Two of The Most Important Things You Need to Succeed Online


Guest Post: Donny Gamble writes a blog about creating wealth by combining Internet Marketing with Network Marketing.

I have been doing Internet marketing for sometime now and if I would have known about having these two things when I first started out, it probably wouldn’t have cost me all of the mistakes that I have made over the years. I was not worried about creating a brand for myself at the time; I was just worried about making money. If you are just starting out with any sort of online business, I highly recommend that you get these two things in place before you do anything else.

The first item that you need is a personal blog. I cannot explain the true importance of branding yourself through a blog. Many bloggers don’t even realize the influence that they have on their current audiences. This is literally costing them thousands of dollars every day. Once you begin blogging and sharing your story across the Internet, people will begin to relate to your story and start to develop a relationship with you without actually even meeting you in person.


I remember when I went to the Affiliate Summit in August and meet John Chow, it felt like I had known him for years because I had been reading his blog for about a year and it seemed like we had been friends forever. It was kind of weird when I first meet him because it was a lot different actually to meet him then reading one of his blog posts.

This is the type of influence that you can create on your audience just by being yourself, telling your story, and sharing your experiences and topics that you are knowledgeable about. There is no other form of media that can accomplish this besides the Internet, so I recommend that you take full advantage of it before the market becomes to saturated and you find yourself competing for prospects against your friends.

So now that you know that you need to start working on your personal blog, now you need to establish a personal newsletter. Most people hate the idea of not only writing content for their personal blog, but know they have to write content for their newsletter as well. My response to this is, setup an autoresponder, like Aweber, so that you only have to write the material once and the rest will become automated. Within this newsletter that you start, you must and I repeat must, build a relationship with your newsletter subscribers first before you ever try to sell them anything. If you start out trying to sell them different products without building a relationship first, a lot of them will quickly unsubscribe or never buy anything from you.

I have subscribed to a newsletter before and the very first email that I received was a product that the person was trying to sell me. I immediately unsubscribed to this newsletter and told them the reason why I did so. If they had introduced themselves to me in the first email, then I probably wouldn’t have unsubscribed so quickly.

Without a doubt, building your email list is one of the most important things that you should be focusing most of your efforts on. So if you start developing a relationship with your audience while building your email list, you will begin to see the type of influence that you will create and also the viral effect that it will have on your personal brand. I hope everyone learned something new from reading this post and apply the knowledge that they learn from it because like I said before, knowledge is useless without application.

I would like to thank Ian Fernando for letting my write a guest post on his blog.

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  • As a guy who blogs regularly, I’m not sure I particularly agree with this. I write because I enjoy helping people and I like writing, not because it makes me much in the way of a business income.

    There are guys out there earning serious megabucks who never post on forums, never publish their thoughts and never bother with networking. Personal branding means very little to the guys who are busy marketing in the trenches and making big money.

    For me personally, my blog is an afterthought. Half of the money I make on it goes to charity and the other half is loose change compared to what I earn with my actual affiliate efforts.

    List building is always a good idea, but personal branding? For every John Chow, there’s a few thousand bloggers who soon realized their time was better invested in actual affiliate marketing.

  • I’d have to agree wholeheartedly with Finch. Personal branding and blogging in general is pretty worthless in the way of income.

    I’m not quite sure how much you make Ian, but tons of people (I know) make huge sums of money (way more than John Chow, king of branding).

    For some like NickyCakes, Adhustler, Finch and Profitopolis. The reason they blog is more for entertainment and giving back to the community purposes. You’ll see very little in the way of promotion.

    If you spend 25 minutes to an hour writing a nice long blog post, think about how much better that time would be spent developing a new campaign or creating a new product.

  • Ian

    @finch @jdizzle agreeed – I write as well to just express myself. I do agree spending more time on creating profitable campaigns or creating the product to be more valuable and easily makes more money

    reason why I have been accepting guest post because I havent had time to write as much. =P

  • I can imagine that guys with popular blogs get exclusive offers/hookups and stuff from networks but you don’t have to be a blogger to do well IMO. Figuring it out on your own isn’t very hard, and when you do hit some offers that no one else is that’s where the real reward comes. When everyone else is going right you can go left and cash in.

  • I totally agree with everyone’s responses, I was just speaking from the business side of things and not really for doing it as a hobby or entertaining. I myself enjoy networking with others, branding, and sharing my knowledge of all my life experiences. This post is directed at the people who start a blog or online business to make income

  • so you basically told us to build a blog and a newsletter. wow….. tell us something we dont know already..

  • Personal branding and blogging is very important. If it’s not important than why would you have guys like John Chow, Chris Brogan etc… blogging and making money? Also, if personal branding isn’t important that why would you have reputable universities focusing on personal branding? I think this post by Donny was a pretty good one for beginners. Not everyone is experts.

  • Rennell

    I’m not sure people’s ability to make money on something is enough to deem it as “very important.” History is filled with people who made loads of money on things that weren’t very important. Anyone remember the Pet Rock. Lots of profits…not so important. As for universities, I’m not sure where you went, but in my own experience (Brandeis U grad, 1994), I remember taking plenty of classes that I could have done just fine without. Sport in American Culture, comes to mind. Got an A and I’m not entirely sure I even went to that class….

    As P.T. Barnum famously said, “There’s a sucker born every minute.” Unfortunately, it seems like many people are so quick to believe anything that Dan Schawbel and the like say that they don’t tend to stop and put any real thought into what actually makes sense.

    Last week, for example, Mr. Schawbel tweeted something like “Build your personal brand, or when your company dies, you’ll die with it.” Within seconds the mindless minions dutifully RT’d it non-stop. Clearly, nobody stopped to even think about the statement. It doesn’t make sense: if you don’t build your personal brand according to his definition, and the company you work for goes out of business, then that’s it for you? No hope of future employment? Destined to be broke and homeless? Of course not. Companies are packed to the guild with nondescript employees, each of whom has certain skills that make their way onto their resumes and get talked about at interviews, and should they lose their job they’ll likely bounce back elsewhere. The alternative, which is hordes of newly unemployed people living in gutters and muttering, “If only I had built my personal brand…” is just silly.

    Maybe the best way to build ones personal brand is to stop following blindly, and really consider what actually makes sense.

  • Hey,

    Success, it is not a simple word we can write down success very simple but in real life , if you wanna success then you have to do very hard work its not ease to like to first line.

  • Great guest post Donny, creating that personal relationship with the readers of your blog and earning their trust is really one of the most important things you can do to help yourself become successful =D

    Till then,


  • i can imagine that..
    interesting post!!!

  • Very interesting article. I think it is important to maintain and expand any brand through blogging for both corporations and individuals. Most importantly it helps to develop and maintain relationships with your audience and get the word out about who you are. Thought leadership is another powerful benefit of having your blog.

  • Ian, and I guess by extension Donny, I enjoyed reading this post. I made a mention of it in my startup blog and gave it a trackback.

    Thanks for showing some newbie love.

    – Niko

  • For me personally, my blog is an afterthought. Half of the money I make on it goes to charity and the other half is loose change compared to what I earn with my actual affiliate efforts.

  • Hi,
    that is good article about success . every one wanna to success in their life according to their wish but some one see dreams come true so , success is a biggest topic

  • These are some good points that you make, however, I don’t think that they will necessarily guarantee your success. I think there are more than two aspects as simple as these. You must have quality content, and be able to create a conversation to get people to read your blog before you can even think about have success.

  • The key to succeed in online dating is to write a good profile and to post a good photo. Women may get fifty e-mails a day, but they will reply to maybe ten of them (maybe less).

  • Although I agree with creating blog and branding yourself online, it is not mandatory. I have been doing PPC and CPV Marketing for awhile and reached a level of success without a blog or even a brand for myself.

    Blogging, unless you’re making money, I think is a waste of time. Blogging and writing demands a lot of your time, so unless you’re making money from it, I say its best avoid it.

    You’re better off concentrating and putting most of your time, researching what people want to buy, and sell them.

  • Success is coming from positive thinking, hardworking, discipline and keep trying. Don’t give up easily.

  • I believe that putting effort and working hard is the essential and basic attitude in blogging and it will lead you to success or failure in your blogging journey.

    I’ve seen many people using Aweber and they had really good experiences and successful story about that. I’ve yet to start one but I’m looking into it and am going to start mine very soon.

    You have a great guest post here Donny!


  • While, I continue to hear this more and more about the importance to email list. But, how can you start building your email list effectively?

  • Thank, Ian for sharing such useful thought of creating your own blog and insatiably establishing your self.

  • I myself enjoy networking with others, branding, and sharing my knowledge of all my life experiences. This post is directed at the people who start a blog or online business to make income

  • For some like NickyCakes, Adhustler, Finch and Profitopolis. The reason they blog is more for entertainment and giving back to the community purposes. You’ll see very little in the way of promotion.

  • Yeah u need to have the blog not only for yourself but also for the company, because it help to promote the company to your target in a much better and an effective way…….and it has its own ROI though in small amount but over a long period of time….

  • I agree that there is something about blogging that makes is great investment. Building recognizable web presence via such interprises brings people close to each other and allows potential clients/friends to know the man who is standing behind “the product”. I think that no Twitter will ever replace good old blogging.

  • I think a blog is a good way to build relationship with your readers, viewers. It also give you a good medium to educate your clients about your company and invention and also helps you to have a good medium to communicate on a regular basis. Plus the added advantage of better visibility leading to increased online shopping if in FMCG or consumer goods.