Stay On Point with Your Own Marketing Dashboard


In 2009 you want to be more goal targeted and be successful. So far in January I have been adjusting a lot of my sites and even how I do my work. I mean I redid my blog for 2009 because my readers asked and I delivered. I am re-doing my IANteract Forum and even re doing AFFpinions because of network and user requests.

I rarely had time to optimize some of my campaigns, I even slowed down on my PPC and PPV stuff. But in order for me to be organize I have re did my marketing dashboard. I think everyone should have a marketing dashboard. What is a marketing dashboard?

Simple, it is a just a list of all your favorite links to your favorite or elite online tools. There are so many services that will help you make money online. Free sites that will help you or paid web service that will help you earn online. The problem I have was all my favorite sites were being mixed with all my other bookmarks, I needed a way to just have it separated and just have quick access to it. So I created a separate dot com and created a quick marketing dashboard with my favorite sites and links to tools I would need and use.

Below is a screenshot of how my old marketing dashboard, it was just a split frame page with dom tabs to help separate categories.


As you can see it was just a place filled with links and sites that I may go on a regular basis. Sure, you have a seperate delicious account dedicated to your marketing favorites, but I personally found this much easier for me to use and get access to my links and site I go on a regular basis. With the growth of my business and having more tools to gain access to, I needed to expand my links. I needed a change.

Below is the new view of my marketing dashboard, again it is just a split frame and it has a simple categories with the links to the tools I use on a daily basis. This is far better for me since it has collapsible categories, making it simple and easy to navigate.


You can easily create this with the help of sites such as Dynamic Drive – it is where I got the script to get the collapsible categories. Again, you can have access to your own delicious bookmark account that is dedicated for just marketing, but I just like having the fact, I can get access to all my goodies with just a point and click within my browser.

As technology improves, everything will be web base and our desktop will soon be the web. Before that comes along, watch the video and see the dashboard in action.


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  • Isn’t that what browser bookmarks do? 🙂 I just click on my bookmarks menu bar item and voila all my links are there..

  • Ian

    > Wesley
    yea you an easily do that – for me I just have too many other links that i bookmark like marketing articles – just want things more dedicated and separated 😉

  • Well, I just use for my general bookmarks 🙂

  • That’s interesting Ian, will check out Dynamic Drive. I actually use Foxmarks which stores your favourites and passwords and makes them available from wherever you are. They have released them for Safari (for Mac users) and IE I find it helpful for if I am travelling and need to access something quickly.

    Looking forward to meeting you in Vegas, no doubt we’ll bump into each other at a partay or two.


  • Ian

    > Jim
    hmm never heard of foxmarks – definitely will take a look at it – yea man just yank me over!

  • I’ll check it out but like Wesley I would rather just use my normal bookmarks.

  • This is a great source that every marketers needs to have coming daily to their email. It helps you keep abased of all the new news and product that are coming out within the whelm of internet marketing.

  • I actually just use Firefox bookmarks and have individual folders and separators to sort everything neatly. It is so important in this biz to be organized.

  • Have you ever actually made a conversion on mediatraffic?

  • Ian

    > gxdeia
    yes, on really good niches and very well over the holidays on email submits

  • This couldn’t have come at a better time for me. As I get busy with projects, I need to access links and sites quickly. I have a mindmap program but it’s a desktop app. It would be cool if I could access it online with live links, but it doesn’t offer that. Will make a custom dashboard this week after seeing this post to get better organized.

  • Thanks for giving the information.

  • Thanks for your post!

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