Affiliate Summit East NY: Heavy Ballin!


Day 2 at Affiliate Summit is the day of the Exhibit halls and when the majority of people are at Affiliate Summit. After taking grabbing a protein shake and some coffee, I headed towards to the exhibit hall with Carl Zetterlund. I met up with a bunch of the networks, such as Azoogle, Neverblue, AKMG, CX Digital, Clickbooth, etc.

This year the booths seemed they went all out, one of the more favorite ones and the place to hang out was Convert 2 Media’s booth. Ruck and Steve know their affiliates and definitely know how to do it. They had a bar, literally a full blown bar, wish I took a picture of it. But view it here >> (pic via Rohail) But they did have an awesome shirt in dedication to Billy Mays!

The exhibit hall was 2 floors, which I think confused a hell of a lot of people. Downstairs was always super crowded while upstairs was super empty.


I met up with a bunch of people and found a new advertiser in which I was looking for! Also met up with Direct Agents and my fav AM. Talked to Ken and Francesca and just chilt at their booth for a bit. After doing a quick browse, I bumped into some of my meetup202 NJ people and just hanged out and talked.

Soon it was lunch time and Ad Hustler and I decided to walk to the corner and have some chicken and rice, it was hella good. After a good lunch we hanged out in the blog room for a bit where it was nice and quite and relaxing. After a bit, we headed back to the exhibit hall to chill with Convert 2 Media.

Soon it was time to have dinner and I had a private dinner with Clickbooth at Tony’s Restaurant. We had an exclusive Italian family mafia style type of dinner. We walked in the restaurant, walked past the dinning area, walked past the kitchen and down some stairs in to a private dinning area.

The best part it was all ours, no one was down there. Very exclusive.

Eric and Brittany did it real well especially with the food. The portions were huge, the menu says 2-3 people. It was more like 4-6 people. I assume the cooks were going to feed big Italian dudes cause the dishes were just hella big. It was also my first time meeting Drumming Logan, as I read his blog.

After the dinner it was a beer pong party at Havana Lounge. Definitely not a beer pong type of guy or a beer drinker, as Logan can tell you. I met up with eBay and discuss a bit about EPN, but it was loud. I also met up with cousin vinnie at the lounge, in the end I started to talk a cab to Touch where Biz Markie was performing just 1 song, weak.

Upon arriving to Touch there was a huge line, I just hit up Adam and got in with ease. I met up with Jason Ventures, Glenn Pagan, Robert Adler, Market Leverage, Neverblue, AKMG, Jasper P, and everyone else I forgot.

But chilt with Elite Profits most of the night and did it baller status, heavy flying.

After getting my drink it it was time to do some 2 stepping up on the dance floor. I just had to do it on the floor. After a bit of just 2 stepping, my glass was empty and Neverblue got me up on stage with their private area and we sky high’d the place. Then it was back on the dance floor.

After a bit I decided to meetup with some more people and walked upstairs to the exclusive, VIP. Glenn got me a wrist band to be upstairs and we were out of control. I met up with Wes Mahler and Roland of Tracking202 and just did it big.

More Grey Goose… and more 2 stepping…

After a bit the crowd died and a bunch of us decided to go to another bar. Met up with Max and Slightly Shady as well as other who they were hanging out with. I decided to just chillax for a bit and chit chat with everyone. In the end I was tired and I just wanted to fall in bed.

Luckily the bar was next to the London hotel and I just walked down the block.

More pictures…

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  • Great to see you in NYC, Ian. And I’m glad I didn’t go over to see Biz for just one song.

  • Ian

    > shawn always a pleasure to meetup!

  • NYC is great place. But don’t drunk and drive too much Cops can arrest you.

  • You really have to plan your dinner around my schedule, Ian. 😛 I mean, I can’t be in two places at once! Just kidding, looks you had a blast! Sorry you missed the boat, we’ll be doing something big again at ASW of course. See you in Vegas!

  • Ian

    > dina
    telling me, I cant be in too many places at once either. all goody with the boat, just let me know when you are gon to return the yacht back tho. =P

  • Ian you always had fun with the community huh, I hope I can be like you one day in future too! I like to communicate with the people who has similar interest with me such as blogging and make money online topic, but it’s too hard to find friends around me who did it. Anyway, have fun! 🙂


  • It seems very important day for you because you got chance to met such great networks and peoples. It will be prove very helpful for you.

  • business mobiles@ Its a nice suggestion to avoid the drinking at such place.

  • @Ian- Oh I’m keeping it, it’s docked in the lake next to our office. Hopefully the Valiant crew doesn’t notice it’s missing.

  • Wow sounded like a real busy Day Ian! I’ve been to a seminar before in the past, but never really went outside of the seminar, meaning the after parties, things like that you are sharing with us, man… getting into the VIP spots is definitely awesome for sure!

    Till then,


  • I hope I can be like you one day in future too! I like to communicate with the people who has similar interest with me such as blogging and make money online topic.

  • Things like that you are sharing with us, manâ?¦ getting into the VIP spots is definitely awesome for sure!

  • In last picture what is in your hand……?

  • , I hope I can be like you one day in future too! I like to communicate with the people who has similar interest with me such as

  • I hope all the participants feel quite satisfied with the days spent at the summit in all senses.

  • Ian, I also big fan of wine, What is your favorite brand of wine. What in your hand.

  • Yeah it definitely looks balling. With all that vodka, it reminds me of my workplace.