Sometimes You Just Have to Slow Down


Every now and then I get an email that says how I get to do so many things and have it be successful. Well, today I will talk about how do just slow things down. I swear I think I have ADD with it comes to ideas. But sometimes you just have to slow down and look at your task list and re focus.

I have been releasing too many things and sometimes I look at my task and say slow the frig down! I have even been slacking on my own campaigns my margins have dropped from what my average is. So now I am looking to re organize a couple things.

So I have to SLOW DOWN! Every idea does not have to get implemented but can be done in time. Lately I have been doing a lot of reorg and trying to see where my focus should be.


With all the work I am doing, affiliate markting, product creations, info marketing, social marketing, going to conferences, blogging, and maintaining all these can be a bitch! SO I am telling you to slow down and not do alot of things at once. I am going to be slowing down myself, if you noticed my blog posts has not been consistant. I will be writing on my blog though because it gives me a break t just write what the hell is on my mind.

How I am concentrating my ideas:

  • I have written my daily tasks
  • Task that are incomplete, I carry over to the next
  • I write weekly goals as well, these goals are much larger than my daily tasks

I also have been doing a lot of partnerships because I need more time to focus. The past product and current product I am working on are all partnered. This gives me more time to do what I have to do and help me focus on certan aspects of marketing.

Sometimes sitting in front of your PC can stop yu from focusing on yur current project or idea. I personally have to start focusing and completing projects and campaigns. I need to maybe get rid of a monitor or even pc. I have 2 PCs on all the time one PC just for monitoring and stats, while my other monitors have other windows open like tweetdeck, email, winamp, etc.

Maybe I need to just remove the clutter and just have one window open on what I am currently doing. But I can get easily distracted, if an idea pop ups I write it on my whiteboard and the I start working on it, slowly. I then realized I digress and I refocus myself.

My mind just keep working and it is good but also bad when I am trying to do some keyword research which isn’t the most fun but needs to be done. So I have to slow my thinking a bit well not really but be more focus on what is currently working and stick with it.

So I am going to SLOW DOWN some of my marketing ideas and FOCUS more! Focus like a Ford Whip!

What is your advice? How do you work with having waytoo many ideas? How do you keep yourself calm on a daily basis?

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  • Sean

    Yeah man, you’re ADHD as hell…

    I am confirmed ADHD, and I felt I was reading something I wrote just now.

    Have you found the herb to help?


  • you need a focus room. I had the same problem long time ago.. now I have a spot where I’m almost isolate with a laptop that never go on the internet with very basic programs. this way I stay focus and I see my productivity grow and I have more time .. It is crazy how much time we loose when we are not focus.

  • Slowing down and review back what we are doing will help us improve better in all tasks. Another way is by doing proper planning before launching it. The best way is to make it automated.

  • Check out GTD ( Lots to digest but helped me TONS with just theory of organizing/prioritizing. From the sounds of it you could benefit.

    Use virtual desktops ( … I keep distraction stuff (email, twitter) on desktop #1, then switch over to desktop #2 to work. I could still use MORE monitors. Never can have too much screen real estate.

    Keep the desktop organized with as few icons as possible ( Think of it like a real (physical) desktop … cluttered with tons of crap is hard to deal with. If you use the desktop for quick launch, get a better tool for that. Use the desktop to organize.

  • Ian, it’s so damn hard, I can’t even tell you. It’s every big thinking entrepreneurs dilemma. I have to physically tell myself to calm down in the car and focus, take time to smell the roses kinda thing… purposely relaxing is what I need to do.

    Also sticking to a schedule, minute by minute helps and then reflecting at the end of the day and trying to improve on how I did!

  • You have to choose your best way which you deserve and good for have to proper planning for it.all the best for your future..

  • I get distracted a lot too. Sometimes my goals can be accomplished in less than 2 hours, but I get hung up on Facebook, television, etc. I’m also obsessed with stats so I check it often. Writing down daily tasks and weekly goals are great ideas. Even though I get distracted a lot, I get my goals accomplished.

    When I have a lot of ideas, I write them down somewhere and make sure I get them done later but not at the moment.

  • When I want to slow down I just write down every idea “for later”. If I still consider it ingenious after couple weeks I’ll go through with it but more often then not after the initial excitment disapears i realise the idea has a lot more flaws then I thought.

  • And what about some holidays ? 😀

  • Well said! Sometimes we really need to take rest after a long run of business, we’re not able to make all the money in this world, so we have to find some times to rest and have fun, go for holiday is the best! Health is more important than money, isn’t? 😛


  • I absolutely share the idea of harmony,the life is so various and everything is important in it,money and business,rest and health,we must be happy and enjoy its beautiful moments.

  • Slowing down also gives you the time to think intelligently and thus, giving you more time and enough ideas on how or which thing comes first.

    I do believe that effective planning and the right timing (wherein the slow down thing can be related) is a major key to success.

  • Sometimes we really need time to take things slow. And if we are overworked, the tendency is we won’t be able to function well. A time for one’s self is really needed every ones in awhile or we might lose our sanity. 🙂

  • Two computers at once? That definitely can’t help with your productivity or focus! Why not just stick to one computers -> one window -> one tab.

  • I enjoyed the post.

    Patience is not my strong point and I have to continually remind myself to SLOW down.

  • never accelerate in mlm…mistakes might be awful

  • How very Accurate! It is easy to get burned out! Sometimes you need to slow down and refocus.

  • You have to choose your best way which you deserve and good for you.

  • Hi,sometimes we really need time to take things slow,
    we must be happy and enjoy its beautiful moments.

  • True enough, sometimes we all have to slow down once in a while. Speeding things up could indeed put too much stree and pressure onto our shoulders that sometmes. we forget to focus to the point tnat it is already causing our time. I couldn’t agree more with what you have to say when you said that you are doing a lot of reorganizing and see what your focus should be.

  • Yes sometimes we all definitely need to slow down, and back up and look at our work and progress and see how we can improve it, as sometimes we can get caught up in the go-go-go pace that we often find ourselves doing things that aren’t that much efficient towards our end goal.

  • Its definitely a good idea to take things easy and slow it up. Its not a good idea to try to do a million things at once, it really dampens your energy level and the result product is just not as great.

    Till then,


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