Affiliate Summit Twenty Ten: Day One


First day of affiliate summit turned out to be a great day. It started out with the meet market which turned out to be a good event except I found that there was 2 rooms in which I didn’t think that made sense. I assumed they are trying to fix the traffic issue from the past Summits but I think the way they organized it was way more messy.

Well anyways the meet market turned out to be a good venue. I talked to several new users on their services and I found one that was really interesting. I met up with a bunch of people and found new people as well. It was a best way to meetup with everyone in the industry. I actually enjoyed meeting a bunch of new people and readers.

As well as close friends in the industry.

After the meet market I headed out to have lunch with Cashtactics, Benny, and Bloosky. We went to a sushi place at the Cesar Palace and it was some good food. Benny on the other hand was super lost on what he wanted to order. I want to thank Naomi from Bloosky for taking us out to lunch yesterday.

While at Ceasar’s Palace I was a tourist and found a ‘person’ that was doing the international Ian Fernando pimp point. I had to do something about it and I just too a picture with him.

After touring with Bloosky and just chillin we headed back to the Rio and I was dead tired and I just went back to the meet market to see what else was going on and just decided to just go back to the Rio. I charged my iPhone for the 3rd time that day I think and just relaxed till the IANteract Dinner.

This IANteract dinner of 2010 was held at Craftsteak in Las Vegas. The food there was amazing. We had some issues in the beginning but it all worked out and want to thank the staff at Craftsteak for resolving the issue in a timely manner.

The food was amazing good and definitely a great mix of flavors. The selection Ryan and I had chosen was amazing from start to finish and again Craftsteak was definitely the place to have a great steak.

The dinner was sponsored by Elite Clicks Media. I want to thank Elite Clicks Media for sponsoring the dinner and it turned out to be an amazing event with great networking and just talking about the industry.

After the dinner went out to the party and yes it was the jumpoff. I met a bunch of twitter followers and readers of the blog. It was great talking to everyone. I hope to re meetup with them later and continue our conversation in a more quite environment.

After the party I was hella tired I just headed back to bed. Today will be more of a fun day and I have a lot planned already.

Until the next post of Affiliate Summit West Twenty Ten edition.

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  • Good stuff Ian.

    Can’t wait to see the huge upload of pictures when you’re back home and relaxed.

  • Looks like you are having fun as usual Ian, I wish was there!

    Till then,


  • Affiliate summit seems quite successful. Good snap with Statue, m sure it gone be rocking summit.

  • Looks like you had a blast as always. Being such a recognizable face in this industry, you must keep very busy at these kinds of events. I’m sure there were a ton of people who wanted 10 minutes of your time to pitch something or ask questions.

  • Looks like you had an awesome time at the Affiliate Summit! It’s a good chance to connect and interact with new people in the industry which you seem to do very well.

    By the way – the “international Ian Fernando pimp point” looks very cool.

  • Good Times Ian!!! It’s always a lot of fun & a pleasure!! Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Seems that you have a lot of fun there Ian! Don’t forget to take more photo in Affiliate Summit and share it with us, and tell us who (any big guy) you met over there.


  • Hey!!! Where’s the picture we took?

  • Ass I see You have fun! 🙂 For the next time I will be there 🙂

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    By the way – the “international Ian Fernando pimp point” looks very cool.

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  • thanks for sharing

  • Hey!!! Where’s the picture we took?
    ehehe eheh e 🙂

  • Ambalaj

    thanks for sharing