Easily Make $250 a Day with eMail Submits


Want to quickly make money online? Start off with eMail submits, I personally have not started with email submits but I have gotten into them more and more because of the holidays I assume, but it converts quit fast. As you know I started to do contextual traffic via MediaTraffic. I have done fairly well I think with 1 specific campaign and others, I also lost a lot of money with crappy email submit LPs.

But there are a lot of great ways to earn money with just email submits, I first stared to learn about email submits from AdHustler via polls, I even did some case studies on polls as well. Since now I have been doing contextual traffic and I have gotten a higher return. As you may know MediaTraffic is PPV, pay per view traffic. If you do not know what MediaTraffic may be, I recommend visiting their site for more information on the type of traffic they provide.

But in any case, email submits are simple 1 field submits that require only one action in which you get paid for. All the advertiser requires is an email address from the end user. I had a really good niche in the past month or so and now it is dead, but some email submits are still working especially since we are in the holiday season. You will find a lot of those FREE gift card and all they require is an email submit. At this time of year you can make a good 50-$70 a day on a selected offer, depending how much money you want to spend on traffic. If you are running several email submits, for example 5 offers * $50 (avg) that is an easy 250$ per day. Increase your offers and make more a day, easily start making 1k a day with just email submits!

But how do you chose an eMail submit?

There are a lot of networks out there that has a ton of email submits, some may work better than others, TEST! I waste money to find out a profitable email submit from several networks. For example, I found 4 networks that have 4 similar email submits (lets say gift cards for Victoria Secret) with 4 different LPs. How do I know which one converts better? Send traffic to all 4 LPs and see what converts better, it is that easy. Once you have some good data to look at then you can make a smart decision on to which offer is doing better.

There are other factors to it, especially if  you had experience with seeing what LPs will do better over another. One networks stated their LPs were the best and I basically said it was crap and wont convert, he insisted and I tested and I was right. So after some time you will be able to just look at an LP and just take it out of the equation because you know it will not work, but sometimes experience may be wrong as well, TEST!

Well now what about the niche? How do you find a good niche?

Well for me I specifically chose holiday seasons – those free gift cards, free xbox, free money, receive a free laptop, type offers. This season is very healthy when it comes to getting people to get something FREE, especially if it is in the form of cash. I mean the economy is doing so so right now, so people are in the mood to get another source of cash.

There are other offers that are short term but you can easily cash on them if promoted right. For example if a game comes out, they have email submits to receive ‘THIS POPULAR GAME” for free by just providing an email address. During the week that it is out you can quickly gain a couple dollars from the network that is supplying the specific offer. There are also email submits where users can ‘test’ a new product and ‘keep’ it. Certain laptops that came out or even cellular phones that came out, iPhones are still popular and still all other the network.

In finding a good niche email submit, simply just ask what is recently out which creates a buzz? Quickly find what is happening via TwitScoop. Was there a recent game that came out? Is there a gift card for this specific store? What do people want? Ask yourself that question and you will find something that people will want. An easier way is to browse the networks themselves and see which specific email submit offers they do have. You will be surprise on the type of niches you will find.

What Network Has Great eMail Submits?

  • Hydra Network
    Has a ton of eMail submits – my experience most do not convert BUT the networks that lease offers from them tend to convert better – not sure why? Also most email submits are for eMail only, I would consult with  your AM first to make sure you are allowed or if the advertiser will allow other sources of traffic.
  • Market Leverage
    Has a good amount of email submits, most are for email only traffic. I would talk to your AM and discuss if you can send other sources of traffic to the specific offer. I also found some LPs are hand in hand in testing with some other networks.
  • CX Digital
    Awesome LPs for certain niche email submits. Though they have lower payouts, I found that their LPs convert better than most other LPs from other networks for similar niches.

What Type of Traffic to Send?

Earlier, I started to be entertained with contextual traffic. I have been sending traffic to these offers via Google Content Network or contextual Traffic from MediaTraffic. There are also tons of ways to get free traffic, like on Craigslist, Gift Card Directory sites, Freebie Submissions Sites, etc. I personally used contextual traffic during this holiday season and it has done fairly well for me.

Since eMail submits are low payouts ranging from $1.05 – $2.10, you want to get cheap traffic less than maybe .05 because your epc maybe less than .10. Cheap or free traffic is key to eMail submits and ofcourse targeting the right keywords as well.

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  • A lot of people don’t think there is a lot of money to be made in email submits but they are dead wrong. Ive had email submits that did $1,500+ in revenue in ONE DAY. Unfortunately that type of volume is often unsustainable due to the issue of these advertisers scrubbing the heck out of the offers.

    If you want to make long term sustainable money with email submits you will probably have to run multiple offers at $50-$100/day revenue and “fly under the radar.”

  • Interesting. Never hear people talk about this.

  • Nice one Ian!
    I’ll have to dig deeper into affiliate marketing.

  • Ian

    > Blog Expert
    yup – cause it makes them money =P

    > Tom
    let me know and I can try to give you some pointers.

  • Great post Ian, that sounds interesting…

    Terrance Charles

  • gud shit…i ran the vsecret offer from motive and had 4 conversion, but had a net loss of like 50. hit a milestone yesterday, had my first 100 day! prob jux a fluke, but gonna let it run for a week, then trim down non-converting kw and domains…happy holidays and be safe bro!

  • Jay

    Hey Ian, I was considering signing up for CX Digital but while I was reading the requirements, I saw that they require you to have at least 10,000 impressions monthly do your site/network. I don’t have that, is that a policy they hold strictly too or should I look into other networks?

  • Thank for providing great information about email submission. Please tell me the overall procedure about it. I don’t know about email submission and media traffic.

  • Ian

    > Jay
    let me know and I can get your approved. you just need to have good traffic but they will also help you with your campaigns …coughs… depends on the AM …coughs…

  • Hi Ian,

    Just love your blog. I just put it up as one of my tabs so I can have easy access to your information.
    I wish sometimes you would explain what things mean as you go, or maybe I missed it. Most things I can figure out, but a lot I can’t. What does LP mean. I figured out epc. What is a non-converting kw ?
    So is this “email submit” only for: 1) blogs only. 2) well established sites with a lot of traffic. 3) approx how much does it cost.
    Sorry for not understanding this.

  • I tested email submits with some black friday type ads (worked great with some target and walmart type cash card offers), but you must pay VERY close attention when working email submits.
    – scrubbing
    – paused offers and networks not telling you
    – hide/mask lead source, since most don’t allow PPC traffic

    and Ian was correct.. test and test til you find one that converts.

  • Hi, speaking as quite a newbie, I find the topic of e-mail submits very interesting, even though at this stage I do not fully understand all the ins and outs. Might just give it a try some time in the future. You give good information on the subject.

  • Very intersting… I’ll definitely have to try this!

  • yeah i tried this email submits before. They work pretty well until you start getting scrubbed by the network. I made a few hundred a day easy with them.

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  • Great post, and just in time, just got into Market Leverage.
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  • Very interesting.. Easy way to have money.

  • Very interesting. It is the easy way to make money online.

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  • This is a great way to slip in some quick bucks. Want big bucks? Send those looking for work at home opps. Send them to your own landing page and snag their contact info. Have a phone rep call them and script them to fill out 4 big pay offers w/ incentive to pay them for their work at home. Blackhat? You tell me? I personally don’t see any difference.



  • I have been reading about “email submits” and your blog comes first at google.co.uk search for the keyword.

    Do you have any example email submit which does well? I don’t want to waste tons of money.

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