WIN Crazy Prizes with Express Revenue!


Express Friggin Revenue is a crazy network. To kick off the New Year and Affiliate Summit 2009, Express Revenue has decided to start the year with a huge promotion. I mean really big! There are several types of Affiliate Network Promo contest out there but I think Express Revenue is beating them all with crazy prizes!

Express Revenue got in contact with me to host a super contest and I freely accepted. Though with so many things I manage to get in contact with a good friend, Jeremiah Cooper. He definitely knows where the industry is taking him, I am proud to host this contest. I mean they got some gangsterlicious prizes on there!

A quick glimpse of what Express Revenue is about:

Here at Express Revenue, we pledge to our affiliates exactly what is explicitly stated in our name. Through the integration of a very user friendly and navigable website, always available customer support, and a unique All-In-One approach, Express Revenue makes it possible for your marketing business to gain higher amounts of revenue and more quality leads than what you could have previously imagined!

Now on with their crazy ass prizes!


I believe this is the first time that Express Revenue is holding such a contest with some nice ass prizes. Here is a quick glimpse of the prizes, if you make…

  • $1,500 + : You will receive an Express Revenue Gift Card worth $100
  • $10,000 +: You will receive a PlayStation 3, two Blu Ray discs and two game
  • $25,000 +: New MacBook and iPod Touch
  • $55,000 +: 3-5 Night Cruise plus Airfare to and From South Florida
  • $115,000 +: Home Theater System, New Gaming PC and Inkjet Printer
  • $275,000 +: Two Season Tickets to TWO of your Hometown Teams
  • $550,000 +: 2009 Mustang

Now compare these prizes to your network and see if they can compete. Honestly just ask your network if they have given you a prize for your hard work instead of just a wire transfer? Take a BIGGER Look at their prizes!

How do you win these prizes? Its too easy!

All you have to do is sign up under Express Revenue through this blog. Your prize will be determined by your total commissions generated with Express Revenue. Express Revenue will  reserves the right to change and/or modify and have final say on all prizes and participation. Once you hit the commission levels you will receive that individual prize. One prize per affiliate base on their commission level.

This contest will end the 14th of February 2009 and Winners will be announced on the 15th of February.

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  • Affiliate networks seems to grow like weeds… almost a new one that I’ve never heard of popping up each week. 😉

  • David

    I actually use this affiliate network and can say that they offer some of the best rates online. There easy to use and pay on time. Nice site too. So definitely not just another affiliate site. Give them a try.

  • Thanks for hosting this contest for us at Express Revenue Ian. I knew that you would jump on the opportunity. I hope that your many loyal readers hop on for a great contest. We would love to do more in the future after this one is a booming success!

    Another thing to add, anyone that applies from this blog, make sure you hit me up on AIM at ExpressRev Coop so I can be sure to expedite your application and get you right into the contest action!

    Thanks again Ian.

  • And the good thing is that Express Revenue is freebie friendly. That means that if you have a freebie site, you could definitely benefit from this. Good luck to everyone and these are some great prizes 🙂

  • Sean Winter

    Looks good.

    I have signed up…

    You get the prizes each time you hit a new level, right?

  • Sean Winter

    It’s a tiered contest. You will receive one prize only. You receive the prize of the tier that you finish in.

  • Ian

    I just signed up. I don’t use AIM anymore so I can’t contact your bud.

  • Eh, I’m going to have to pass. The prizes this go-round are pretty lackluster… with only a 6.5% kickback tops. I don’t think that people are as stupid as marketers think we are… haha, make $600,000 for me and, heck, I’ll buy you a Ferrari! 😉

  • Now this is a contest with some huge prize give-aways. I wonder what their commission requirements are for each prize level

  • Donny Gamble, the prices listed are the commission requirements. If you bring in over $1500 in commission before the end of the contest you get the $100 gift card. If you get $25,000 in commissions you will receive the Macbook and ipod touch prize. You get one prize, depending on what level of commission you finish on.

  • I’ve already joined… can I still participate?

  • Great prizes, but very high stakes! Surely the super affiliates will win big!

  • The $1500 tier is very reachable for any of the affiliates that signs up. I will be your affiliate manager and I will be offering a lot of one on one support to help you make the best out of your money and get the best ROI possible. If you look at Ian’s site, you will see several comments about the personal service I provide to affiliates.

    Anyone that is willing to work hard, I can definitely help you get to that $1500 mark. You have a whole month to do it, we can get every affiliate that applies to that mark at least!

  • JK

    what type of offers does this network offer?
    mobile: crush, iq, ringtones?
    awaiting response

  • JK, we have a large base of offers and we would be willing to get you any specific offer you need in order to run with our network. Once you apply and get accepted, you’ll be able to contact me and request any offer you need and we can talk about payouts etc.

  • Sounds like a great contest. The prizes alone would make anybody want to join. I am gonna try it out and I will be looking for your support at some point in time, should I need it (which I think I just might!).

  • JK

    –> jeremiah
    1) crush?
    2) IQ?
    3) Grant?


  • JK, Yes we have some of each and if we don’t have the one your looking for just send an IM to me and I will get one for you that you want.

  • If there one winner from each prize tier or will everyone that hits $10k in revenue win a ps3?

  • Richard Bonner,

    Every person that hits each prize tier will receive the prize.

  • Collin – Affiliate Marketing

    Ian – I applied when you made this post but have not been approved yet.

  • Ian, welcome to the network. All applications coming from this contest have been went through and are all finished. Please keep the applications coming, if you have any suggestions for the contest, let us know, we are willing to make changes on the fly to make the readers here happy and willing!

  • Got my approval from Express Revenue today. Gonna see what I can do now to get some of those prizes.

  • Kraig, welcome to Express Revenue. Make sure you let me know if you need any specific offers, we want you to excel and make the most out of this contest, feel free to contact me anytime! I’m most easily reachable on AIM, ExpressRev Coop.

  • there’s a lot of affiliate networks out there nowadays. express revenue seems to be pretty cool from the read though..i would like to take part in this contest as well, but is there any requirements?

  • The only requirement is that you sign up through this blog and that you hit one of the tiers available. Doing so will get you that prize! Good luck!

  • Signed up..awaiting approval.

  • A Mustang and $500k? Wow! I wonder how much they earn to give so much…

  • Well, it was a good attempt but with the two offers I started promoting – both offers are no longer on the network and I was not notified that they were removed. Actually both times I was emailed from visitors that the links didn’t work.

    It is very important that affiliates get notified when campaigns come down because we end up looking like asses and losing money.

    I am out of the contest!! Good luck to everyone else.

  • I’m sure that it will be a successful contest but is it accepting all countries because I’m not from US.

  • Yes, we are accepting all countries.

  • Sounds good! What are the rewards for generating commissions after the contest ends?