Make Money by Making On the Fly Polls


There is a bunch of ways to get clicks to your offers. Recently the more popular IQ quizes are popping up like crazy and they seem to be doing very well for most. Me personally I haven’t gotten it to work perfect just yet. But this bring me to a topic that use to be popular and is still popular. Polls.

You see them around on sites and even on Facebook. Will Kobe Bryan Punch Shaq? type questions. It requires an action on the users’ end. YES or NO. Some are more complicated and some are easy. The goal of these polls is to get someone to click over and then take action on the current offer, either submit type offers.

In the past I talked about how you can easily make $250 a day on email submits, using polls as a method of getting a good CTR. The problem I found was making polls and the complexity of creating them. There are several factors to consider: design, CTA, emotions, content for Adwords, end results, etc. Luckily I found a good program that will handle all this.

Poll Factory is a self hosted poll generator which does all of the above I stated. This system simplifies everything you do or when it comes to creating a poll. When you create a poll, it does get cumbersome especially if you are doing it all on your own.

With polls, you need to create tons of polls to find which topic does better than the other. Below is a snapshot of what a poll landing page may look like if you have never seen one before:


Above you can see its simplicity. A user would answer the question and you would get a good CTR (base on the questions and demographics). Now what happens when the end user clicks through? Well, that is when you send them to an offer.

With Poll Factory you get to chose what offer you can redirect them too. Poll Factory is more advance than the other poll systems out there because it has several features other do not have.

Here is a snapshot of the dashboard:


What I like about it is that it has live votes. So votes actually count and the end user gets to view the stats prior to being redirected. This incorporates user interaction, users voted and they want to know if their vote will count or not. Having this little feature definitely jumps starts conversions.

Content via RSS

There are also several features on here such as content generation base off RSS. This is great to get a good quality score with Adwords. You can search by keywords which is very helpful. For example if your poll includes a celebrities name, your keyword should be that celebrity’s name. With that said, you can chose the amount of stories to be listed. The stories will be posted below the question and images, giving your users the opportunity to check out stories prior to voting.

Create Important Footer Links

Another aspect I like is the ability to adjust the footer links. With Google footer link are important, you know those contact, policy links at the bottom of a website. With Poll Factory you can adjust this via the dashboard and enter the general content about your about page, contact page, and privacy page. I think this is great o have your own and unique one. This definitely helps giving you quick brandability and credibility.

Universal Code

The last best thing about this is the universal PHP code that is provided once you finish creating  a poll. You just copy a couple lines of code and put it in a php file and the whole thing is generated. This works on any domain and the best part there is no need to install any script on the domain.

This is great because you can have domains related to celebrities while another one related to dogs. You do not want to always install the script on each domain, just create the poll and copy the code and paste – done! This is why this system is called Poll Factory, create polls and make money!

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  • By the end of last year I found this poll generator and it’s amazing how easy and fast it’s to create the whole website based on the poll.
    It supply all the necessary pages google requires plus some content generated from RSS feeds.

    I didn’t have a chance to use it but some time in the near future I will take a look and make some money with it!

  • Great idea!

    Another way to make money just using simple poll system. I think this is very unique and easiest way that anyone can me quick cash.

  • Ryan B

    Polls are also a good way to build up your own email lists. Instead of sending them to an email submit offer after they vote, build your own email gathering page then you can market them multiple times.

  • Idea is good though!

    I love poll factory as well. Its the best way to save time and build some really profitable campaigns on the fly..


  • Seems like a good idea. I wonder if people would get annoyed by being presented with an offer. Any thoughts on it?

  • Polls are a great way to get people to interact and click through. My polls do really well on my Squidoo lenses, specifically my polls about beer. I haven’t implemented any polls on my websites though. Poll Factory looks like a pretty useful and easy to use php script.

  • I second Ryan that pool is great for users participation but what’s on offer on the other side makes all the difference. Poll factory is definitely worth a look.

  • Great ideas. I feel like your blog and will try comment here.

  • another way to earn money . thanks Ian , everyday we know more ways to get cash ” i like fast money ” .

  • hope this tip is useful, and keep up the good work with your blogs!

  • Keith

    Great review on this, i just brought the product. Thanks! Ian

  • Ugh

    I hate PollFactory; its a piece of crap and the Eric dude behind it is an idiot. And I tried PollControl and it was even worse. Why do these products such so much?

    PollFactory requires me to fricken create a file for each poll. Yawn. Why can I only have 4 options? Maybe I want fourty? Why can’t I tell each option to go to a different page (I wanted them to go to different landing pages depending on if you’re right or wrong). Why wouldn’t offer rotation work for me, and why wouldn’t PollFactory respond to my emails?

  • Hi, this is Eric, the developer of poll factory.

    First off, Thanks to Ian for this great, thorough review of Poll Factory. One of the best I’ve seen.

    Secondly, to commenter “Ugh”:

    I’m very sorry Poll Factory did not work out for you, It’s impossible to please everyone with a product like this, which is why I offer the 30 day money back guarantee. I do think it’s a bit uncalled for to call me an “idiot”, I am far from one.

    I would really like to address the concerns you have with poll factory, so others who read this understand why it is the way it is.

    1. “PollFactory requires me to fricken create a file for each poll. Yawn”

    One of the main selling points behind poll factory is it’s centralized control panel. The idea was that you can install the poll factory control panel on a single domain, and manage ALL your polls that are hosted on Various other domains without installing poll factory on each of those domains (like you would have to do with wordpress for example). The only way to host a poll on multiple domains, is to upload a file to those domains. That’s simply how web servers work. It’s only 1 .php file you have to upload, it’s not like you have to go through an involved installation process for each one.

    2. “Why can I only have 4 options? Maybe I want fourty?”

    The decision to limit the poll options to 4 was for simplicity. I’ve never had anyone else complain that they wanted to have more than 4 options, so I never considered adding more. The idea with these polls is to make money, not conduct scientific research. The bottom line is that the more simple the poll, the more money it makes.

    3. “Why can’t I tell each option to go to a different page (I wanted them to go to different landing pages depending on if you’re right or wrong).”

    This is entirely possible with poll factory and is clearly outlined in the user guide. Im not sure what else to say about it. Read the guide.

    4. “Why wouldn’t offer rotation work for me, and why wouldn’t PollFactory respond to my emails?”

    Im not sure why offer rotation didn’t work for you, it works for me every day, and it works for the other 500+ poll factory users. Perhaps you didn’t set up the poll correctly. Again, this is outlined in the user guide.

    Without knowing which email you are talking about, i can’t comment on why I didn’t respond. I do my best to respond to any and all support emails as quickly as possible.

    Thank you again Ian,
    -Eric (“The Idiot”)

  • Ken

    I just tried posting this with a link to the website and it got blocked… it wasn’t even an affiliate link (I’m not an affiliate! just a happy customer), but whatever. I wanted to let you guys know WP Quick Polls is pretty damn awesome; in my opinion, better than Poll Factory – but i’ll leave that up to you to decide since I do see that Poll Factory has some great merit of its own. Check out WP Quick Polls before you make a purchase though.

    plus the guy who owns it… joe… his support is awesome, highly recommended.

  • I like the idea. It save you a lot of time and make you some quick money, but I’m not sure it will work in the long run…

  • You know, it’s very rare to find good information like this, because most blogs are just filled with spam.. good work!

  • Thank you for getting the word and the information out there on this blog, this is really a great place for info!