Welcome to IanFernando.com 2.0


Another IanFernando.com Facelift has been implemented for 2009. I took a survey of my readers and a lot of you stated that the theme was just too cluttered, the home page anyways. So I decided to go a head and find another theme that would help with the clutter but keep the community sense of my blog.

I decided to go ahead and use the Arthemia Theme from ColorLabs Project. The theme has a magazine style and blog style to it. The biggest complaint I received from my old blog style was the clutter of the front page, so I wanted to change that a little bit but also have dedicated spots for specific posts. Arthemia allows me to do just that and let recent posts be posted on the front page. There are some loses such as the random posts, the forum rss feed, and other aspects but there are going to be changes for 2009.

Since this is a new theme, there are still a lot of things that I am playing around with, for example the thumbnails, I want to give a default thumbnail so its not just text you will see. I will also be adding a free email report subscription at the top, I have joined a new email system other than aweber as well. You will also notice some new changes within the posts as well.

The posts will have related readings on the far right of the blog post, which may distort old pages with images or posts that maybe shorter than usual but it was a change I wanted to implement. Also at the bottom you will notice a small footer of link such as an rss button, tell a friend, etc. Trying to get the blog to be more social, some aspects such, may still be the same such as the hiding of the comments, until you click on a link.

You will also notice I added the google friend connect to this blog as well. I want to see how effective it will be for this blog and see how many people actually will login to claim their face on IanFernado.com!

The theme is currently still being worked on through out the week, until I get it the way I want it. Below is the screenshot of the old design, let me know what you think of the new design and I hope that it will be better suite for my readers, since you told me what was wrong I hope I satisfied you with the new design.

Let me know what you think or if you want the old design back, remember that I am still working on the small quirks.


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  • Hey Ian!

    The site looks great! – love the layout, design – it looks perfect! I had to do the same thing on one of my sites with the thumbnail feature…great job! I’m sure the rest will appreciate it!

  • The design looks a lot cleaner now Ian! Best of luck in 2009!

  • Looks great! Very neat and clean.

  • I absolutely love the new theme Ian, it makes everything stand out much more. You selected a perfect thing to match this site. There is only one thing that i feel that is missing and that is the top commentators plugin. I think it will increase your reader interaction a little bit more.

  • Ian

    > Donny
    awesome, I will put it up and see if I can find room to add it in!

  • Looks similar to the old but cleaner, I like it.

  • Needs more Hoes, but I guess you will have to do.JJ Looks good dude.

  • Really Like the new look bro keep up the good work 2.0 style should really help with SEO!

  • I like it. The whole magazine theme was “busy” and this is straight forward.

  • What I liked about the old one is that you had the vid at the top right corner. Sometimes I’ll pop my head in from time to time to see if you posted a new vid. But the UI on this one is definitely more crispy.

  • This is a very good design, nice and clean, I like it alot. I too want to change my theme, did you have any problems like losing subscribers with the transition?

  • Excellent theme, that design is super fly. Every time i see someone elses site I want to do a new site myself. I am on my 3rd site in like 4 mos, jeeze. Keep up the good work.

    (my new site)

    here is the gallery

    Here is the homepage: