Create a Craigslist Clone with WordPress


With the power of WordPress, you can almost create anything. You have users out there that create full eBay sites, you have full review style websites, and now a classified ad style system. WordPress provides an easy way to create any type style websites. WordPress is mistakenly used for blogs, but there are users out there which maxes out WordPress to the limit.

Now if you ever wanted your own style website, then ClassiPress is definitely for you. You can quickly and easily create your own Craigslist style website with the power of WordPress. Before, there was complicated scripts in which you had to always monitor and maintain. With ClassiPress, there is no need because a classified ad system should be an easy site to manage. There are even scripts out there that that are super expensive, that do not even look nice or the back end is just confusing!

WordPress as a CMS makes creating a classified ad system a simple task. ClassiPress gives you the chance to create a nice well rounded classified ad style website. The best part is there are no plugins needed. Everything is integrated into their template and it seamlessly works with ease. ClassiPress also has a nice quick web 2.0 look to it. Having such a nice quick view of what is to be sold easily gives the end user a good user experience.

ClassiPress has a nice clean look to it and for users that want to list an item, it is even easier. When a user posts an ad, the page actually changes before your eyes, fully ajaxed! You can also easily integrate paypal into your classified system, charging X amount to have an item posted. Once you accept and approve the listing, you can easily publish it.

Also, just like Craigslist, you depend on the end user to help with crap within your classified ads. ClassiPress has a reporting system in which users can contribute their feedback and let you know of bad listings. As you know Craigslist gets tons of spam, because its a huge traffic source. Craigslist needs the help of the community to help with spam and bad listings, ClassiPress provides this feature to you as well.

Another great aspect is the ability for users that are posting is to upload their own image. This gives them the ability to pre-sell and create a classified ad that will attract users. This is fully integrated with the form and makes life easy for your end user. With the form you also have some sort of captcha, well a math equation. Any type of forms that are presented in ClassiPress has this equation to help stop with spam, contacting the seller or even posting on ClassiPress.

There are so many other features:

  • image manager for uploaded images in the admin panel. you can see or delete the images that have been uploaded
  • contact form in the description page so people can contact the person who added the ad
  • people can subscribe to the rss and be up to date with the listings in your site
  • subcategories for the main menu
  • login box in header for easier access if you want only registered people to be able to post
  • notification email to the admin when a new ad is entered
  • notification email to the admin when a new payment has been made
  • on the home page you can either show the category icons for each post or you can show the first image from the listings.
  • and many more!

The listing itself is also very clean. You have a title with the price in bright red. You have a sidebar which has all the information to contact the person who posted the ad and even a contact form. When a user posts more than 1 image you can also view each image in a lightbox style window. Which makes your site look much more trustworthy and credible.

So if you ever wanted to create your very own style website, ClassiPress gives you the opportunity without killing your pockets. It gives you the SEO friendly system of WordPress and the power of WordPress! Quickly manage your own classified ad website with ClassiPress!

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  • have you built any sites with this theme? i actually have a friend who is looking to build some type of cl-type site. thanks!

  • This looks like a great product and great concept. I do wonder though how you would go about handling disputes from customers. Especially if someone purchased something and then claimed it wasn’t what they thought it was or something along those lines.

    I’d want to be sure that I couldn’t not be held liable as the site owner for these types of issues. However I guess that’s what a terms and conditions statement is for.

    I’m definitely going to check this product out, Thanks.

  • Ian

    > ms danielle
    I have it and I am using it on a site. trying to grow it actually. the theme is pretty much straight forward – listing the most newly added on top

  • This is very cool. This is way better then most of the job board scripts that are out right now. I might think about integrating this on my site

  • What a nice theme.

    I was looking for a theme to create a brazilian stuff classified and I think this will be perfect.

  • Thank you Ian for the review.

    You could create a page for the TOS and specify that you are not liable for anything sold there.

    If you have any questions about the theme I can answer them for you.

  • Roger Sanjay

    what do you think of this also:

  • :)) you mean what do we think besides the fact that its actually still my theme, right?

  • Roger Sanjay

    its not your theme. you don’t have copyright on website ideas.
    you are not the only one that knows to code wordpress

  • WHOA! I just peeked at the demo, this theme looks sick! Simple but effective… now what do I want to sell…

  • This is cool theme for wordpress. It like same a forum.

  • It like same a not your theme. you donâ??t have copyright on website ideas.

  • Markus Jordy

    Classipress is nice but has a new version, and its simply great, lots of new features, plus you can have blog articles along with the ads

  • Theme i like most, who ever is owner or created seems very cool theme.

  • Thanks for this tool, looks very useful.

  • nes from sitemile, the classified theme for wordpress has been just updated: v4.1 now

  • Classipress is great – especially when coupled with the auction2post plugin. It can help get your classified site going by populating the site w/ relevant eBay auctions.

  • The newest version has been totally redesigned and is even more robust than the last. While other “developers” are still trying to emulate older versions, CP continues to move forward.

    Follow ClassiPress release updates on twitter at

  • thanks personel

  • I am running Classipress 3.0.4 and love it. Easy enough to set up and lots of goodies are pre-packaged. Now, I just need visitors.

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  • Calnew12

    Maybe I’m missing something but to me this is not as advertised

    I bought this theme in hopes of creating craigslist style ad site. It was quickly abandon because it lack everything need to create craigslist style site. Just for starters.One would need to create 3000+ Category just to post items buy State/City
    e.g. there would have to be 1 category for USA then 1 sub category for the state of NY then 25 subcategory under that for cities. so imagine having to do this for ever place in the world.

  • Anonymous

    you are right, it does give you the structure to create a craigslist site. but you do have to add in the cities yourself. functionality it does work just like craigslist.

  • mansajally

    This sounds cool, I would love to try it.

  • murali

    It lacks one feature though. How can we add multiple cities to it. For any classified City based search is important…but it lacks it. Is there a way to add city ?

  • Carlos

    Hello, I have a question. Can I edit the theme code so everything is on spanish? I want to start a spanish selling site and I would like it to say “Vender” Instead of “Sell”. Thanks! 😀

  • Ed

    these days everyone accesses sites via smartphone, how can I make it smartphone compatible for people to post and read ads? please advise. Can anyone set this up for me? I am willing to pay, email me at Thanks

  • Tyger Lanier

    Curious to know if the theme is built to handle the buddy press pluggin, can sellers sell digital downloads, embed a video or player to the ad and also does it have color preferences for us to choose from