Interview: Fat Man Unleashes his Passion


I have recently interviewed and discuss with Israel Lagares about niches and how you need to be passionate about it. Israel separated himself as a blogger by speaking about health and he makes money online from his blog. I am bringing this up because there seems to be a confusion of what niche you should be doing. A lot of beginners automatically jump into the make money niche because a lot of people are always eager to earn more money online, yet it’s the most saturated and hardest niche to be in.

The thing I hate about these blogs about making money online is a lot of them has no brand or recognition but speak about internet marketing as if they know it. Then when trying to network it is them asking the newbie questions. This really annoys me since I like to network and speak to like minded people. Israel and so many others separated himself by going into the health niche.

Health is another saturated niche but Israel proves to up lift himself from the others because he has a lot of passion about what he is doing. His blog, Fat Man Unleashed is all about losing weight on a personal side. I say personal because this is like a journal for Israel, he talks about his workout and what he is doing to lose weight. It is also very personal that he puts pictures of himself on his blog to show his readers how big he was and how much weight he is currently loosing. Very personal if you ask me.

The reason why I chose Israel for this specific topic is because he is doing what he is speaking and writing about. He has utmost interest in his niche and the reason why his blog is easily noticeable from others. I personally read his blog on ways to eat better and even gain muscle mass, I mean I am a small guy – don’t need to lose any weight.

Here is a picture of Israel and myself at the Share a Sale Party at Affiliate Summit West 2008:


The interview or more like a discussion prove to be very positive and has a lot of helpful information on being more passionate about your niche. The more passion you have about a subject the more you will pour your heart and soul into it to make it better than someone else’s. Passion gives you the motivation to go to do what you love best, work on your website or building your company. If you just follow the crowd you will not succeed much – don’t be a follower, be a leader and stick out from the crowd.

To hear Israel’s opinions on this and how passion gives you the best work schedule just click play now below.

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  • I agree with the statement you made about how a lot of people are making internet marketing blogs and knowing nothing about them. You are right, there are a lot of people that have opened up blogs, and pretty much say what they think they know. This is a bad way to start a blog because in the end you won’t know what you are doing. I make money affiliate marketing, and thats what I have been basing my site around, at the moment. Since I know most about that, then thats the best thing I can talk about. People will actually listen to someone, that knows what they are doing and talking about.

  • Ian

    > Erik
    yes that is right! talking about something that you are currently doing is better than trying to pretend to know something

  • I too agree that having passion is important, but without out action and hard work, passion is overrated. If I could only get me to take massive action I would be rich.

    I rewrote, “The Science Of Getting Rich” in 2003 and am closer to broke than I am to rich. Why? Because I just kept studying and visualizing, but not everyday.

    So I created a product recently, called, ‘Double Your Self Confidence in 30-days” and starting it the first of April.

    If you have slackers like me in your affiliate base have them join me and I will give them the program for free.

    I found your site by watching your video on posting on craigslist.

    Very good video I might ad. You sure more that mouse fast.

    One man I work with says he uses easyad poster and post 600 ads a day on craigs list in about an hour.

    Any opinion on ad posting software?

    He said he got so many calls he couldn’t call them all back yesterday.

    Anyway, nice blog,

    If I weren’t so old and ugly, I thing I would love video blogging. Typing is a thing of the past.

    Jim Stiner

  • I see you mayne, tryin to look like me. King of Pinas