Convert2Media is Gangsterlicious!


While I was in Florida, I had the opportunity to meetup with several affiliate networks, one being Convert2Media. If you know who Ralph Ruckman or Ruck, then you know he has a killer network called Convert2Media. Him and his team have exploded in the affiliate marketing industry by helping many affiliates make money online via their forum, Ruck’s blog posts, and from the past via WickedFire and Ruck’s prior blog CashTactics.

They have provided a lot to the industry helping and quickly responding to affiliate needs. They have done  a lot of big changes to their network base on the industry and what is best for them and their affiliates.


Well, while I was at Convert2Medias’ MTV style crib, I was able to Flip Mino their home/office. I was lost and every head turn there was a huge LCD TV. Literally which way I turned my head there was a TV, left, right, when I looked at the ceiling, a TV appeared.

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Convert2Media is doing a lot of big things in the industry and I was glad to have met up with them as they are good friends of mine. Recently they are releasing a coaching program for their affiliates to jump start their online earnings. Here is a short description of what they are offering:

C2M AllStar Coaching

This program is designed to take the newest of marketers and have them up, running and profiting within 30 days. This program IS open to all Publishers of Convert2Media. This program is going to be designed from start to finish. Here is what “start to finish” means:

C2M RockStar Coaching

This program is a bit more rigorous and intense. Unfortunately, this program is not a “request” type program. As a matter of fact, many will not even know it’s being conducted. This program is compromised of Convert2Media and a select amount of publishers. This program will also seem one sided to some because of the fact that in order to be selected and participate, these publishers are required to work with Convert2Media on a much larger scale.

Learn More.

They also have their own IRC channel similar to #cakes chat. Everyone in there is helping each one and especially Convert2Media. It is real interesting the topics that come up and everyone goes in and throw their opinion.

Their network is solid and definitely are great  helpful people. I want to thank Steve and all of Convert2Media for having me over! I definitely did get lost in their house, but I recently bought the mailbox across from them……….

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  • I am shocked you support a direct track network dude. Convert 2 Media does have some killer offers and nice payouts.

    Only problem I have with them though is I can never get a hold of them. Ruck is my affiliate manager and I have emailed him a few times and never a respose back. I like to get to know my aff managers and for tem to understand what I do. Working together is always a better way to go I think.

  • What’s wrong with a DT network? If it makes any difference, we are in the process of switching our tracking platform. Also to Collin, somewhere our communication is lost in transition.

    One thing to note is that in your affiliate panel is my phone number you can call anytime. Did you think to trying ringing it?

    Thanks Ian

  • Ruck, na i never thought of calling. I’ll give you a shout one day and personally I don’t have a problem with Direct Track myself – just Ian has said his piece about it before.

  • Ian

    > collin
    your right I do dislike DT alot – but ruck and his team and as a network are great people and definitely knows how it feels to work with DT. they make the network and take cares of their affs. the definitely help their aff make money every which way, giving a lot of free market research information. they also make bold moves to benefit their network and their pubs.

    so that weighs more than hating DT to its max

  • I’ve never heard of this company, but judging from their website they look good. I wish they’d show offers before you have to sign up because I like to know what they have.

  • Cool Ian

  • You are a true businessman Ian. You have a lot of connections. Networking is more important than anything else when it comes to business. Good job.

  • Ian is not a businessman, he’s a business…man!

  • Great Vid Ian C2M has one chill pad & one great network!

  • Ian, you have come a long way since I first started following your progress back about 2 years ago. Definitely are a great businessman with a wide and influential network! Very impressive indeed!

  • Are you guys going to IM Spring Break, since you are in the area?

  • lol Dr_Ngo 😀

  • You are a true businessman Ian.:)

  • Ian he’s a business man! (F)

  • Cool Ian 🙂

  • Cool video, it would have been awesome to see inside of the office!