700 Clicks and My Simple Basic Mistake


It’s Tuesday and I did this video yesterday. So the video is gon to say Monday, so that is that. I complained I got 700 clicks and didn’t get any results. Well the reason is simple, I didn’t double check! When it comes to upgrades and changes, you think everything should be good to go. That may be the case but you should make sure to double check and make sure to test it first for yourself.

With many changes and upgrades with WordPress, Prosper202, and other tools you use that require upgrades and updates – you want to check if everything is still functional because if it isn’t you are going to lose money. It was my own fault that I spent the money and didn’t see any returns because I didn’t check.

Checking the upgrades and updates you do will assure your own success.


Again, this weekend – 700 clicks with no conversions really got to me and I didn’t even bother to pause it and check it this weekend, hoping it would be just a minor issue. Come Monday I was just now curious as to why nothing converted and not even a click within the lander.

Found out my lander was just showing half the site… sighs.

The reason for this was the upgrade to WordPress 3 and it wasn’t pulling the content from the database at all – took me an hour to figure out why it wasn’t pulling the content. I fixed it and now the lander is back in business!

Lesson learned – check everything and check your upgrade changes, making sure everything is working the way it needs to be.

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  • Its a pity how simple things can change what we deserve the most.

  • Really sorry to hear about the error you had Ian, this just goes to show, that even the pros and experts can sometimes make mistakes. The only good thing is hopefully you and others can learn from the experience, and make sure not to repeat it.

    Till then,


  • Yeah same happened to us some time ago on a blog.
    Double checking things since then to make sure everything is ok

  • Oh it is so frustrating when simple errors like that happen. I’ve not had too many running my blogs but I made basic mistakes all the time when I ran my internet radio station. lol

  • eh 700 clicks? whats that like 300 bucks if that… you’ll live!

  • Upgrade horrors indeed! And sometimes testing takes up some time.

  • I haven’t upgraded yet to 3.0, because it is still full of bugs. The one you’ve experienced might be one of those bugs. But come 3.1, I will surely upgrade. And as per your advice, check everything! Thank you.

  • …smh I thought I was careless. Wz up Ian we love you!

  • Yeah same happened to us some time ago on a blog.

  • Man, that really sucks. Lesson learned. I’ll try not to do that.

  • I have had a similar problem happen to me in the past.My site was displaying correctly but the affiliate link was broken so the visitors were not being sent to the correct page. Since then I always double check that’s for sure. A small mistake can cost time and money!

  • Really good tip, thanks for sharing your insight. 🙂

  • First i read your post and i thought that you were kidding. I already know how affiliate marketing works, just want advanced tips and tactics so I need to know exactly how experienced they are, that’s all and to see if their membership can benefit me exclusively. Keep updating like that, awaiting for your next post.

  • Unlucky, I hate it when this happens. The worst thing is you can still overlook things even after you triple check.

  • Really sorry to hear about the error you had Ian, this just goes to show, that even the pros and experts can sometimes make mistakes.

  • The problem with the upgrade is that you have to check it every time. You have to make a habit of double checking everything.

  • That sucks that you did not check sooner but at least you checked so thats good that you caught it so soon.