1and1 Sucks, Worst Web Hosting and Support Ever!


Pass couple days I have been having issues with my first hosting company I have dealt with when  decided to join the online marketing space. Yes I admit it, I joined 1and1 in the beginning of my online marketing career. The reason is because it was cheap and I didn’t know nothing about hosting and databases and stuff.

Now that I have my own dedicated and own several domains and online sites, I am very familiar with all this tech stuff now. Recently I have been cleaning out old domains and notice I got billed for 1and1 hosting service, which I do not use because I have my own dedi, thanks to WiredTree!

So I called them up and got my hosting plan changed and got approved for refund on some of the hosting packages that I had. I downloaded my invoice reversals as reference. This way I have a history of all my orders and reversals that took place. I am now currently on a domain basis with their system. I may even start transferring all my domains over soon – argh the hassle!

Now that I came back from Miami, I started to go through my monthly statements and all paperwork and that business stuff. I noticed that I did not get refunded from 1and1, so I called them. They said it was processed, they are technically right because I see the invoices in my 1and1 dashboard.

… but I do not see it in my PayPal account or even bank statements.

I called again and even started an email customer service. I argued that I was not able to track it, they told me it was reversed on such and such dates. I double check my monthly statements on those specific dates for the exact amount they refunded. I couldn’t find anything from 1and1 in any of my statements!

I called again and they gave me a transaction ID which I can provide to paypal. The worst part is they gave me a non traditional paypal transaction ID. I called paypal up and they too were not able to find the transaction from 1and1, they emailed them about this.

I also emailed 1and1 about this as well and I hope to hear from 1and1 soon about this issue. Even though it isn’t worth the XX amount to continue to pursue, but htis is for the noobs that want to find cheap hosting – DO NOT GO WITH 1and1!

I admit I started with them because the pricing it looked good. But their system sucks because of the following reasons:

  1. Interface is clumsy
  2. No Cpanel
  3. 24 hours to register a sub domain!
  4. 24 hours to register a domain!
  5. 24 hours to create and propagate a Database!
  6. Support sucks so much!

Once you start becoming successful online, you will want to upgrade your site to a better hosting company and you will be confused because you are not use to cpanel, or the db wizard etc. I advise to use another hosting and domain registrar company like NameCheap. I used BlueHost for a while before I got my dedicated. They have cpanel and a faster registration period than 1and1.

I strongly suggests to stay away from 1and1. Their support is useless and their service isn’t all that. The fact that it takes a while to register a sub domain on a domain you already own just boggles me. Sometimes cheap doesn’t always mean good quality. It does look attractive if you are starting out but do not make the mistake I made because I am paying for it now.

Their packages looks good too, but again do not fall for it. It is just a way to get people who needs hosting for cheap without really understanding the consequences. Stay far away, far far away.


I am annoyed with 1and1!

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  • n00b

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    I though my comment was useful.


  • @ Earl Grey

    I don’t understand your comment. To whom were you calling a noob? (1and1 or Ian)

  • I started with 1and1 a long time ago. I moved my hosting to another company because they didn’t have 24/7 live customer support and it felt like they just kept billing me. You are right about the interface, it is clumsy and non-user friendly. The only thing they are good for is parking domains.

  • I 100% agree with you Ian 1&1 is by far the worst hosting & domain service out there I had to play tons of games with them. Support is the worst. I love bluehost & hostgator far better hosting.

  • Consider this a lesson to read hosting reviews before putting your business in a company’s hands. My first web host was also extremely horrible (ixwebhosting). I had so many headaches and stress dealing with them over the years. Unfortunately it seems that 95% of the web hosts out there simply don’t know what they’re doing. So be sure to take the time to pick a web host that you can actually rely on.

  • Yes, you really have to be careful before you go with a hosting service. It’s almost like selecting a babysitter where you have to check references, past history, etc. Hope you’re able to find a better host.

  • This is exactly what I tell everyone! 1&1 are scammers in my opinion. They raise prices AFTER you made a contract with them.

  • 1and1 really sucks on customer service – they have a female robot who can only churn out the same old rubbish – give me a human being please…!

  • I had my own nightmare with 1and1’s terrible support and I will be transferring all of my registered domain names from them as soon as possible. I would gladly pay double what I had to register them if I had known I would find myself unable to actually use the domain names as I could with almost any other registrar. Completely useless support.

  • I’ve never actually used 1 and 1 hosting, good thing I did stay away from it, but I did start out with Godaddy but now I’ve got my own server and loving it! 😀

    Till then,


  • Are you planning on switching over registrars? Or once ur on ur on?

  • Gosh! I TOTALLY agree with you.
    1&1 was also my first hosting company in 2003 and i know them from the time they started as ‘Schlund & Partner’. I also drove by their hq in germany some times which is about 3 hours away from where i live.
    I have NOTHING good to say about 1&1. It is slow, clumsy, the support costs you money and they keep you in line for minutes before someone finally responds to your request and they make it horribly difficult to cancel. They even billed me a year later for a service i was sure to have cancelled but ‘surprisingly’ i didn’t cancel the complete package, only part of it although i wanted to quit every service from 1&1. 1&1 in my opinion is a frauduct.
    I cannot say how dissatisfied i am with the ‘service’ they provide. Wait, ‘service’ & ‘1&1’ that’s like… an islamic pope. No, it’s like gravity has nothing to do with objects falling down. NO, it’s like nobody has ever been Rick Roll’d!
    Well one thing is good about 1&1: they are living, breathing example how to NOT run a company or provide service. Bro, was i reliefed when i finally got out of my contract with them.

  • I never had to deal with those guys and I hope I never will

  • Oh man, that is such a nightmare. but I hope the nightmare is over

  • I started with 1and1 a long time ago. 😉

  • some are really grabbing the opportunity of joining a company which they know its cheap. but then again, since they are cheap, they couldn’t help you well. i understand you. thanks for the info.

  • Johnny388

    1 and 1 makes me drink too much coffee. Every time I click on a button, I have to go make some more coffee before anything comes up. Absolutely useless.

  • Thurnok

    Well, it looks like I’ve been hit by the 1and1 SUCKS syndrome as well.
    I found out recently they were charging me every year for 3 different domains I transferred to them from another registrar (to try and consolidate my domains) where I had paid for several years in advance to the previous registrar (good up through 2014) yet 1and1 charged me for the past 6 years for each of those without increasing the expiration date.  Here’s their bullshit email response:————————————————–Dear customer,
    Thank you for contacting us.
    Our policy is that just because you purchase time at a differing registrar, we do not honor that time because it was paid to a different company other than us.  As such, even when the domain is not up for renewal, we charge the annual fee as provide the maintenance and dns management for it.
    If you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact us.
    –SincerelyChristopher Flagg1&1 Internet Inc.
    You can also contact us via phone at (877) 300-8316from 9am till 5pm EST Monday to Friday————————————————–
    These people are nothing more than crooks.  I’m cancelling my business account, and transferring all of my domains away from them today!

  • Alberto

    One domain was not renewed automatically.
    So once I receive the cancelation email I proptly renew it.
    I have three days waiting for that domain to be reactivated and nothing.
    It is directed to a parked domain revenue program.
    Each email from the is worst than the other.

  • Jduprey179

    Finally a place I can vent about 1and1. Why I decided to use 1and1 when Im so familiar with tons of other webhosting companies and actually have accounts with 3 other at the moment i have no idea. I F***** hate them, i dont understand who runs that company and what braindead IT guy manages the servers. ITS crazy how it times out after 2,000 insert statements “the server has gone away” but on blue hosting i can copy and paste 20,000 insert statemtns and it runs perfectly fine!! even much more than that!! I’ve been programming for many many years and I am positive  am not doing a single thing wrong. Theres a special place in H*** for the people that work at 1and1

  • Vicktor

    Please embed mt 1and1 video review onto your site:  

  • Tim Maxey

    Yes they do suck. Cloud hosting sucks, support sucks, our server was down for 24 hours! That’s retarded!

  • Angel Rondon

    Sorry my friend I can’t agree with you, my experience is 24 minutes for subdomains, 1 hour for domains, 2 minutes for database,

    I agree in some points, they haven’t cpanel, that because they are end user oriented, if you are professional get a dedicated server or cloud, not the cheap hosting package. Then instal Plesk Panel.

    They have 24/7 support but, not for administrative issue like billing, payment, or administrative downtime because of payment fails. Something that happens some time, I use to make payments 4 weeks after they send the invoice because they gave 14 days to get paid so I call them on day 13, and get extra time some times because after payment fails they gave us another 14 days to pay. But at the end if they shutdown my service on weekend I were downtime till Monday because the haven’t any accountant representative on Sunday or Saturday.

    Some guys has transfer to 1and1 domains they paid in advantage to others registrant, so I simple question? Did you buy any product in IKEA, Dell or BMW, then go to Walmart, HP or Hyundai with your product so ask them for warranty, support of maintenance they will give you the bill at the end of the day.

    Recently  i cancel a part of my package i wasn’t use for months, look what they then just 24 hours after that.

    Your credit note #2020014xxxxx of 09/10/2012
    Invoice Summary (1&1 Business)
    Total amount due $ -7.73

    Some of your post are non-consistence.

    Guys doble check your complaints so come back with some proof.

    They had some weak, advantage and others inconvenient as well, but at the end this is a serious business if you did not agree go to another place but, don’t say anything at all.

  • Kal

    My experience:
    I have used and also currently using several hosting companies, experience with the Namecheap is worst of all. I use reseller plan and host 6 websites.
    Their servers are down almost daily for 30 min or more, maximum downtime has been more than 24 hours!!!
    Their 99% uptime guarantee is total BS. If needed I can and will provide proof.
    Once again – Namecheap hosting service is not worth your time or money – just DO NOT use this crap

  • Barsoj Malinovsky

    I purchased the hosting and domain and cancelled it after it year. Should be straight forward right? Guess again.
    I transferred my domain and hosting elsewhere. One month after I left I received an email to invoice me for Instant Domain Package. Billing point was 28th of Feb and invoice was dated 1st of March. I left and got my cancellation confirmed on 4th of February. THEY TOOK THE MONEY FROM MY ACCOUNT. Keep in mind that at this point I received the cancellation email from them, and no services were being provided by 1&1. Nothing. The reasons I was given:

    1. INVOICE IS GENERATED AUTOMATICALLY I asked for what? There is no service to be charged for. So I was given another reason:

    2. INVOICE HAS BEEN DELAYED They couldn’t explain why, other than “there was a mistake which caused it to be delayed”

    3. YOUR ACCOUNT NEEDS TO BE FURTHER CLOSED Wft!!!???? So i asked to be transferred to further close my account. How can you close something twice. “Further close” what is that??! Guy I spoke to said “your money has been refunded and I already apologized. What else do you want me to do!?” I wanted assurance that 1&1 will not deep into my account whenever they’ll feel like it. Apparently his word had to do.


    They took it because they could. Contacting these geniuses, you will get any answer to get you off the phone. You will hear lots of “I’m sorry” “I understand your frustration” and “I apologize for the inconvenience” and “I understand your concerns”.

    There is a lot of hosting and domain service providers out there, who are much easier to be reached when needed and more importantly they will be consistent in information and customer service. 1&1 takes its customers for granted and if they mess up it’s up to us to spend hours on the phone, chasing them down and getting your day totally ruined by either agent sitting behind the desk somewhere in Asia; or you’ll get a local who will patronize the s**t out of you, acting like he/she has just done the biggest favor in the world. One more thing: you will be receiving lots of promotional emails after you’ll leave and they will not stop. I clicked unsubscribe link many many times and they kept on coming.

    1&1 is the biggest headache in this industry. Stay away and you will keep your sanity. There are different companies out there who would do much much much better job than 1&1. It’s almost impossible to do worse than them.