Keeping it Real Builds Twitter Followers


Twitter marketing is hard but it is easy if you know how to attack it and use it properly. Well, with branding it is very powerful and useful. I use twitter a lot and I even just post random things on there that does not relate to internet marketing. But does this build your brand and ofcourse followers?

Well, as you know there is a lot of hype out there that will build your followers for you. It simply is a viral follow form, but is it really targeted? Are you really interested enough for them to really interact with you? Also are you providing content to your followers in which they want to follow  you? Building a good follow is important because they are curious as to what you do and what you have to say, plus if they interact with you it is a big plus.

Below is a screenshot of my followers base on a 3 month time frame:

Twitter Counter

As you can see my following has been steadily growing and it is not like the big ballers following but its pretty impressive I think, since I do not use any automation to build my followers.

If you look at my twitter account, I only followed about 235 people! If you look at others their following and followers are almost close in range. This means they are following people to get followers and there is a lot of software that does this but on a larger scale and on a scale where it just grabs random tweeters from the public time line.

This isn’t useful at all.

With Twitter and any social branding you need to be yourself and your followers will want to follow you because you are interesting. Being interesting is important and keeping it real. I post multiple pictures on TwitPic via Twitter, I post random thoughts, and also provide useful reads to my followers.

You have to treat your followers as if they are part of your email list, publicly. Sometimes I do not understand why building a huge list of followers overnight is important when you have nothing to provide.

Twitter People will Follow you if you are:

  • Interesting
  • Provide Content, useful
  • Provide Images and Videos
  • comical
  • Retweet useful information

When it comes to marketing and you want fast following, start pumping out content so you can be searchable. If you have not read about twitter being the next big search engine, then you should be aware that your 140 characters of content is important. There are a bunch of ways to market via twitter, if you have downloaded my report Twitter Banking it shows to how to make money from eBay Feeds on Twitter, but you still need to pump content.

The upgrade version, Twitter Traffic Exposed is another way to utilize twitter properly without using useless tools and garbage software. It shows you to utilize a bunch of free tools for your marketing needs.

But twitter is all about keeping it real and showing your followers you have credibility in your specific conversation, not niche. Why I say this is because you do not always promote, you create conversation. Conversation leads to Viral marketing, if you provide value. If you are interesting enough for someone to follow you then they will interact with you.

Interaction is important because you create instant relationship, just keep it real because its who you are.

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  • Hey Ian, great post. It’s very true. You have a very interesting twitter profile because you’re actually interacting with people. I’m a fan 🙂

  • I’m a fan of only following Twitter users who I feel provide value to me, and encourage my followers to do the same. If I follow you and you don’t want to read what I have to say, I’m really not insulted, we can connect on a million different other platforms.

    Interaction is extremely important, but Twitter isn’t the only way to connect!

  • This just tell how important it is to become a truly worthwhile person. I mean, when someone follows you on twitter or anywhere else, make sure to give them those necessary information or details they are expecting from those people they follow.

  • I voted for ya on :)… keep keepin’ it real; you are who you are… embracing that is living a powerful and enjoyable life…

    Get your high p0wered Business Blog Website today! 🙂

  • Wow..

    You manage to build double followers in just 3 months!

    Congratulations on that!

  • It’s all about value when it comes to any twitter or any other similar tool. You have to be a user of the product first and a marketer second, or it just won’t work.

  • Some people are auto-following me with some kind of plugin. I like “real” people who actually interact with me to follow me. I don’t like people who are like robots who just spam their website at you every 5 minutes.

    If I have to choose between 10,000 followers who are bunch of spammers and 10 followers who interact like real people, then I choose 10 followers over 10,000.

  • The other method does not build as good of community but it still builds a community much faster and allows you to interact with as many or as little people as possible. Your true followers will still follow you if you have 10,000 followers. If your grow your account both ways you will see more results.

  • holy fcking spam dude. do we really need to know every time someone posts a comment here on both your twitter and facebook?

  • Hey Ian, great post. People like cool people, and people like when people keep it real, connect with them on a personal friend level, and you’ll see that they respect and trust you more, that’s the name of the game…

    Terrance Charles

  • That’s a comfortable growth you have Ian. Twitter is really fun and it gets addictive at times..

  • Great results, but again, do you get any website traffic from those followers? I constantly see information on how to build your twitter follower list but never any verifiable stats to show how they really help you.

  • i can add that some people can follow you just to get more followers because they think that you will follow them back and some of your followers will follow you , but if this followers are targeted , i think you can earn good revenue from marketing .

  • In some points i disagree with you. In the social media world, the poin is to connect with each other. I always follow back my follower because i respect them and want to connect with them.

  • I am a huge fan of Twitter but I am having difficulty connecting it to my blog, but again I can see how it would help

  • It actualy works like this in every community. If people realise that what you’re saying is completely genuine, they’re a lot more likely to stick around.

  • GREAT article man. you HAVE to keep it real to build your following on twitter, & in life in general.

    appreciate ya ian!

  • You have to be a user of the product first and a marketer second,
    twitter is really fun and it gets addictive at times.

  • Hi,interac?iunea este extrem de important?, Twitter, dar nu este singura modalitate de a se conecta!

  • This will be very helpfull for me. thanks for sharing.