AffiliateJump is a Scam, WOW!


First of all I have nothing against Mike, as he has some great products. I personally LOVE affiliate marketing since it has helped me learn more about marketing online. I am going to break down Mike’s new system and show everyone that the network isn’t worth joining

He claims to solve a problem but he really isn’t. I will also show you that you can start affiliate marketing at little or no cost or even cheaper than his monthly plan. The reason why I am doing this is because I feel Mike wants to help online marketers, BUT his new system isn’t doing that, only taking advantage of them.

Again, I love the affiliate industry and I can’t believe that this is really happening. Again I have nothing against Mike just this new system he has out is a definite scam.

AffiliateJump is a new CPA Affiliate Network similar to the ones on this list. What Mike wants to solve is the problem of affiliates or publishers that are being denied into an affiliate network. His new network says he is solving this problem by accepting all who wants to join his network regardless if you have a site.

Problem 1:

The funny part is that he charges to join AffiliateJump. Let’s think about this for a minute. Affiliate Networks are filtering out users because our industry is base on performance. So obviously networks want to get people who understand or some what understand what the industry is about. Networks are even taking in users that are total noobs and turning them into profitable affiliates!

BY charging someone a monthly cost to join a CPA Network means Mike is also filtering people that ‘have’ money or that can afford. So ‘accepting’ all and everyone is not solving his first proposal “accepting all affiliates’. If you are trying to solve that specific problem why charge them? By charging users you are still filtering users.

This to me was the first wow. A lot of people want to make money online and affiliate marketing is one f the easiest way to do so with out any startup capital. So Mike is asking noobs to give him money to just join a network.

Problem 2:

The pricing to join the network is absurd!


These prices are ridiculous! Why in the right mind would someone do this? Pay a monthly cost when in the beginning you are not making any money with affiliate marketing?!  The cost seems to cover hosting and ‘technology’!

Hosting is super cheap! Technology? Does he mean tracking? If so Tracking202 is FREE!

Problem 3:

Domain issues, I personally see this being an issue with Google Adwords. your domain will be so long its going ot look so crappy on an adcopy. Honestly.Since AffiliateJump hosts your website, they can charge for that and that part I understand but…

I can say right now 99$ is an investment in an affiliate tool not a network. AffiliateJump states you can quickly make a site and have them host it. So your domain would be

Wouldn’t it be better to buy instead if being a subdomin? Also the hosting cost just 6.95$ a month via!

With Google Adwords subdomains are cool, but if your domain is super long it will look shitty and your CTR is going to be crap. If it is crap then your ad will rarely be seen and you are not making any money. Plus not a lot of people online like subdomains. It look like it use to be an old angelfire site or geocities site.

Problem 4:

Lowest friggin payout. I watched the video, Acai Burn on AffiliateJump is 20$ payout! That isn’t even street value!! Let’s be serious! Acai offers I have seen are ranging up to $42 per lead! SO here Mike is probably taking a huge cut from the advertiser!

Now the offers I am not sure if they are really going direct to the advertisers. I do not see an advertiser signup link on his site. Where are these offers coming from?

Problem 5:

His auto site builder is fairly unique, but there are betters ones out there that is worth the investment, such as Affiliate Theme or AutoLP. So you are paying for hosting and this neat tool which auto generates the site but again there are other sites and tools out there that are worth the investments.

Affiliate Theme is a great tool that basically gives you a ton of options to make multiple affiliate style landing pages! You customize it the same exact way AffiliateJump does, but you have more options. I personally use Affiliate Theme.

Problem 6:

Limits on his subscription. With it being paid there are limits, for example you can only have X amount of sites per level of subscription. Again why? Obviously it is being self hosted and I understand that part, so you have to pay for it being self hosted. I would have done it by bandwidth. My reason is because 90% of affiliates rarely push any huge volume to a site.


There are way too many networks out there. Just take a look at this list I have generated – List of Affiliate Networks. If you can not get into one join another. Also does AffiliateJump even have affiliate/publisher managers/strategists?

I personally learned from my Affiliate Manager on how to get started with affiliate marketing when I first started. I do not see AffiliateJump having access to this? to any tutorials? private forum?

I personally love the affiliate industry and I hate to see this it being destroyed by people who want to take advantage of people who want to make money.

Again here are resources that will be cheaper than AffiliateJump or will be a better investment.

Affiliate Networks to Join:

  1. Check Out – It has a whole list


  1. BlueHost
  2. 1and1


  1. Affiliate Themes
  2. WordPress (FREE)
  3. Create Poll Style Landing Pages
  4. CraigList Look a Like Site
  5. Review Style Landing Page


  1. Tracking202 (FREE)

Affiliate Tools

  1. Efficient PPC
  2. PPC Bully

So just think things through before join AffiliateJump. I personally think this is a wasted attempt at an Affiliate Network, since the cool thing to do in our industry is create affiliate networks. All networks accept a good portion that want to make money online. Networks even literally help their affiliates make money! So I am not sure why AffiliateJump is being added or called an affiliate network when you have to pay to join and has the lowest payout which isn’t even street value.

Again, nothing against Mike just this new project is crap. Again so many other networks and there are so many tools to invest your money in.

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  • I think there is no one wants to pay before they make money, it’s just like I have to pay before I can work, it doesn’t make sense at all. Well said Ian!


  • Charles

    Thank you for putting this out there. I can’t believe that people are willing to pay a monthly fee so that they can promote undervalued “offers”. It’s funny how he makes it look like he’s doing you a favor to let you run his “offers”. Oh well, if anything I lost a lot of respect for so called gurus who tried to push this offer.

  • Hey Ian,
    Thanks for putting this out.
    I haven’t looked at the site closely, cos I don’t see myself using it, or would recommend it to others based on what you’re saying.

    On the other hand, with compliance being a major issue on the part of advertisers and affiliates, this “we’ll take anyone” approach looks like it might rock the industry (not in a good way).

    One bright spark though: abt 90% of marketers with a “get rich quick” mindset, never actually do anything with the training/products, whether it’s MFA training, speculating in domains, “learning” emailing. So I’d say we’re pretty safe.

  • Aaron

    Mike is accepting everyone in his network, this is very funny. This mean that every CPA Scam artist will be accepted and they will submit false leads. This will piss off advertisers and other affiliates. Mike has no idea what he’s getting himself into. lol

  • >>

    anyone knows the top level domain would be ?

  • Mike is no fool. He knows all the shortcomings of his offer. That means only that he’s scamming, pure and simple. Somebody really needed to say that out loud. Thanks IAN!

  • I really studied some good points reading this article and checking those links in the article,I am 100% sure this article is a good reference how to select CPA affiliate network. AffiliateJump may be trying to get money from people, but other sites autoLP and AffiliateTheme are good ones. Thanks for the introduction of these two nice sites.

  • Thanks for passing on the honest word on this. I’ve been following the AJ thread on Warrior and it’s really, really bad.

  • I Think its nuts that some one can do this charge for joining network trust me there are tons of other networks where you can get your moneys worth for free no cost to the affiliate great post Ian!

  • Charles @ I agree with your point of view.

  • Ian….. I’m with you 100%.

    I got this link from Ed Dale as something he put out on one of his 30 Day Challenge emails…..

    When I was watching the video and Mike F. started talking about cost to join immediately red flags went up.

    He is in it for just Mike and not really in it to help the affiliate.

    I have been turned down 5 out of the 10 networks I signed up with… the key is to keep applying as an affiliate to many CPA networks and remember there is not need to PAY to get started in a CPA network….



    P.S. I loved this article so much and I will be posting it on my blog…. with a backlink to your site…

  • Ian


    thanks all for the support!

  • Ian I really appreciate this honest review and your insightful thoughts on how this is hurting would be marketers. Charging for an affiliate network is the wrong way to solve the problem of people not getting accepted by them.

  • Reuben

    I can’t get into Mike’s head, but when I read that crap he emailed to me, I find it hard to believe he EVER once thought this program would help anybody. This appears to be nothing more than another way to line his pockets with more millions. I nearly lost my eyeballs when I saw how much the cost would be per month.

    I am typically very leery of all the “launches” by the geeks. They rarely live up to the hype. But this one is so in your face greedy and scammy. This is all about Mike’s bank account AND his scammy JV partners.

    Let’s not forget about the $200 upfront fee to get involved. And FYI, there is an affiliate program for his affiliate program – you get my drift. The ENTIRE $200 upfront fee paid by the poor newbie trying to get started goes to the affiliate partner.

    Who wouldn’t guess that the top affiliate earners (meaning, the affiliates who are promoting for Mike)are all his JV “email your list” buddies? They have all made a killing already. Someone forwarded me this info today about his “leader board.” Keep in mind, they get $200.00 per sale:

    Ok, Guys! Here’s the leader board stats as of Day 3.

    1. “Hold ‘Em Off Howie” Schwartz keeps the lead with 93 Sales

    Howie’s got more tricks up his sleeve to not only hold the lead, but runaway from the pack a bit. (Only if you let him!)

    2. “Kangaroo Keith” Wellman ~ 83 Sales

    Keith is chomping at the bit for the #1 slot and for those who know him, you know he won’t stop until he reaches it.

    3. “G-Force Gary” Ambrose ~ 82 Sales

    Gary’s enjoying the draft spot right now directly behind Keith and just a little behind Howie. Watch Gary turn up the heat even more this week seeking a pass.

    4. “Jumping Jeff” Johnson ~ 66 Sales

    Jeff knows what it takes to move product and deliver value. Watch as he pumps up the volume this week.

    5/6. “Fast & Furious Frank” Kern ~ 56 Sales

    Another email or video could put Frank in the drivers seat. Will he have the time to jam out another one?

    5/6. “Rastlin’ Russell” Brunson ~ 56 Sales

    Will Russell be able to sneak out another promo email prior to departing for Fiji and pull ahead of Frank and possibly join the Top 3? C’mon Russell show us your stand up, escape and takedown to take the lead.

    7. “Jamming Jobcrusher” (Louviere & Hatfield) ~ 53 Sales

    Moving on up! JobCrusher boys pass Tellman. Can they make another move in the next 24 hours? An email may push them on by. Let’s see what they have.

    8. “Run Tellman Run” Knudson ~ 50 Sales

    Tellman doesn’t like to be passed, but he may have needed that breather for a sprint coming up this week. Another email or video could put Tellman in the Top 5, possibly Top 3 or Top spot. Let’s see what he has.

    9. “La Jolla John” Reese ~ 50 Sales

    John is just a few key punches away from throwing this Leader Board on it’s head. A quick email could turn the tides. Watch John make a big jump this week.

    10. Shawn Casey ~ 46 Sales

    Moved up from 12th to 10th. Watch out! Shawn is on the MOVE! Joining the Top 10 is just the beginning. Shawn likes the view from the lead and I have a feeling he’s gunning for it. Let’s see what movement he has this week.


    That’s it for the Top 10. Don’t count out any of the following JV’s. They’re determined to not only break into the Top 10, but several have emailed me and spoken with me about taking the lead. Big words, yes, but I have faith they will be making some big moves ASAP. Watch for them to break into the Top 10 very soon.

    11. “Going For It Gabor” Olah ~ 40 Sales

    Time to bust back into that Top 10. Make it happen.

    12. Stephen Pierce ~ 39 Sales

    Prediction: Stephen will join the Top 10 this week. A video and email should make it happen.

    13. E-Rock ~ 37 Sales

    Will E-Rock break into the Top 10 this week? Can he do it? Time will tell.

    14. Jeff Paul (IPN LLC) ~ 30 Sales

    Moved from 15th to 14th. Jeff is on the move. Watch for more!

    15. JP Raygoza ~ 30 Sales

    Time to gain some ground back. Let’s see you make a jump.

    16. Omar Martin ~ 29 Sales

    C’mon Omar! Let’s see you bust into the Top 10! Make it happen!

    17. Saj Purkayastha – 26 Sales

    NEW to the Leader Board! And I have a feeling Saj is just getting started.

    18 . Mark Lareau (ZDM Videos) ~ 24 Sales

    Let’s see you pass some people up this week!

    19/20. Stompernet ~ 23 Sales

    Ok, Stomper! Time to get the ball going! Let’s see another email to make some movement up. Show these people what Stomper is made of.

    19/20. Anik Singal ~ 23 Sales


    Something about the language in this list makes this seem all the more scammy.

    It’s just a trip to the bank for these guys.

    Mike is no dummy. No way that we can see through this, but he can’t. This was NEVER about helping people – unless we are referring to him helping HIS people.


  • Something about the language in this list makes this seem all the more scammy.

  • On the other hand, with compliance being a major issue on the part of advertisers and affiliates, this â??weâ??ll take anyoneâ?? approach looks like it might rock the industry

  • Thanks for interesting and informative article. its very useful.

  • Ian

    Great Post, will certainly save me some money!!

    I’ve bought/seen/read previous products from Mike Filsaime and always been happy with quality and content so it is somewhat surprising that he has put out this offering, which appears to be somewhat of a stinker!

    I was actually trying to sign up but fortunately when the tariff options popped up, the ‘setup’ buttons didn’t appear and so I couldn’t progress any further. I have submitted 3 tickets to the helpdesk with no reply which I thought somewhat slack and unusual given I said I was eager to buy.

    It was only then that I tried to search Google and came across some reviews on teh Warrior forum that I looked into it a bit more and am now glad that I did!

    Great detail on the issues, easy to understand the problems that may be faced particularly for newbies lured in with the hype.
    I think people are much better off spending the money to get the infrastructure right to get accepted on the other (free) CPA Networks.

    Thanks for the info


  • What a wonderful post. I became a big fan of you ian. thanks for sharing it.

  • Mitch

    Isn’t this just typical? It has never been about being sincere with his market. The guy is an ex used car salesman people.

    When have you ever heard him talk about CPA marketing. Now all of a sudden he comes out with this? Give me a break. If you are smart you will make note of everybody promoting this and remember it the next time they try to jam something down your throat.

    The part that makes me sick as that all of these guys just keep doing it again and again and again, and people keep on buying. It really is incredible.

  • Wigger Mcgavin

    He takes everybody that applys? Hahah .
    The scammers will tear this little crap of a network apart. He has no clue about what he is getting into.

  • Thanks for letting us know, those prices are pretty outrageous and high. Its always good to know which ad networks are scams and which are legit.

  • @Ian

    BTW, I looked at the affiliate jump vids and the domain setup doesn’t seem to be the that you mentioned.

    Instead it looks like the add-on domains you’d see on shared webhosting accounts like which redirects to

    In this case, the problem isn’t a long-ass domain name, but rather you’d have hundreds of affiliate sites residing on the same IP (unless Mike + co is giving you a distinct IP and has bought C-Class IPs by the thousands -> unlikely).

    I’m not saying that no one will benefit from it, just that the probability looks very slim and new CPA marketers should try using free resources when they’re starting out.

  • Its time to be careful during online shopping. I had seen many site and blog like these kind for post.

  • Ian, I wish this review had been available BEFORE I had the misfortune of shelling out $300 for a total load of CRAP!!

    Thanks Reuben for posting the list of the Top AffiliateJump Crap Sellers.

    Their “True Colors” are now revealed!!

    Anyone willing to promote the Total Piece Of Crapola that is AffiliateJump SHOULD NO LONGER BE TRUSTED for ANYTHING that they sell and/or promote.

    Mike Filsaime brags about the number of CPA offers that are already available to promote in AffiliateJump.

    Well, it was a whopping 331 when I joined.

    It dropped to 330 a few days later and hasn’t budged since.

    Also, the Majority of the CPA Offers in AffiliateJump are Total Crap Dating Service Offers.

    In the Pre-Launch and Launch Videos, Mike leads on to make it sound like there are “thousands” of CPA Offers available in AffiliateJump.

    Well, there are not.

    On top of that, even the more mainstream offers are plagued with dead links and/or URL’s that go to the wrong offer landing page (the prospect ends up on the landing page of a totally unrelated offer).

    Also, the “creatives” made available by AffiliateJump are very limited and many offers don’t even offer 1 banner ad.

    And the “So Called” Training is nothing more than a handfull of short, limited information videos.

    And there is NO FORUM — NO Method of communicating with Other AffiliateJump Members — which I guess should be No Surprise — since why would a Scammer want the Victims to be able to easily compare notes and reveal to others just how much of a Scam AffiliateJump is.

    All this CRAP for $99.95 per month PLUS a freaking “$200 Setup Fee” that in reality is nothing more than $200 that goes directly into an Affiliates pocket. Not one penny of the $200 goes towards “Setup Expenses” whatsoever. SCAM SCAM SCAM!!

    So, has any unfortunate AffiliateJump victim tried to get their money back yet???

    Since AffiliateJump is using PayPal, at least it will be easy to CANCEL the recurring monthly payments.

    I’m guessing a complaint may have to be filed with PayPal in order to try and get a Full Refund of the $299.95 initial charge.

    NO WHERE is any type of Refund Policy or Moneyback Guarantee mentioned in any of the AffiliateJump videos, website, or emails.

    This experience definitely has Mike Filsaime and all the other marketers listed in Reuben’s post above on my Black List of People To NEVER Buy From AGAIN!!!

    AffiliateJump = TOTAL 1,000% SCAM!!!

    Advice: NEVER Believe A Word Out Of Mike Filsaime’s Mouth!!!

    Best Wishes To All Others Who Got Suckered Into The AffiliateJump SCAM!! I hope somehow we can get our money back.

    Kudos To All Who Saw The Wolf Under The Sheep’s Clothing And Stayed Away From AffiliateJump!!

    If Nothing Else, It Shows EVERYONE The True Nature Of Mike Filsaime and His Cohorts In Internet Marketing Scammery!!

    And this comes from someone who has been a Mike Filsaime customer for years now.

    So it comes with great disappointment and dismay to see Mike stoop to the low levels of Internet Scammers.

    IM Launch Monitor

  • Ian

    NP thanks for the nice write up with actually being a memeber, sorry for that. hope everything works out

  • It might be too late for me I am a newbie and I was well sucked in.
    I submitted a ticket yesterday to ask for my money back .
    “not had a reply yet”.
    And from what I am reading I might never get one.

    I am giving Mike a chance to prove he is a decent guy by giving me “my money back” after all there is no place to hide on the internet, reputation is everything and as we all know a bad one spreads like wild fire.

    Yes Mike might be making millions now ,but how far the mighty fall when the power of the people “decent people “take control.

    But like I said I hope he refunds me and keeps his reputation intact.
    Then he, like me can hold his head up.

    ps i will let you all know how I go on

  • Hi everyone Have just been given a full refund for affiliate jump from Mike Filsaime no questions asked So I have to report that the man is TRUE to his word so his reputation Is intact as far as I am concerned.
    In fact its gone up in my estimation for the quick and rapid response
    in dealing with the matter just letting you all know.
    So yep mike your a decent guy.

  • Mitch

    So he sells you a piece of shit by lying to you, but is kind enough to refund your money. So his reputation doesn’t get hurt with you but instead you think even higher of him than before the transaction?

    That is some interesting thinking going on inside that noggin’ of yours mate.

    No wonder these guys continue to get away peddling their crap. It doesn’t appear that there is any shortage of idiots willing to plunk their money down to buy it up.

  • @mick – i think you’re confusing the 2.

    Product quality: what you thought about it.

    Product refund: If he hadn’t issued it, you could have filed a chargeback, or taken other action.

    So back to product quality – why did you get a refund?

  • Anyone in CPA knows it’s not incredibly hard to get into a CPA Network Free. We got in just by making a phone call. I don’t see how anyone in their right mind would pay any monthly fee for joining this crap.

    I have nothing against anyone bettering their life by providing helpful products to others. But I think he could have done a lot better than this. Or could he?

    Well it’s obvious Internet Marketing Politics is alive and kicking these days more than ever. And whatever happened to Quality Control? I thought they taught to college students in Marketing 101?

    Brian Garvin

  • yes Andrew your right hands up what i mean was
    as a newbie i don’t know enough about Cpa
    but the way In which his people returned the money.The
    full refund without any grumbles well I was n happy
    and Mitch
    take what you said on board mate they are making money off vunerable people as a newbie i was nearly one of them so do i rate the the product “No”.
    but like i said it was the the way his people dealt with the refund that was ok
    If anyone hasn’t asked for their money back you can only try
    and i did’nt mean to come across just because as i got my money back im alright jack.
    I believe he has a returns policy on all his products so ask for your money back .

  • Thanks for preventive measures.Nobody wants to waste money especially in the period of time.

  • Thanks for sharing this informative post

  • I think there is still no one sign up for the affiliate program. I believe that people should have some marketing strategies to make money with affiliate program, and this affiliate program which requires people to pay before joining, it’s pissing off people.


  • Phebe

    I was promised a refund a week ago
    I haven’t received it yet
    Today I visit and guess what : all memberships are sold out.
    Yeah right…

  • hi here is the contact link i used to get my money back you will need to type in the full http address at he front as it wont let me put it in on Ian’s blog comments hope it helps.

  • AffiliateJump may be trying to get money from people, but other sites autoLP and AffiliateTheme are good ones. Thanks for the introduction of these two nice sites.

  • And this guy is still getting money from people with all these bad reviews?

  • Erik Watson

    Hey – for anyone who feels scammed and wants/needs a refund. Just contact the help desk:

    Help desk:

    From the FAQ:
    8. What is the refund policy?

    As with ALL products and services, refunds are granted no questions asked. However, please allow as much as 7 days to process (usually it’s within 48 hours, but sometimes the support desk gets a bit busy 😉 )

    Just as for a refund. You WILL get it.

  • Phebe

    dear mick, that’s the correct url indeed.
    I bought the program the 14th, asked for support 3 times (1st time the 15th)
    Since they did not respond, I asked for a refund
    A week ago I was promised a refund.
    I looked up MF’s private email and sent him a message
    I filed a complaint with the BBB
    I opened a Paypal dispute (they don’t even bother to answer)
    What else can I do ?
    Since these 300 $ were my last capital to start up my internet business, Affiliatejump gives me lots of time to write about them (by not giving me my money back)

  • Phebe i can only think that the whole thing has either collapsed like a house of cards or maybe they are trying shore up the ship

    and I am not surprised. with the amount of refunds they are paying out.
    earlier in this post i said that his reputation was intact but with cases like yours the man is pressing his own the self destruct button.

    I really hope you hear something soon .
    but i know its cold comfort to you now. hopefully someone with a bit more pull on these matters who’s following this post can help you .


  • Phebe

    I thought MF was so rich 🙂
    Whole posts regarding Affiliatejump disappear …
    I don’t envy the people from the supportdesk

  • Phebe, we are in the same boat. I filed a refund 2 hours’ ago too after reading all the negative reviews here and warrior forum. I believe they will make full refund as this is a digital product and paypal will freeze their account if they don’t (from one member of warrior forum). Keep our fingers cross.

  • JWoot

    You guys should see Filsaime coming a mile away. As soon as I see an email from anyone even mentioning him, I delete it. I have no interest in buying products from someone who only runs Make Money Online businesses.

  • Mitch

    ^ No doubt, I couldn’t agree more. I’d love to see his wormy ass try to go out and actually use the BS he sells to try and make money. There a lot of guys out there just like him to? How much time do you think Reese and Kern spend trying to make money in the niche markets? None would be my guess because those markets just aren’t as lucrative for them as the MMO stuff. Sell the dream baby, it’s easier that way.

  • Hiya All!

    Thanks for this posting.. I’ve been following this launch very closely, and I think someone is trying to hit the 10 million dollar mark this year.. MIKE!

    Hey – listen – I have so much going on now-a-days that I don’t have time to promote like I used to. I have a new MLM company.. new product line coming out.. lots of partnering up..

    So I read the comments, and I really wanted to help.. and I have a crazy idea..

    I usually have no problems getting accepted into ANY network. In fact, I probably already have an account with most of them and I’m not using it..

    So if any affiliates want to make some money using my approved CPA account and give me a “cut” .. then I might be up for it..

    I’m not sure the qualifications or logistics.. but I thought I would throw that idea out there. Just find me at my site on and let me know.

    Onwards and Upwards,
    Kit Elliott

  • Dave Soucy

    Well, I’ve opened 2 tickets in their “support” system so far requesting a refund and haven’t gotten a response. Filed a claim thru paypal, but since there were no actual goods shipped, they won’t reverse the charge. If I get no response from Filsaime/Holland by Monday, I’m opening a chargeback request thru Visa.


  • And that is lesson #1:

    Pay everything with credit card..

    The very first designer I ever hired – I paid half by check and never saw that money or design! NEVER AGAIN! Chargeback!

  • Dave Soucy

    Well, 6 days after opening a ticket I’m happy to report that they actually processed my refund, no questions asked.

  • Thanks for the heads up about this scam Ian. I’m sure a lot of people fall for such scams. I definitely wouldn’t pay to use a CPA network. Well actually if there was something like this for AdSense I might give it a 2nd look.

  • Thanks everyone. I finally get my full refund and will make sure to apply free CPA network on my own. Excellent job, Ian.

  • Ian

    glad to see some people getting their refunds!

  • I am truly surprised he offers refunds. Even the infomercials promise refunds, but it is like pulling teeth to get them honor it. So this guy really gives refunds no questions asked?

  • I have read about that from PPC and found a lot of things about SCAMS..

  • Phebe

    Got my money back !

  • Roy

    Mike F really produces crappy products – but marketing is just marketing. When you get a list of 3-4Million+ Anything you sell will just stick… for a while.

  • Kit

    I found some really good stats:

    The gurus like Russell, Anik, Mike..

    They send one email for one product and make $5K in affiliate commissions.

    When they make 7 follow-up emails for one product – they make $100K..

    So that’s why you see so many follow-up emails during a product promo..

    You can apply this same strategy to your follow-up campaigns and see if you see a commission boost.

  • Mick

    Aff Jump is not about Mike F or the quality of his membership.
    It’s about the bonuses from other marketers if you purchase AJ through
    their aff link. And I’m serious considering some of them.

  • roy

    I don’t think it is a scam at all. The main complaint that I hear is that he charges a fee to be a member of the network. To me, the fee is very reasonable considering that most or all of the hurdles to join other cpa networks are nonexistent with AffiliateJump. I don’t see anything wrong with him charging a fee for such a great service. It took a lot of work to create the service and it will take lots of ongoing work to maintain and improve it, so, Mike deserves to be paid well for his hard work. If other cpa networks didn’t make it so hard to get into their networks, then Mike would not have to create AJ. I am sure that AJ can be greatly improved. I believe it will improve over time because it has lots of potential and I am sure that Mike and his crew will not allow a service with so much potential to fail. I appreciate that he created AJ which makes it much easier for the small guy to get into cpa marketing and earn substantial income, fast! Thank you Mike!

  • Has Mike ever responded to this article about him and his company? I would be interested to know.

  • I definitely wouldnâ??t pay to use a CPA network.

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