Education vs Education with Collin LaHay


School has recently started and I got to meetup with an online friend at Blog World Expo. It has been a while since we actualyl hanged out but it was great seeing him. I even got to meet his dad. Collin LaHay is currently a student and an online entrepreneur. He currently runs a blog at Collin LaHay [dot] com and speaks alot about link building. But back about meeting his dad, his dad is very energetic and great person talking too. There was a problem though, school. I jokingly said something relating to school and how Collin should not even bother with it. I just got a laugh and look, but it was cool.

In today’s podcast I got back in contact with Collin to discuss this controversy among young entrepreneurs and students who want to venture in an online business. Now there is a big difference here, Collin is only 18 years old and has successfully started a business online. Direct from his about me page:

I am a young entrepreneur (age 18), and unlike most people my age, I earn a living from the web. I am living proof that anyone who has the will and determination to succeed can make money online, and I hope to inspire you to do the same.

Collin was also in the Top Affiliate Challenge show. He does a different form of online marketing than affiliate marketing. If you read his blog, a lot of his strategies are for link building.

Let’s Get Away from Top Affiliate Challenge

I asked myself if he is making money online and earning a living, why go to school? I personally have been to school for 2.5 years and I quit because of my attitude and getting in too many fights. But it was the best thing that has happened to me, I would never think back to go back to school just to say that I graduated from.

Collin and I discuss this controversy and came up and I agreed that society creates this so called education. I believe education is important, it is just how you view education. Typical students look at education as learning and going to school to get a job. Where I think education to benefit me now and later or to earn an income is far better than learning who the author was on who wrote a famous poem 200 years ago, honestly.

Society does create this type of barrier to others and it was a great oppurtunity to talk to Collin again esepcially about education and the reason why he is back in school, maybe for experience or just to satisfy his parents. I know my parents would like me to get a piece of paper stating I graduated somewhere. Enough and here is the conversation me and Collin had.

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  • To be honest I could care less about getting my Business Degree which I’m almost done. It’s more of just for two things that I am doing it, to appease my parents and for something to fall back on.

    Other than that I could care less about school, I have learned more from the internet than school could ever teach me.

  • It all depends. I went to school in the health field and never had to wait more than 1 week to get employed. Others graduate from a University system with other types of degrees and never use them. Most of your “real” learning is on the job. But when it comes to being an entrepreneur, I don’t think going to school helps much. If you have the vision and capital you hire your talent to build your business for you. A lot of fortune 500 CEO’s and founders did this i.e Dell, Gates, etc.

  • This is a great post !
    It’s really a great idea. Managing both business and studies at a time is too hard to me . And your work about affiliate marketing is appreciable. All the best for your future.

  • wow good article.thnks..

  • High school, college, professional or vocational education, bachelor’s or master’s degree – you are expected to have at least one diploma of mentioned. The less degrees you have, the less are your chances to get a good job with nice wage. That is simple and understandable, but aren’t we overestimating the benefit and value of official education? Maybe we are unfair to those, who have less diplomas, but greater life experience?
    What do you think – are we overvaluing education, or is it crucial, and life experience is no way better than university diploma?

  • I spent 3 years studying a marketing degree and I have learnt more in the last 6 months at the company I am with. Of which they pay me to spend 3 hours every day surfing the Internet looking for knowledge. Most of the people here dont have degrees as they are looking for Internet savy learners.