Google HATES Build a Niche Stores


So make your Build a Niche Store unique. Recently I read a post from 5 Star Affiliate Programs that Google is cracking down on Build a Niche Stores. Strange enough I knew it would be since, it is just a virtual window, a bridge page, a landing page, etc. Also, most users also do not add any content, or try to make their store stick out. Having a BANS site should be almost a business and not just make 100 stores and make a couple buck on each. I have 4 going on to 6 – I can not see myself making a ton of these sites to only earn 1 dollar per day.

From 5 Star Affiliate Program’s blog:

For some BANS (Build a Niche Store) owners, it’s been a pretty tough last few months. Back in August eBay expired hundreds of affiliates, many reportedly had BANS sites. Now according to many affiliates “Google has been either penalizing or out right de-indexing BANS sites from the SERPS.”

…Google finding the footprint of all the standard BANS templates and possibly penalizing them.

The last quote is the most interesting part because I stated this issue back when I first started making my Build a Niche Stores. The footprint can be a lot of things but specifically the templates. There are a tons of these sites out there and Google knows it isn’t providing good content to the end user, especially if they are just bridge pages to eBay. Sometimes even with content Google may deindex your BANS site. The solution is what I came out several months back, a unique Build a Niche Store design.

I created in order to combat the saturation of these types of stores. PremiumBANS is a set of templates made for Build a Niche Store owners, to combat the repetitive nature of the typical BANS layout. With the new version they have diversified their templates and provided 3 default templates that are fairly unique. Now the problem, once everyone updates their version and Google sees the same foot print again – it may be de-index from the SERPS.

Having a unique design definitely will allow the consumer to click through and be more enticed to purchase an item, meaning money in your pockets. Do not look like everyone else, be different from everyone else. PremiumBANS also allows you to create more of a store like atmosphere and not just the data feed of eBay. Giving it more contrast and more of an option when shopping online.

But Ian with the PremiumBANS themes, will it not get saturated and Google will start to de-index these sites as well?

You maybe right but I highly doubt it. My reason is because people are cheap. Webmasters are cheap. They will not spend or invest money to be unique. They already bought the Build a Niche Store script, they are not looking to spend more money on templates. But to be a good marketer you need to be different and stick out from the crowd, get noticed. Here is a sample of 2 of my stores:

Build a Niche Premium Templates Build a Niche Store Premium Tempalte

Big difference from the traditional templates. Each one of these templates I provide gives a sense of uniqueness to the virtual store and to your consumers. It provides choice and curiosity to the end user. Remeber Google hates sites that are not user friendly, they hate duplicated content, and they hate repeated sites. Looking different can get you up in the search engines pretty fast, just have a different footprint – template wise. PremiumBANS can help you look different, get you in the search results, and more money in your pocket.

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  • “Having a BANS site should be almost a business and not just make 100 stores and make a couple buck on each. I have 4 going on to 6”

    I cannot agree with you more. I don’t understand why someone would want to build 100 sites, put up no content, and get excited because they’re earning a few $ per month.

    I currently have 4 bans store; working on a 5th one.

  • I don’t see the logic in it either. I think if you have BANS and beef it up with content you win. I think users will be a little weary of BANS that don’t have nothing to offer but auction ads.

  • I just got my new bans store site banned. Don’t get me wrong there was 0 attempt to make it unique or add content, so I deserved it.

    One tip I noticed is to host your bans on the back end of another site. so something like OR

  • Ian

    > Google Search Sucks
    great tip! that would be good because the first site would probably be already spidered and have content already. so there is already authenticity behind the original domain

  • Got to agree with you here Ian. BANS was a great “starter kit” for me. I have learned basic html, niche research, seo skills and more.

    As my knowledge has increased I have realised the obsurdity of building dozens of stores. I had 75.

    I now build bans superstores using wordpress premium themes with phpBay and BANS on the back end.

    So far it’s working like a dream.

  • Thanks for the post Ian. I was thinking about purchasing BANS but after reading this, I don’t think I’m going to. I don’t want to invest the time in creating stores if Google is just going to de-index me.

  • SY

    No wander Goggle deindexed BANS sites. There were just too many of them, because they are too easy to build and it was impossible to find anything useful because of all this BANS garbage. I think real solution is to make a frontend first. May be with some dynamic content like blogs, forum, news or something – there are many tools for that. Google likes such sites. And then add BANS site on the back of it.

  • Google hates everyting man 🙂