.

They have done a lot of blogs such as the famous ShoeMoney and John Chow. They add a unique twists to their designs, it isn’t just color is web 2.0 color. Their styles definitely jump out and they know what they are doing. I learned quite a bit from them knowing Josh is a consultant and finds out what the blogger wants and how Unique Blog Designs can better optimize their blog. It was interesting to hear also they are going into the premium style web designs as well. I highly favorite my friend Brian Gardner’s Revolution Theme and we even go into discussion about his themes.

They have created a great brand among their team and it is funny all three of them are friends. I know when I try to partner up wit my friends, it was hard – but UBD definitely has their head straight. Though we are all about the same age – around our 30’s – we still hanged out and had fun. I met up with them at IZEAFest and once more at Blog World Expo where they had a huge booth. I met up with them in the night life as well, just ballin as Jim Jones would say.

credit: josh.mullineaux

These guys definitely are focus they have done work for Yahoo and Nike! Getting it in! Before they left, like i said I was able to grab them and just have a great conversation about their company and how they differentiate themselves from other blog designers and premium template designs. The most interesting part is they are releasing something int he affiliate market space – eagerly waiting and might have to do a followup podcast with them about it!

Listen below!

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  • Garageless

    UBD does some great work – I like what they did with my john chow – wonder if shoemoney will make a change to his as well, since they are always battling.

  • The Unique Blog Design guys (Matt, Josh and Nate) are great! They are pretty young and really ambitious. Their work speaks for itself and I think they have a really bright future.

  • Their 30s huh? LOL

  • What are their prices like for custom design anyway? Been kicking around a few blog ideas and would love some good designs.

  • UBD just finished my blog last week. They are great guys, not the cheapest but you get what you pay for.


  • Thanks for the love Ian! Conferences are always fun.

    -Jeremy, our prices start at $1599 and we only require half up front. Give me a call if you would like to chat (870-619-4550)

    -Andrew, it was great working with you! We wish you nothing but the best.

  • These guys do make some nice themes though. Maybe one day when people actually read my blog.

  • Good luck with your new venture. I may be need your services at some point in the future.

  • UBD ” Unique Blog Design ” i think they offer a good service i don’t know all of them but I’m active in Nate blog

  • UBD seems intresting and all the comments above support them.

  • Gotta love UBD!

  • yes, I like their design too.