Sync Google Calendar with iPhone 3G


Yesterday I posted about syncing Google Calendar with Thunderbird. Today I will talk about syncing Google Calendar with your iPhone 3G (Since I have the iPhone 3G). It is pretty simple and all it requires is a user name and login to a specific site. This site does all the syncing, the only problem I found was it kinda drains battery fairly quickly.

So far I am impressed with this specific site and its rapid syncing capability. Well the site is called NuevaSync. It is a fairly simple process. First what is NuevaSync?

NuevaSync allows direct, over-the-air, native synchronization of certain smart phones and PDA devices with public PIM, and calendaring services including Google Calendar. NuevaSync does not need any software installed on your device because it uses synchronization protocols that are already built in.

So first thing first, is to simple just signup via NuevaSync and create your username, email, and password. You will then receive an email confirmation which ofcourse you will have to validate your email.

The registration process is fairly simple and is very straight forward. So far I have not had any issues with this service. Everything syncs seamlessly and it is a perfect way to stay in control of your schedule where ever I maybe or whatever device I may have.

Well lets get into syncing the service with your iPhone. this works with your iPhone and iPod Touch as long as you have version 2.0. If you do have it then it integrates with ease and NuevaSync provides you a more in depth step by step configuration once logged in. NuevaSync helps you along the way with your installation.

After you have confirmed your email, you will then be introduced to your dashboard. It is a fairly simple dashboard with 4 options, since we are just doing Google Calendar chose “Change” which is the first row. You will then just enter your Google email or Google account id in which you want to sync your Google calendar with.

Once that is done, go to your Settings within your iPhone and you will simple just chose Mail, Contacts, Calendars.

  1. Select “Add Account”.
  2. Choose “Microsoft Exchange”
  3. Under “Email”, enter the e-mail address you used for NuevaSync registration.
  4. Under “Username” enter your NuevaSync username.
  5. Under “Password” enter your NuevaSync password.
  6. Under “Description” you can leave the default or enter a description of your choosing.
  7. Tap “Next”.
  8. When it has finished, it will display a new field, “Server”. Enter “” as the value.
  9. Tap “Next”.
  10. On the next page, turn off “Mail” and “Contacts”.
  11. Tap “Save”

That is it, soon this service will sync with your calendar if not immediately. I found this to be very helpful and ofcourse to be more productive. Also NuevaSync will soon have exchange service for email and that I can’t wait.

-> Sync Your iPhone Properly

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  • Just spent 5 minutes doing this and I can verify that it works. I can write my to do list in the morning on a real computer and keep up with it all day on iphone.

    Good shit Ian.

  • Ahhh I’ve been waiting for something like this. Thanks for this post. I use Google-Apps-for-your-domain and this works pretty damn well so far.

    See you at ASE.

  • Dee

    Works great. Now is there any way to make iPhone Calendar toggle display of different calendars, as in Google Calendar?

  • Daisy

    Tried Nuevasych and it worked. But feel very uncomfortable to give my login details for my primary email address to some strangers. Also, it syncs only with one calendar. How do you guys feel about that?

  • Danny

    This was great (although it does scare me to send my email address and password as the previous post mentioned). I have a question though (hopefully some can answer) – If I add to the calendar on my iphone, will it update online on google calendar? Does it work both ways?

    Thanks so much.

  • greg

    Awesome work-around for those who can’t get Outlook Cal to sync. Bit of trouble but better than nothing: sync Outlook to Google, then google to iPhone using Nuevasync.

    As you can see by my email address I can’t wait for Nueva to finish email support! Great service, and free [so far!]

  • Kenny

    When I add events on my iphone, it does sync online. However, when I add a new event online on my gcal, it does not sync on my phone. Any tips?

  • Kenny

    my fault. nothing is syncing. HELP!

  • Tony

    I followed the steps. All went well. The question I have is… under the settings, I keep email and contacts off but what about calendar? When I went to turn it on, it said it would erase the calendar events in my iphone which I do want to keep.
    Please advise

  • Ian

    > Tony
    correct it will erase all event you have in your current calendar – it first needs to sync with Google and if there isnt anything in Google it will remove your current events you added in your iphone.

    > Kenny
    it should sync easily and update google. Does it sync with your Google calendar at all? maybe instead of using the private XML use the public? have you tried that?

  • Kenny

    I reset everything on the phone and on NuevaSync and all is well. Thanks!

  • Brad

    I’ve signed up for NuevaSync, but haven’t yet configured my iPhone. In reading the device configuration settings, they say that adding the Exchange account will delete calendar and contacts on the phone. The calendar I don’t care about (duh – that’s why I’m interested in this service), but losing my contacts has me concerned.

    I also have the funambol syncML app installed for manually syncing contacts and am wondering if the loss of my contacts is a temporary problem easily resolved by resyncing funambol afterwards, or will the addition of an “Exchange” account disable the ability of the funambol client to sync with my contacts altogether. Does anyone know? Thanks.

  • Thanks! Been looking for a way to do this, perfect timing right before summit!

  • Wayne

    has anyone found a way to add multiple exchange accounts? My iPhone won’t let me add a 2nd account under “Microsoft Exchange”

  • Hi,

    concerning the issue with the iPhone 3G short battery life, there might be a way to avoid staying without ‘juice’…

  • Paul


    But does this sync inputs made on your iPhone to the Google calendar, or just from the Google cal to the iPhone?


  • This worked flawlessly. Thanks!

  • Wes

    Thank you SO MUCH! This is the perfect way to 2-way sync contacts and calendar to the iPhone! My favorite tool so far, dont pay for mobile me crap 😉

  • tiffany

    Is there a delay for synching inputs made on your iPhone to the Google calendar or does it just not work?


  • Tony

    This works perfectly!! Thank you so much.
    Tiffany, make sure you have the push on the calendar selection on.

  • Sarah

    This worked amazingly! I wish that it would show the colors of my different calendars, but other that that, it’s awesome. It didn’t delete any contacts which I was really afraid of. I’m so happy with the way this turned out!

  • great, it works perfectly, thanks a lot.

  • Brandon

    Thanks for the write-up. Works well for me except:

    Events put into Gcal transfer to Iphone and thuderbird
    Events put into iphone transfer to thunderbird and gcal
    Events put into thunderbird DO NOT transfer to either

    Any suggestions?


  • thanks for this guide! i was wondering how to sync my calendar etc.. via wifi to my iphone, now i know how!
    thanks for posting brilliant guides, keep up the good work!

  • Phil

    So I lose my gmail account to my iPhone? Calendar syncs flawlessly both ways, but I am not getting my email to my phone.

    I followed the directions, which requires that I turn off email under settings. Later went back to get email, and it wants me to reconfigure my gmail account. I turn on email under settings, reconfigure email account and get SSL error.

    Can we have both Calendar and email (using gmail)?



  • Phil

    Got it! You can have google Calendar sync and gmail work with email app on iPhone.

    Set up two different accounts. One to work with the calendar, and another to work with gmail. Turn off email on “Calendar” account, and turn off calendar on “Email” account.

    Can’t remember exactly how I got it to work, but I got it.

  • pearll

    hello! i configured everything according to instruction but my iphone is somehow unable to verify the account after i enter as the server! please help.

  • mcl

    Fantastic, works great!

  • pearll

    works now! think the server was down for a bit. only thing is it’s kind of slow in syncing the various calendars (right now it has only synced two calendars out of three) as well as updating google calendar with iphone entries.

    thanks for the tip! invaluable!

  • lpereira

    Just quick question,i made a change to the gcal n im looking at the iphone in calender mode and the change doesnt have yet.Do i have to get out of the iphone calender and go back in to see the change?
    how does the push work on gcal.if there is a change,does it automatically push to the iphone.I have that setting on .

  • Adam

    Once nuevasync got their server back up and running this morning, it has worked fine. My iphone, google calendar, and thunderbird are all synced perfectly; however, when I checked my email this morning, my entire gmail inbox has been wiped out. I searched the trash and some emails were there, but most are gone. Now, as I type this, I’m getting some messages from people, and others are getting deleted before I ever see them in the inbox. Has this happened to anyone else? I don’t know that it has anything to do with nuevasync, but it’s never happened before and the timing is dodgy. Any help would be great.

  • eddie

    Does anybody know if this works over the cellular network?
    I’ve heard AT&T blocks exhange servers…so would this work?
    I’ve just set it up on my phone (using the cellular network, not WI Fi) and it told me that the set up failed.
    Anyone has an idea what could be causing that?
    I am 100% sure the settings are correct and there are no typos

  • eddie

    Me again…
    So, i’ve tried to set it up over a wifi network and the setup process itself works fine, now when i suppose it should be synching…it doesn’t NONETHELESS in the troubleshooting page of nuevasync, under status, it tells me it is OK and it says data has been transfered to my iphone X mins ago.
    But in my phone i don’t get anything in my calendar…
    could it be because i have multiple calendars?


  • Krikkus

    No one but Daisy has reservations giving out their google login to these guys? Seriously, it seems dodgy to me!

  • Ian

    > eddie
    yesterday nuevasync had issues, but should be back up now. in regards to your other comments it should work over cellular network since all it does is sync to the website and and nuevasync does the syncing on their end. also options to have it done via cellular or wifi? I did not see that option but it should be working fine over both

    you can only sync one calendar with your iphone, since it has only 1 xml url to pull and reference information.

  • penny

    just singed up for the nuevasync but where is it on my iphone? I mean how do I see my calendar?

  • tmarthal

    @Krikkus re: google login credentials

    When I set up my account, I had a valid Google login cookie. I was never asked for my google credentials by the nuevasync setup process.

    Login to google in one tab, open up another tab and sign up for nuevasync. Nuevasync points to the calendar authorization page, and you have to authorize, but nowhere do i ever use my password except in login domains. I should’ve screenshotted the authorization, but check the domain you are logging in to, and you should be good.

  • Jeff

    WOW! This is exactly what I’ve been looking for!! This works amazingly. On the iphone I use gmail for my mail, me for my contacts and bookmarks, and now nuevasync for my calendar. Thanks so much!!

  • sharon

    I just set all this up in like 5 minutes.. and it works… PERFECTLY =)
    It even synced all 5 of my google calenders.

  • kitus

    How can i control when the calendar and stuff gets synced? Don’t want to use 3g I only want to sync when I reach a wifi hotspot

  • Will

    What about the colors?
    I got it to work for me, but all 3 calendars are shown with the same color (red). Is there a way to make it show each onr in a different color?

  • Simon

    Did this just now, took 10 mins to setup and works brilliantly! We should all be very greatful to nuevasync for this superb service.

  • kitus

    By all means!!! Works flawlessly but now I get concerned with billing… How can I make sure that my calendar gets synced when I want and not when I open up the application?

    I would very much appreciate help on this,


  • Brian

    this nueva sync works great for both calender and contacts on my iPhone 3G. A couple minor snafus the first time in contacts but then no problemo. I didn’t back anything up at all. I can still go to outlook to get things back if I have a problem.

  • Brian

    how often does it sync and how can you adjust that?

  • kitus


    that’s exactly the info I’m after… somebody help!! 🙁

  • hey tried it just now and it worked.

    Thanks, this was really a big help. Can count on the net and guys like you all the time.

  • D

    Work’s well
    just will there be an update that will match the colors on your ipod or iphone with the colors on google calendar for multiple calendars?

  • fondoo

    how can i setup a MS Exchange on my iphone when I already have one MS exchange setup already??

  • kitus

    That thing with the colours would just be awesome… still no answer regarding how to control WHEN calendar, contacts, etc get synced.. help on that would be very much appreciated.


  • ams

    Awesome indeed! But how can I adjust the colors? Is there a way yet to change the boring grey to … pretty pink?! (…and all the others)

  • kam

    It doesn’t work with iphone software 2.1. Will a new version be available?

  • Ian

    > kam
    really? nuevasync should have an update coming soon, I didnt upgrade yet so – I will have to test it out once I upgrade

  • doesn’t work for me

    I followed the steps, and I’m getting ‘can’t verify credentials from’. Please help.

  • Brian

    I was distressed to hear that there were problems with the 2.1 ugrade but I had already upgraded. Sooo, I decided to turn off the contact sync function before I lost my contacts. Sure enough, my contacts went away when I turned sync off but came back after a few minutes when I turned it back on. This got me scared and thinking that if something went wrong, I would lose my contacts permanently. In fact, it tells you when you turn off sync that this will happen. So, I tried syncing with goggle again using the ipod/itunes software and it worked perfectly. So I am going to leave that and just sync the calender with Nueva sync.

  • Tony

    Have had a problem arise. While this works perfectly, it now does not.
    I am getting my iPhone calendar program crashing every time I go to use it.. My account here states its been 23 hours since the last sync which is when the problem arose. I decided to to a back up on my iphone to help the problem but with no luck.

    I can NOT delete this account from my setting under general/mail/etc. When I go to try, and save, it freezes my settings page and crashes.

    So now after the restore, I can browse my calendar program but I can NOT add an event to it or it freezes/crashes.
    Also, when I go to delete the NuevaSync account in General/Mail, it still crashes.

    Suggests on how to remove this account from my iPhone?

  • DanO

    Signed up and it works fine — although I have only used it for five minutes. Yes, providing my username and password made me VERY nervous but I was desperate enough for this functionality that I did it anyway.

  • Gabriel Seed

    Thanks so much..this is exactly what I’ve been looking for since I goy my iPod touch 2 weeks ago…Amazing!

  • Callum

    I just signed up and am loving it! Within seconds I had all my Google Calendar events in the iPhone calendar app perfectly. I’ve been asking around for weeks trying to find out how I could do this, and now in a minute I’ve signed up and had all my events on the phone. I’m loving it!

  • Thank You!!!! This works great!!!!

  • katie

    hi. should i have held off with the sync because i have 2.1? now my gcal completely replaced the iphone calendar…which is a big prob.
    any suggestions?

  • GReg

    I just want to be clear, this service syncs both calendar and contacts?

  • Vi

    I am pretty computer illiterate, but this worked flawlessly. I can’t believe I got it on the first try! Thank you so, so much for this. You rock!

  • Marcus

    This rocks – thanks dude 😉

  • Ian

    > All not a problem 🙂 – I havent had any issues so far and it has been peace with me so far

  • tortise

    I have exactly the same problem as Tony. Syncing has stopped working recently and just crashes every time i try to use it. Also cannot remove. I’m not convinced it’s due to the 2.1 upgrade, as I did have it working for quite some time with 2.1. I managed to get it working by using the following steps, which don’t really make sense but worked.

    1. Logged into the neuvasync account on their website and disabled the syncing of my calendar. Thus leaving nothing to be synced.

    2. Then on my iphone I went to settings->Mail,Contacts,Calendars->Account for the calendar->Account Info. I then changed my username to something that would fail authentication, ie I put the letter ‘x’ on the end. I then navigated back to the main menu, which saves the settings.

    3. I opened the calendar app on my iphone and everything was responsive again. The calendar was blank. A pop up appeared asking me for the password for the email account associated with this calendar so I entered it (not sure if this step is necessary). I then exited calendar.

    4. Went back to the Neuvasync website and edited my account to enable the syncing of the calendar again.

    5. I then went back to settings->Mail,Contacts,Calendars->Account for the calendar->Account Info and fixed up my account name by removing the ‘x’. Navigated back to the main menu as before.

    6. Opened the calendar on the iPhone and kicked off a sync. The calendar downloaded form my google account and everything worked responsively again and I created a test appointment which synced on the server.

    So, this long winded process happened to fix my account as I couldn’t remove it before. I’m not sure whether all these steps are necessary but this is exactly what I did to get it working again after it had stopped functioning correctly.

  • DJ

    This is a great app! my other app that I use to sync my contacts says that it couldn’t sync my calendar because of something to do with apple so it’s great to find this. But the question that many have been asking has not been answered yet? How do you control WHEN you sync? I’ve noticed it updates as soon as I make an entry through the iphone but I dont want it to do this I want to control when it syncs. Please could someone answer this soon.

  • kitus

    DJ, I second that!!! please somebody healp with that 🙂

  • Ian

    > DJ/kitus

    I do not know if there is a sync flow option. I know when I post something in any of my three areas (PC, iphone, online) it syncs pretty well. I might also assume when you click on calendar it syncs or even when it uses push email it syncs. since it would be part of the push email options

  • Farshad

    Thank you so much. I have local calendar on Outlook (not an exchange server) which is sync’ed with my google calendar thru google’s utility. ANd now my iphone is synced with my consolidated google and outlook view. PERFECT.

    Thanks for the tip. very useful

  • Anant

    Worked like a charm, now I can see my google calendar in Iphone
    Thanks a million for your help and it took just few minutes to do it.

  • Shorinjidude

    Fantastic! This ludite wishes all technology could be this simple!

  • Cannac

    Thank, to you and to nuevasync !

    Merci beaucoup à vous
    et aux concepteurs du site nuevasync !

    Is it a mistake of apple for the imobile ?
    Does apple want to do this,
    with mobile me ?

    Cheers !

  • Nicki

    I just did this process…it works but I cannot see my specific events according to their related folder names or colors. Everything is in blue…can someone please help fix?

  • Marc

    Nicki, I’m after that info as well. If you ever figure out that one, could you please let me/us know?


  • Great article!

    is it possible to sync to two different google calendars ?


  • Thing

    Hello Nicki and Marc,

    Synchronizing with multiple calendars in Outlook works almost fine (each calendar has its own color, but not the same desktop color), so I think this is something that NuevaSync has to implement on their end, map each Google calendar separately in the iPhone.

  • darkyduck

    Uber uber uber!!!

    Set it up within minutes and works great. At last I can do something useful with my IPhone calender….

    Thanks for the great service!!!

  • Ian

    > peter
    right now I think iphone only allows 1 exchange acct – so it will only allow you 1 calendar – let me know if I am wrong

  • edanto

    So, this sounds great and I’d like to try it. Still, just with respect to the password worries above – I didn’t really understand the cookie answer.

    How do neuva make their money?

  • Andy

    Well seriously guys… For windows just download google’s microsoft outlook-google cal and vis versa sync program… Then just sync your ipod touch or iphone in itunes to outlook… Works well, works fast, most importantly works reliably… and guess what? Its free.

    Download here:

  • guy

    THANKS!!! This rocks! I was worried about checking google calendar in the small and slow safari window but you fixed it all! the iphone’s functionality has just doubled!

  • pureday

    Can I just thanks to tortise. After using Nuevasync fine for days my calendar ap kept freezing and wouldn’t let me do anything. It was really frustrating. I followed tortose’s fix word for word and I have all my google calendar data back on my ipod touch and alls well again. Thanks

  • Thank you!
    I just found your post and followed your instructions. For the first time since I bought my Iphone, a year ago, I can make use of the calendar. Yeah!

    Thank you!

  • thedude

    Um…. Not to be an apple hater (I LOVE my iphone 3g). But in reading all these posts… why don’t you just create a shortcut to on your iphone desktop? Calendars iphone implementation is terrific. Then you get instant 2 way auto sync.

    I at first thought using the iphone’s calendar would be “cool” (hence the google search), but now I don’t see the point. And what if “neuvasync” goes out of business or steals your identity?

  • Iain Strachan

    Doesn’t work for me. I already have a Microsoft Exchange account set up on the iPod (Touch) to get my work email, calendar etc. I’d hoped to add this to sync with google calendar as well. However I am unable to set up a separate Microsoft Exchange account on the iPod, as it says only one account can be set up. Thus I can’t set up an account to talk to the neuvasync server.

    Am I missing something?

  • kitus

    I finally figured out how to control WHEN… first you need to jailbreak your iphone, install the application bosspref so you can access netwokr configuration. By means of this application simply disable 3g and edge, turn push data to on… now your calendar will get synced everytime you reach a “reliable” wifi network. Yours flawlessly!!!



  • Renato

    Hi, Ian!
    First, let me thank you for this great info about synching iphone calendar with Google calendar through Nuevasync.

    My problem is that I did this synching through nuevasync before we changed time (daylight savings-fall back, I’m in New Jersey). I’m not really sure if it started after the change in time, but I noticed that whatever appointment I input through my Iphone 3G (for example, 9AM), it is always reflected in the Google calendar as 1 hour earlier(8AM). On the other hand, if I input the appointment directly to Google calendar (for example 10AM), it will show up in my Iphone an hour later (11AM). It was not like this for a few months after I signed-up. It’s only the switching (fall-back) of time for daylight-savings that I can think of as possible reason. My default time in Google Calendar is set at Eastern Standard Time.
    I’d really appreciate any help I can get! Thanks a lot!

  • DanOCan

    I tried following tortise’s instructions after my sync with neuvasync quit working again. As soon as I try and change my username in the Settings the iPod freezes.

    I’m still stuck with a non-responsive Calendar app. Worked fine until I went to 2.1.

  • San


    Thanks for that. After syncing my iphone with google calendar using Nuevasync, everything worked fine. After a 3-4 days, whenever I click on iphone Calendar it shows my ‘Today’s tasks. However I cannot navigate the calendar, I cannot add a new task in my iphone, I cannot delete an exisiting event.. It just freezes. Occasionally it allows me to navigate ONCE to either see the next day’s or previous days events.

    Can someone help me out with this issue.. Thanks for any help


  • joel

    works great. it only deleted my events on the iphone, but syncs perfectly… thanks dude.

  • Anant

    It works like a charm, just hate to give my contact info and other details at unknown website, I wish google created this app as they have done it for Blackberry

  • Donavan

    Love it, works great and sync was easy and painless.
    ONly problem is a big one, I now have now control of my phone capabilities.
    When I access my phone from the iphone it crashes.
    If I dial out using my contacts, I have no access to my dialer so I can’t hang up or dial out.
    I have changed my iphone into an itouch.
    Please help

  • mitzekotze


    can anybody say sonmething about the influence to the battery life and the amount of traffic, to use sync with a google calendar.



  • Moime

    to sync iphone to google calendar without giving nuevasync your password.

    i, open another gmail account and new calendar.
    ii. share your new calendar in the new account with your normal account
    iii. use your new account to sign up on nuevasync.
    iv. follow the other instructions.
    v. voila!

    hope that is helpful for those concerned with privacy

  • kitus

    Is there anyway I can prevent Gmail’s “Suggested Contacts” from being synced??!!!

  • David

    Thanks a lot. I already have my Ipod Touch 2.2 sync with Google Calendar.

    It’s very simple. In only 10 minutes i made it.

    Good luck!

  • This worked great, thanks!

  • Jackodn

    Simple and easy and is working nicely. Thanks so much Ian.

  • Charley

    Very simple and easy to follow. THANKYOU

  • Edward

    I signed up and everything appears to be working, however my iPhone hasn’t yet contacted nuevasync to sync. Any thoughts?


  • Edward

    nevermind, it turns out i just wasnt getting a strong enough signal

  • Viper-sg2

    nice, everything is working nicely. THX

  • All work fine 🙂 i can sync my contacts and my calendars !

  • Ian

    I’m interested to find out why everyone is going to great lengths to sync with google calendar? Is ‘mobileme’ not an option?

  • Bo

    Tried to sync calendars with GooSync, but it tells me that Apple does not allow 3rd parties to sync their Agenda. Felt disappointed, but then I found Nuevasync, and it works perfectly so far. I don’t understand what the difference is between these applications in respect to Apples sync policy?

  • @Bo:

    The difference here is that the iPhone connects to what it thinks is an Exchange Service, and the Exchange client is built into the iPhone. Hence it’s not a 3rd party app (Like gooSync or syncML) and the app is therefore having no problems in accessing the calendar. Actually a pretty smart workaround :O)


  • Thijzo

    Thanks! Works perfect, both ways!

  • km

    works great! thanks so much for the great tutorial! happy holidays

  • rtd

    I’ve just followed the instructions and it all seems to work.

    Thank you very much for this.

  • kitus

    anybody else experiencig minor discrepances between the attributes in iPhone and gmail? The attribute address from gmail is not coherently transferred to the iPhone… As a matter of fact, eventhough gmail does transfer information to the phone, if you click on the address transferred to it, the native google maps application won’t be able to find the address unless it is on the States.

    I guess the field info doesn’t match and the iPhone solves it by setting the non existing info to a certain default, that is the States.

    This also happens with multiple phones on a single contact. If a contact has several work phones, mobile, etc, the transferred contact gets messy.

    Somebody help please


  • kitus

    One last thing: anyway I can decide which groups have to be synced? Nuevasync already sorted out the annoying sync of SUGGESTED CONTACTS which is great but I would really like the flexibility of deciding what should be synced and shouldn’t.

    For thoso who wanted to control WHEN the sync process has to take place, have a look at the tool Bosspref.



  • Ian

    > kitus
    you can not have a specific group to be synced

  • cqxie

    When the instruction says there is a new field, this is not a new window. This is the field just under the top line where the label now says “Server.” That’s where you should put in the address. I made the mistake of thinking there was a new window, so kept pressing Next (which is disabled at this point).

    7 Tap “Next”.
    8 When it has finished, it will display a new field, “Server”. Enter “” as the value.

  • m0nster

    is there a way to force either nuevasync or the iphone to sync past months? i had to replace my iphone and upon syncing my calendar, i have been unable to retrieve events from previous months, which i need to keep track of.


  • Thanks for this post Ian!

  • kitus

    Ian, some additional information to your response of the 26 December… with nuevasync you can’t indeed decide which groups are to be synced. As this was something quite relevant to me, I spent a couple of hours browsing around and finally came across this new application from which I didn’t manage to find any feedback so far…

    Additionally, I also noticed that this company has realeased a sort of syncing for bookmarks which was something I’ve long been after

    For many of you this might be the bone of contention: They are not for free but hey, when it comes to this kind of information I’m pretty much happy to have somebody to blame 🙂



  • roland

    Just completed the synch and it works like a charm! I did my iphone and started on a new log in to complete my wife’s iphone. we are both using gmail with calendar and they are working great! THANKS!!!

  • D

    NuevaSync works fine, however public calenders (such as public holiday s) dont show up on my iphone. Anyone know how to fix this?

    Importing is a possiblity but then the events wont be current? Ie if its a holiday that moves around (say Good Friday) then will have to import every year, then there will be multiple events…

  • Kieran


    I am trying to setup the calendar service and i keep getting the message:

    Exchange Server verification failed

    My details are correct E.g. username etc

    username: my username
    password: ****

    So is it me getting username etc wrong or has anyone else had this problem

  • Kieran

    Problem solved, i turned the WIFI off and used 3G and it works. Maybe had something to do with the work WIFI i was using.

  • Dylan

    Excellent tip, thanks for the super-clear instructions!

  • Somehow this seems to access my gcal without my password – even though my calendars should be set to private.

    It works amazingly though, thank you for this post.

  • Adam

    Question I have setup my 3g phone and I have 4 calendars and 2 other calendars but they all sync as one on my iphone. I cannot click on calendars to see multiple. On my wife’s 2g phone I have setup it also and I can choose the calendar and I can click on the calendar button and see them all. Is the 3G different from 2G


  • I did one thing further: I’m a linux user, so I am using Evolution for my calendar. Well, Evolution can sync to Google — soo, I can sync from evolution to my iphone now!! I’m soo pleased!

  • kitus

    I’m a little frustrated… I had tested it a couple of months ago and it had worked but now it doesn’t. Currently, when I create an evant in google calendar it gets synced to my iphone seamlessly but when I create an event on the iphone it won’t update my google calendar. Could somebody please help¿?


  • kitus

    I have to take it back, I had disabled “Push” and it took a little while… Sorry!!!

  • amsterdam

    Fantastic program, WOW. Just happily cancelled my MobileMe nonsense account and got a refund. NuevaSync synced immediately and perfectly.
    MS Outlook on PC at Work, Mac Laptop, iPhone3G, GoogleCal and iCal FINALLY ALL IN SYNC WIRELESSLY!
    Thank you so much!

  • larryjjs

    I have tried the calendar sync using nuevasync. I seem to have everything entered properly. i am trying to sync google calendar with an iphone 3g. i keep getting a pop-up error message on the iphone saying password is incorrect. please enter the password for i repeatedly re-enter, but pop-up keeps coming up. so i am stuck at this point with no calendar! PLEASE HELP !

  • Khalid

    Thanks. it works for me:)

  • Aimee

    Thanks this program seems to be working quite fine but the only issue I have is that the color coding for my multiple calendars for my gcal is not the same for my iphone ones. is this just because the iphone doesn’t have a big color selection or that i’m choosing too many similar colors?

  • Anette

    Hi there.
    Somebody PLEASE help me…
    Just got an I-phone, spent 3 days getting all my meetings and stuff into the calender in the phone (I used to have it all written down in an old fashioned calendar – the paper-kind :-)).
    I really dont dare trusting the I-phone calender, cuz what if I loose it, or it breaks…I would be truly F*****
    So I created a g-mail-calendar (Google), that I can also check at my I-phone….Its empty though, since I´ve never used it before.
    I installed nueva, just like Ian dscribed, but now it says, that when I do the final instalment, it will erase the calender in the I-phone,WHICH I JUST SPEND A FREAKING WAR MAKING….what do I do? Does it really erase everything??? I dont really wanna use the google-mail, I am just looking for a back up of my iphone-calendar
    Please somebody feel my frustration, and help me out here…

  • Ian

    If you did it on your iphone they maybe erased – but if you did it on google calendar it wont erase it. since all it will do is re sync. so if you have appointments within your iphone like right now, then you may lose those appointments, but on G calendar yu should be fine.

  • larryjjs

    i feel your frustration. i had been trying to sync microsoft outlook to the iphone 3g. i too just got the iphone 3g, actually had it for a few weeks. after spending countless hours with apple genius’ i gave up. i would make a change in outlook, yet that change would not update in iphone. so i thought i would try the google calendar thing. can’t get that nuevasync thing to work either. i followed all the directions, but it keeps asking for a password that i key in, they say it is wrong. i can just scream! apple says this phone is supposed to be compatible with outlook. it may be some issue with .pst files, but i cannot seems to fix that either. so for now, i am using a google calendar that is synced from outlook, that i print daily. kinda going backwords in time.

  • Rodriguez

    Thankyou, works seamlessly. Now I don’t need to use the itunes bloatware to sync. In fact, I don’t need itunes anymore at all.

  • HD

    Works perfectly – just what I needed – thank you so much

  • lvlc

    You just made my iPhone experience complete… I just got he iPhone 1 month ago and I am still learning about it.

    I had one problem though.. I did all the steps and it did sync with my Google Calendar.. but I am missing calendars… I have 11 calendars and it only sync and showed the first 8 ones. Is there something else I can do? Please help!

  • thank you i think it will work great . need to know more about iphone

  • kadhika

    Nice article and follow up discussions. Does anyone know (or will it be added soon) if one can control the synchronization frequency?
    May be turn off sync at night and such.
    Wish to save the battery charge/re-charge cycles

  • It’s really easy! I spent just 3 minutes and it works!

  • Zach

    I just config all this, worked great. It deleted my calendar, I started a new one. I put in all my info again, it showed up on my Google Calendar just great. Once I finished putting in all my events. It deleted my entire calendar. But it still shows up on my Google Calendar, is there a setting or preference that I don’t know about that I need to turn on. Its like it stopped refreshing my calendar and everythings gone. I restarted calendar, phone, everything.

    Any help?

  • Henry

    Excellent post. NuevaSync has an especially clean interface that works great. Thank you!

  • Pave Doc

    I signed up an account with nuevasycn. I had four contacts in my Gmail account and more than hundred in my iPhone. The nuevasync removed all my contacts from iPhone and now I have only four numbers in my iPhone contact (that matches with Gmail contact). All the photos of my contacts are also gone. Can I retrieve them?

  • Anon

    You do not have to disclose your google password anywhere.

  • Bridget


    I followed all the steps and I’ve been waiting for some time now for the calendar to actually sync… you said immediately or soon that the calendar will sync. How soon is soon?


  • I don’t know if this helps anyone, but you can now synchronise direct to Google Mail and Contacts over the air from your iPhone without a third-party application or web service, thanks to the excellent people at Google Labs. Whatsmore it supports a load of the Exchange-style features. It’s incredible value for money: enterprise collaboration services OTA for free.

    For more info:

    Take a look at my blog post here:

  • Jesse
  • Tom

    As Jesse and Mat mentioned, Google now supports Calendar and Contacts sync with the IPhone and other mobile devices. The official announcement page is here:

    The instructions on that page will work perfectly for personal account users (gmail users). It requires some additional steps if you have a Google Apps for Domains account. I posted the instructions on my blog here:…/calendar-sync-with-the-iphone-for-google-apps-for-domains/

  • Matt

    I’m new to the iPhone, and this is the COOLEST thing I’ve done yet! Thanks for the instructions for an “iPhone idiot”…

  • Gando

    Ringing the COLOR bell again…!!

    Just set everything up and, while I have less that 5 minutes of NuevaSync experience, I am 99.9% SATISFIED so far! (IE: Stoked…!)

    To polish off the last 0.01% however, I do feel the need to chime in with Sarah, Will, D, ams, Nicki, Thing, and Aimee on the color issue:

    It seems funny that different people have different experience with this, but I have 3 calendars with 3 colors – orange, red, and dark red. (As best I can tell anyway…) I have pretty sharp eyes but, without being the same, these colors are about as close to being the same as humanly possible. I use red, blue, and green on Google and iCal and that makes life much easier.

    Is there any way to offer user control here?


  • This works… Two great products meeting! Thank you so much. The question is it safe?

  • Tona

    I follow your other writeup on synching GoogleCalendar and Thunderbird/Lightning … and think it was great… However, with this writeup I don’t get why we need to use NuevaSync to sync. I syncronized my googleCalendar directly (no NuevaSync needed) by following this:

    (Backup your iphone, and do your calendar only if you wish)

    I rather not use NuevaSync – they can be great – but the less 3rd party companies that have access to my private info the better…

  • Ian

    > Tona
    prior to Google having the ability to sync – nuevasync was the only way to sync google calendar prior

  • ggjaxson

    Good writeup, I enjoyed reading, I wish it had more pictures though!

    I found a write-up by the guys over at and they made it even easier to understand and included lots of pictures. Thanks!
    btw here is the link:

  • Anelya

    5 stars!
    Awesome, simple and fast!
    Great that it cleans up your existing data before syncing.
    Will recommend to all iphone users!
    Great job, guys!!!!

  • lic

    aawww booo i use MS Exchange for work, and I can’t use MS Exchange for my Google Calendar because only one MS Exchange account is allowed

  • Security

    if you dont feel okay giving the site your gmail account create a dummy gmail with a different password, sync the two gmail accounts, sync the dummy with the iphone, and then sync the two gmail accounts again.

  • havent iphone:-(

  • larryjjs

    all of a sudden my google calendar stopped syncing using nuevasync! any suggestions?

  • No – I don’t know why that would be. It’s still working fine for me.

    I’m on Google Apps, though, maybe you are using Gmail? If that’s the case, then the most common reason for something breaking unexpectedly would be Google making a change to the API and not bothering to communicate it to the people that have developed tools for the APIs. I’ve seen that a few times.

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    do i fit in now?

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  • Almost…this is the solution I’ve been looking for. I’m using a PC and want to sync multiple gcals via push to my iphone. Currently use OggSync to go thru Outlook, but still no push. With the solution here, I can get gcal –> Outlook –> Mobileme, but in MobileMe, all of my separate calendars from gcal/outlook are combined into one. Am I missing something or is there a way to sync to separate mobileme calendars?


  • Shervin

    brilliant! worked like a charm! thank you!!!! 😀

  • yeah pretty nice… just change my iphone 3g with the storm… the sync is faster and easier 🙂

  • Hi Ian,

    I was able to sync up 2 google calenders using gmail and then connect each one to a respective phone. now my wife and I can see each others calenders.

    again, great article!

  • i dont get it. why would anyone prefer to give their google account details to another private company. Why not just use google’s mobile sync service. It does everything, handles 2 way sync really well, and I set the whole thing up in about 30 seconds.


  • Ian

    > john
    prior to google sync there was no other way to sync the calendar with the iphone

  • James Dean

    Hey there, surfing the internet I found another quick, solid and above all cheap solution. It’s an app, called remote calendar. What made me finally choose for this app was that it can sync a variety of calendars with my iphone on the basis of CalDAV. Me and my girlfirend are using ical, while in office we are using outlook. Moreover, some frineds and me are using google for a music project. With remote calendar I have it all in sync. You should look out for it in the app store.I ike the app, because it is an all-in-one-solution.

  • Headhunter Johnny

    This is great. My corporate security systes doesn’t allow/support iPhones/iTunes. I’ve been using google calendar but it doesn’t do alerts and I have to log in to the web to see my schedule. This is a great way of getting that into the iPhone calendar and the alerts are there. I’m just wondering since you said it drains the battery, how much does it drain?


  • Headhunter Johnny

    I was able to do 2 alerts when putting a calendar event on the iPhone. Now that I am using this through NuevaSync, I don’t have that option anymore (which I liked). Any ideas?


  • Is there a way to sinc Symbian devices with google calendar? Namely Nokia E71 – I’d like to know because copying it all manualy is just too much work.

  • I don’t trust these kind of software. The main reason is giving up my email password. Are you sure this can be trusted?

  • Tona

    You don’t need to use NuevaSync or this write-up!!! This was great when there was no direct support to google calendars… but It’s now obsolete.

    Follow this guide instead:

  • larryjjs

    I tried the google calendar sync, and it really messed my calendar up. it showed all old calendar entries that were deleted. these entries didn’t even show up on google calendar. didnt make any sense to me, so i reverted back to using nuevasync. Anyone know why I may have that problem?

  • get on this link it seems easier 🙂

  • Dennie

    Hi, just installed ’cause my Google Phone was stolen and I am using my iPhone again. Great tip, thanks a lot !

  • My google calender is always helpful to me, to maintain my schedule, and workings daily. thanks to iphone and thanks to google.

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    thanks for sharing this stuff. the way you guide the whole step is quite remarkable.
    nice post

  • Hi,

    Thank you for a great guide for syncing Google Cal. with Iphone. I tried it and it works like so great, but I wish Google to create more flexibility as of BlackBarry.

    – J.

  • I also can’t use MS Exchange for my Google Calendar because only one MS Exchange account is allowed. What should I do ?

  • dang, i knew i should have waited to get an i-phone… oh well, contract expires in less than a year.

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  • SEO

    Can I import my calendar entries from one google account into another?

  • Johan Eltes

    Tona> Yes, Google supports iCal synching, but it is very limited (no of calendars to sync) and it requires you to change your set up of calendars in iCal (on the Mac) such that events can’t be moved between calendars any more. This is of cause only a problem if you are using the Mac iCal application.

  • Works perfectly and updates both ways. Many thanks!

  • Brian

    “Everything syncs seamlessly and it is a perfect way to stay in control of your schedule where ever I maybe or whatever device I may have.”

    Wait, so Ian can stay in control of my schedule… regardless of where I am or what I am using?!?!?!


  • This worksâ?¦ Two great products meeting! Thank you so much. The question is it safe?

  • Shawn

    For those who are using exchange for something else on the iPhone, u can create Others -> CalDav and enter ur google details. Works too!

  • Hi! i am using my iPhone 3G and after reading your post i synchronized it with Google calendar. I was stunned by the exclusive beauty of the designs and new styles. Thanks for your great share 🙂

  • I tried the google calendar sync, and it really messed my calendar up. it showed all old calendar entries that were deleted. these entries didn’t even show up on google calendar. didnt make any sense to me, so i reverted back to using nuevasync

  • iPhone 3G is a combination of enhanced modern features. By synchronization with google calendar we can make it more elegant. This is what i can tell about my personal experience and i found it marvelous. Good topic to share 🙂

  • Tim

    great thanks for this tip – it worked and I am in no way technical – I will share this knowledge

  • Archana

    so I set it up using my google account itself and it works great. only have one issue.. how do i get the calender events on iphone onto my google calender? I am way too paranoid to use nueva sync.

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  • Hi Fernando,

    I want to thank you for your article. It helped me a lot, i was searching for a solution since the first day i`ve bought my iphone. Keep it up!

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    I had used the same procedure to import and it had worked previously, but it is not working upon 3GS, any idea of what I could be missing?

    – J.
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  • Nice article and follow up discussions. Does anyone know (or will it be added soon) if one can control the synchronization frequency?
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    Wish to save the battery charge/re-charge cycles

  • Got a an iphone an I use the google calendar. I’m about to do this up! Thanks for the info.

  • its very informative but still sum up dates needed i think and hoppe fully google will sort them out like, It doesn’t work with iphone software 2.1.or so though it with some other i phone’s so keeping track on it to see what goes on next

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  • The easiest way to do this is to export your first calendar and then import into the second.

  • I know that it is possible to sync one gmail account (google calender account) using nemusSync and there is the goosync app but what I am trying to figure out is it possible to sync two gmail accounts for example my girlfriend and I both have iphones and are on the go alot and I wanted to be able to sync both her events from her account and my events to my iphone.

  • kitus

    Anxiety Sydney,

    the easiest way to do that is to share your google calendars between your google accounts rather than having Nuevasync to sync 2 different sources. It is very straight forward.


  • Sai

    Hello there,

    In our application we have calendar module which uses iCal format data. Is there a way for us to directly sync the users calendar from our application to the calendar on the iPHone?

    thanks in advance… in btwn nice tutorial.!! helped me to get started.. 🙂

  • NuevaSync works fine, however public calenders (such as public holiday s) dont show up on my iphone. Anyone know how to fix this?

  • Usually if you update a jailbroken/unlocked iPhone, 3G or not, through iTunes it will loose the jailbreak & will be locked again. Then you would have to redo the process with WinPwn.

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  • its very informative but still sum up dates needed i think and hoppe fully google will sort them out like, It doesnâ??t work with iphone software 2.1.or so though it with some other i phoneâ??s so keeping track on it to see what goes on next

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  • I think if you update a jailbroken/unlocked iPhone, 3G or not, through iTunes it will loose the jailbreak & will be locked again. Then you would have to redo the process with WinPwn.

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