Membership Script Battle: Round 1 – Wishlist Member


So I have my own membership site, it is an actual service. I have bought 2 types of membership scripts because I have 2 types of membership styles. One is where I have all my digital products in one location and where users can download them. Another is a service with scripts and functions.

In the beginning I wanted to use strictly WordPress as my membership script since there is already a login area for it. I figured it was the best bet for my membership site. Then another idea came and wishlist could not do what I need it to do, so I bought another script. Well I think I got a good comparison with both scripts – because I think both scripts accomplish what I needed it to do!

So here is a nice write up of the comparisons of both script, Wishlist Member vs aMember!


I am going to talk about Wishlist Member because it was the first one I bought and I bought 3 licenses. I originally bought it to start my own affiliate tutorials for my current affiliates that are promoting my products. I simply just bought PLR articles and posted them within WordPress so users can access them and start learning some marketing tricks.

I also bought it because I wanted a central location for users to download my digital products. Wishlist is very versatile within WordPress. If you want to imagine one of the best WordPress membership platforms then Wishlist is your best bet. The reason I say this because if you have content which you want to provide to your members then this is the plugin that is needed to do just that.

The interface does take a while for you to get into, but once you get a full understanding of where things are then it is pretty easy to move around. One thing I did get confused are the options when I was writing a post they were at the bottom and I would have to chose which content belonged where. First time mistake but again it comes with the interface.

Once you get the interface the easier it is.

One thing I did like are the videos that helped me setup payment options and subscriptions via Paypal. It showed me how to quickly integrate aweber within Wishlist, so I can start collecting email addresses via my membership portal.

They have a lot of video tutorials, they want to make sure you membership site is up and ready to be used.

Wishlist does have it’s own internal email system, but I feel better having all the contacts within aweber, as I have most of my list within aweber already.

I got this system several months ago and they have been doing a great job launching and promoting their system.  I can say it is one of the bigger names now when you think about a wordpress membership system, Wishlist. I even checked out multiple other systems but I didn’t see a strong selling point to it. So I bought and upgraded (they got me on the upsell) to 3 licenses and as of right now I enjoyed the script.

It is a simple plugin that you install and it quickly integrates within WordPress, the best part is you get free updates which notifies you when you log into your wordpress site and checking out wishlist member.


… in the next couple days I should have a write up for amember and then a full write up for both.

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  • Cool. Looking forward to the other write ups. Had Wishlist on my mind for awhile only because of the seamless WordPress Integration. I’m currently using Amember for one of my membership sites and so far it works out okay. Can be cumbersome at times with customers getting immediate access to folders but for the most part it does what it needs to do.

  • zen

    Really fabulous write up and informative one. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.

  • Oh. You actually opened my eyes, as I did not know there are 2 types of membership styles.
    By the way, WordPress websites are basically omitted by spammers, so it is a good choice.

  • Interesting, so you recommend the wish list plug, for digital secure digital downloads?

    I am considering the purchase of a multiple license package, but not sure if I should invest in the package as I have never used it and do not know if it will work out,

    So if I buy it and it does not work, out, then I am stuck with four or five useless licenses…

    Would love to hear your opinion on that thanks.


  • Ian

    @tom I have a multi license and I def recommend it

  • Asa

    My experience with WishList has been horrific. For example, six hours spent trying to get their “page redirect” feature working. Eventually support told me that their was a bug in their latest vesrion, and fixed it. Thanks. Integration with MailChimp has been a disaster. You cannot customize your Log in (they dont even tell you have to create a login page, though it is possible, and the widget is missed by most users). Password problems abound (over a hundred password changes the first week, with my small list). Registration page needs specialized CSS knowledge, as opposed to having WYSIWYG options for customizing it. The control panel is very ambiguous and uneccessarily convoluted, with several different areas doing the same thing and conflicting with each others. The automatic creation of about 10 “system” pages (Oops, you do not have access, etc.) actually puts these tabs on your site, forcing you to find each page and change it to not be indexed… The list goes on and on of a poorly thought out, buggy, strangely ADD program. I will switch to DAP shortly, as it seems actually professional.

    Their advertising is slick though, and sucked me in. I do believe the keep it dysfunctional to get you to the “Upsell,” their $20 per month Insiders group. Support even told me to join, rather than answer my question! They will also customize for you at significant charge, to do things the program should do in the first place.

    Do some research and see the number of complaints and frustrations. I spent many many hours searching the internet for solutions to problems that came up (many with no solution). Their training videos are like those bad translations of Japanese electronics. They tell you everything except for those crucial missing bits that make it impossible to implement things properly. Search google and you will see the only people happy with the program are marketing affiliates. it is not a professional piece of software.