Applications You Want for an Organized 2010


2009 is ending and I am trying to figure out where I want to hangout for 2010. …. anyways …. while in 2009 I have came across a multitude of desktop applications and web services which have helped me with my business.

The goal for me in 2010 is to be better organized and to be more productive. Living and working out of my house does get me unfocused most of the time and I need to stop this. I have found some things to work for me and it def has helped. So lets get started, I will start with Desktop applications and web services.

Desktop Applications

Doomi is an Adobe Air application which is really good cause it post up your to do list. Which you can check off and add new ones on the spot. I use this all the time if something comes to mind which I need to do I just type it up in Doomi. Once I have completed it I just simply check it off and its done.

The feeling of just completing a task keep you motivated to get everything else done on your list.

Mindomo is another great adobe air application because it lets you create mind maps. If you have an idea for a project, you want to brainstorm about it and make sure you have it planned out right to the minor details.

It allows you to let you think vividly because you see all the other aspects of your idea on the table. The mind map also helps me with my campaigns or my to do list.

Evernote is a universal system which enables you to use it on your iphone, the web, and your desktop. It lets you capture your notes, audio notes, and pictures.

The best part is it syncs with your iPhone so you will also be carrying your notes with you wherever you are. The fact that is can sync with your desktop and iphone makes life more mobile and easier.

Now onto the web services, which I think will help you with your online organization…

Web Services

DropBox is one of my favorite web services. It gives you an online hardrive and syncs everything up with all your PC whether it is a mac or pc. The best feature I like is again the syncing with the iPhone and multiple PCs.

DropBox is free, they give you a 250mb online storage, but you can also get an upgrade if you want.

Again I like the syncing of files between platforms.

These are some of the things that keep me focus and help me stay on track. With 2010 just around the corner, I have to setup more stern goals and keep focus. With these apps helping me I am definitely going to have a more focus year.

Let me know of other services/desktop apps you use to keep yourself organized while working. I would like to know what you use and what your opinions are with the apps I have listed as well as your own.

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  • I’ve been using Remember The Milk to manage my to-do lists for the last 2 years and still love it! It’s syncs up really well with Google, there are apps for the iphone, android, and blackberry, and best of all, its FREE. πŸ™‚ I would definitely check it out if you haven’t already.

  • Ian

    I use to use rember the milk – didnt like it that much. there is a bunch for the iphone def… might have to be another post

  • I have never tried DropBox. Maybe I will give it a try so I don’t have to upload everything to my Gmail account LOL. Also, I always end up losing USB drives so hopefully I can make better use with DropBox.

  • Thanks for the link to Doomi, I used to use NotePad open and just jot down things I needed to do this will be much better.

  • Groovy, that’s some good stuff right there. I’ve actually never used a “mind map” like you pointed out, but will definitely be giving it a shot. Know of any programs that would be especially good for making a list of goals for the new 2010 year? That would be awesome πŸ™‚

  • Silver

    Ian, I learned about dropbox from you couple of month ago and it is awesome. Saves lots of time and it is efficient when working with my partner, instead of emailing each other we just save it in dropbox.

  • Ian, some great stuff here. I’ve been using Jungle Disk in the past to sync up with my S3 account so I’ll definitely check out dropbox.

    You should check out though. Its a fantastic web app that lets you create online stickies with email notifications for what is due that day.

  • Ian

    @dave nice find.
    @silver nice nice! are you attending ASW in a couple weeks?

  • I’m a huge fan of both Evernote and Dropbox. One app that saved me a ton of time this year was KeePass (and the Mac version KeePassX). I’d never used “password managers” before and I found that it allowed me to access all my passwords better and faster than the system I was using.

  • Great idea to get more organized as far as me, I don’t really use any specific programs to get organized other than just setting up a basic table on excel and making a monthly calendar out of it, especially during the time of school since I am a college student.

    Till then,


  • Some good stuff here bro! I’ve been using Evernote for a while and love it. I highly recommend it to everyone who bookmarks a lot of stuff. I bookmark landing pages that I like and send them to Evernote. Then no matter where I am I can refer back to them and see a screenshot with notes I added to it.. So much more you can do with this app too. For those of you who don’t have it, go get it now!

  • I’m also looking forward to see some new applications that will appear this year. Surely there will be no revolutions (but what revolutions were really expected?) but still I’m hoping to see something that would really be a technological breakthrough.

  • I just downloaded DropBox after reading your post. And also voted it for the Best Internet Application. I am super impressed.

  • You don’t have to do this all in one day, pick a task for each day, or a task a week, because even if it takes you a month, at the end of the month you will have a clean tidy room and all of your homework up to date.

  • Great post. I am using evernote and happy with it. Others also seems good, will surely give it a try. Thanks for sharing.

  • Evernote just rocks…and I don’t know what I did before it. Great post, and thanks for list! A few of these I am going to have to check out.

  • I’ve actually never used a β€œmind map” like you pointed out, but will definitely be giving it a shot. Know of any programs that would be especially good for making a list of goals for the new 2010 year? That would be awesome πŸ™‚

  • One of the more useful list which gone be much helpful in 2010….

  • Awesome list of applications! I have downloaded a few of them now based on your recommendation. Cheers Ian, I’m sure these applications will be very useful for me.

  • If disorganization is congesting your life, and you’re feeling scattered and frustrated as a result, it’s time to get organized. To achieve organization on the inside, you will need to take steps to become organized on the outside, by clarifying your priorities, objectives, and how you want your belongings and your lifestyle arranged.

  • Organizing desktop and all of your working-tasks in a proper way is one of the most basic things if you want to thing about doing anything serious. I fully agree that those applications could be very helpful for anyone that is providing successful business.

  • Definitely bookmarked , this is by far an excellent post. Very useful , I noticed that Ian is very organized from visiting all his websites and to see his tools for being organized is excellent.

  • I have read all of your previous posts. Ian you sure a well organized person. You always impressed me in your blogs. πŸ™‚

  • wow!! it is interesting and really great topic..because of this article i learned about to organize things..thanks..

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