A Quick 24 Hours with Elite Clicks Media


Late last week I was in Florida to get away from this grazzy Jersey weather. Ryan from Elite Clicks Media has gotten in contact with me at Ad-Tech NY and followed up with me after. He mentioned he wanted to get me out to Florida to meetup with his team and his new partner, Kevin Harrington.

It was very last minute when it was planned, but I manage to fly out and meetup with Ryan and Greg at the Hilton. After a quick 2.5 hour flight from Jersey to Florida, we all went out. I left Jersey at 8pm and arrived in Florida a little after 10pm.

Once at the Hilton I got comfortable and Ryan told me we are going to go out. So I prep up and got ready to head out with Ryan. We went out to a lounge and met up with Greg.


The funny part is I knew Greg prior to him being with Elite Clicks Media. I was going to buy one of his info products and re-brand it as mine. His info product was really informative with a lot of good breakdowns of his strategies. But anyways…

We headed out till the place closed and I met one of Ryan’s good friends which owned the place and just treated me with great hospitality. We had a nice VIP section overseeing the whole place.

After the night we just headed back I was tired from the plane ride and pouring the weather. So the night ended real good. Thanks goes out to Greg and Ryan’s friend.

The next day we went out to check out Ryan’s new partners office and studio. While I was there they had a live videoing of one of the prospects from Shark Tank . He was one of the users who wasn’t broadcasted on television, but now his dream is realized.


After the live taping we went out to grab lunch.Ryan and I discussed the future of affiliate marketing and our industry. He shared his vision on what he wants to create and how he wants to reach his goals. Big props to going extra big.

After a good lunch we headed back to the studio and we met up with Tim Harrington, Kevin’s brother. I was brought in a room where all the infomercial products were located. There were a lot of products I recognized and new ones that look like can be a re-billable product.

It was amazing seeing all the products that have  been on the as seen on tv space for many years and up and coming ones as well.


A big thanks to Ryan, Greg, and their whole Elite Clicks Media Team for inviting me to see their operations. Thanks!

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  • ace

    Greg Davis is an affiliate manager now? That doesn’t make much sense.

  • @ace – No, Greg Davis is not an affiliate manager, but a partner in Elite Clicks Media. He’s heading up our coaching program as well as our internal testing.

  • Sounds like you had a great time Ian, thanks for sharing with us, and the nice pictures.

  • I noticed when Michelle said it, kind of cool. Even if it’s not supposed to do that and practically blinds people. Even so, I think it’s cool. But that could just be my lack of sleep talking.

  • Ian,

    Hey man great stuff I have been following your techniques.

    I also wanted to congratulate you for not making this blog a “pitch fest” like many other marketers do.

    You give straight answers and great content.

  • Hi,
    hey dude you doing very well you have a amazing technique.i heartily congratulate

  • Looks like you had a great time Ian, I’d love to go out to Florida like that to have some VIP Style meetings with people =D

    Till then,


  • Seems that you’ve had a good time with Ryan, Greg and his friends. I would be more interested to know what future of affiliate marketing that you 2 discussed about. 😀


  • that’s nice time . an affiliate marketing sure is a hot topic in this day…..

  • jonathon michaelson

    didn’t greg steal most of his content from amish shah and the magic bullet seminar? or so that’s what i’m told? hmmmmmm…..

  • @Jonathon – I’ll let Greg answer that accusation, but I can say Greg was having his 250k weeks before he ever attended the magic bullet seminar a few months back.

  • @Jonathon – I haven’t even produced any content since the magic bullet seminar. I have a lot of respect for Amish and J Styles so no stealing over here pal. Not sure where you heard that from but whoever it was needs to get their facts straight. Big ups – to all my haters! I love my haters – keep the hate coming.

  • Ian


    here is a song that I listen to in the morning to get my morning running – good morning haters – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rE9BuK-3PAc

  • Ian

    So does ECM or Greg sell/do coaching? I would love to learn from you guys.

    I was at the MB Seminar and saw Greg. Unfortunately I did not introduce myself.

  • @Ian F. – Thanks man I’m feelin that video. My thoughts exactly!

    @Ian – I don’t sell coaching anymore, the only coaching I do now is internal to Elite Clicks Media affiliates (which is no cost of course)

  • Ian it seems like you’re always off traveling somewhere. You must be doing something right to have all of the affiliate networks sucking up to you like this. Keep up the good work man.

  • It is really important if the person whom you are visiting is helpful. I can see in your case, Ryan was very helpful to you. This makes a lot of difference.

  • I have to keep up with it, or the roots (remember my ‘natural’ color is very, very dark brown) look horrible after only a few weeks.

  • Even so, I think it’s cool. But that could just be my lack of sleep talking.

  • I just came across this blog and I think it is a great blog. You got useful information here, and I am implementing some of the new techniques that you use.

  • I don’t usually post on blogs but I found yours interesting. Keep up the good work. I’ve enjoyed reading here.

  • Not sure where you heard that from but whoever it was needs to get their facts straight. Big ups – to all my haters! I love my haters – keep the hate coming.

  • Really important if the person whom you are visiting is helpful. 🙂