About to Play Around with #SponsoredTweets


Again I am going to mention Affiliate Summit because prior to this event Ted hit me up to play around with Sponsored Tweets and I have not gotten time to get to it, until now. The reason why is because I might as well take advantage of this $100 credit and see how the traffic is and how viable it is to use twitter as a traffic source.

I love twitter to death because of the instant traffic, I mean I create the sold out product Twitter Snipe and now creating a new full blown marketing platform for twitter. Ted took this at a new level and approach, which was interesting. Having vendors sponsor your tweets. I think this is a better approach than those other be a mag pie and twtads.

So what I am going to do is test this on the publisher and advertisers side. Can you really earn money with this? Can this be a viable traffic source for affiliate marketers?


Well make sure you read this blog the next coming days, because I will be testing the publisher side and advertisers side. I really like the concept and I wanted to test it while it was in beta but my apologies goes to Ted as I was super busy to test it and now I am able to play around with it.

What is Sponsored Tweets?

Basically what I think of it is helping spreading news to your followers while making money off it.

At this day an age, everyone would rather takes someone recommendation over the authors of a popular review magazine says. So twitter is almost and similar to that concept. We take someones recommendation and click on the link to fulfill our interests. Now Sponsored Tweets says, why not get paid for that?

So as advertisers look to twitter as a form of traffic, Ted has bridge the gap of twitter spam marketing into a usable resource for advertisers and users of twitter. The best part is as being a publisher, you get to chose the ads that you want to display to your followers! So there isn’t spam, if you trust something you can forward it to your followers without your followers getting super pissy.

Other aspects, I like the web 2.0 look, its too bad Ted doesn’t have me as a celebrity photo on his main page! HA. But anyways, the sign up process for both publisher and advertiser is very easy. The best part is he got it to work with Oauth real well, meaning Izea and Ted does not store your information and it is being verified via Twitter first and then you are redirected back to Sponsored Tweets. Very good as there has been several issues of users having their passwords stolen.

Another thing was that the sign up process for both publisher and advertiser is super simple, you just login via your twitter username and you get taken to form which completes your sign up process. Once that is done you are then redirected back to your dashboard.

Fairly easy. So watch this blog and subscribe via RSS or follow me on Twitter to see the up coming new releases of the case studies I will be going with Sponsored Tweets. Again both the publisher and advertisers side. Check out the site as well.

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  • Yeah I just signed up for SponsoredTweets and I must say this is a great idea! Hey Ian let us know what kind of offers you get when you start please.

  • Hey Ian, I am a subscriber of this blog of yours. I love to hear how good Sponsored Tweets is. I wanna more of the publisher side.

  • I had not tried it yet. SponsoredTweets its sounds good. I am going to sign up. Thanks for this info.

  • The post is very informative.I have heard about Sponsored Tweets just now.

  • I wonder how many followers you will have to have in order to join. Maybe its time is start making more twitter friends… 😮

  • I’ve signed up with SponsoredTweets for a month but I’ve yet to receive an advertiser even though I set the price as low as $3 per tweet. I’ve only 700 followers right now, how do you think Ian?

  • I’ve heard about SponsoredTweets, haven’t yet used them though, looking forward to hearing your results with them Ian.

    Till then,


  • Post is revealing one.. I suppose to register in Sponsored Tweets. Its interesting too also an easy way to make money. Thanks for sharing..

  • There’s already too much spam on twitter and it will naturally gets worse and worse. I wish Twitter would actually take a stance on this. The moment someone begins to get spammy, I will unfollow.

  • Maybe its time is start making more twitter friends. But I found that a lot of spam also there.

  • SponsoredTweets its new for me. I had not heard about it before. thanks for this info.

  • It is the great extension of the work as per schedule.

  • I just know this sponsored tweets here. It sounds cool and cool.
    Thanks for this information. I might sign up.

  • SponsoredTweets, haven’t yet used them though, looking forward to hearing your results with them Ian.