Build Your Niche Before the Holidays!


If you have been following this blog since the beginning of time, then you know I was highly concentrated in the eBay affiliate program. I utilize a script called Build a Niche Store and it has been since obsolete. There has been a lot of newer scripts out there that has been creating niches sites base on the traditional CPS model.

With the holidays coming up, it is that time where you can easily profit in 3 months. If you are getting started in the affiliate marketing space, then maybe you can start out with niche stores. These niche stores are fully automated, there is some setting up but other than that it is fully automated.

One that I have just played with is Keywords to Website. This is a WordPress plugin is so amazing! It pulls content, google keywords, ebay items, cj items, linkshare items, etc – it does a bunch of things! One aspect about this plugin is it pulls in content. Not content that you can read but interactive content form YouTube!

Usually when it comes to sites like these niche e commerce affiliate sites you need to wrap it around content. Well Keywords to Website pulls in questions from Yahoo Answers to give you that content. It pulls in news from Google News, images from Bing, it just does a lot. In Keywords to Website, it is called modules.

These modules can be organized by display location, giving maybe the Youtube module over the Amazon items. It is customizable. The only work you have to do with this plugin is actually sign up for the API keys from eBay, Amazon, Bing Images, LinkShare, CJ, etc. Once you sign up, you get to access the network via API and this is how this plugin works perfectly for you.

The layouts are very simple, this is the only downside. Then again I also created custom designs for my Build a Niche Store back in the day. It comes with 3 themes which can be customizable, but if you want something more branded definitely get a designer. Keywords to Website is one of the more powerful plugins I have seen for niche stores.

Another one I would like to discuss is Niche Site Platform, this platform is more closely related to Build a Niche Store but also has more versatility. This is a self hosted script – meaning it does not use the WordPress platform. It also has 2 additional networks that Keywords to Website does not have, and

This whole script is also a CMS, content management platform. You can add content within their interface. There is no content retrieval like Keywords to Website, but this platform seems more ‘strong’ it has a very clean back end and even provides you with really nice templates.

This also uses API calls from the networks to access the products and pulls them into your website. WIth Niche Site Platform you can control some display options and make it look more like it is part of your site. There are more options within the backend with NSP and you can control the design from their CMS interface as well.

Both of these scripts has their benefits and they both serve the same purpose, create websites from merchants and aggregates them into one domain or website. One has more options and versatility while another has a cleaner interface. It depends what you are looking for.

Again both has a purpose to aggregate merchant offers into one location to make it easier for the end user decide and buy. These scripts are great for this month and the next 2 months coming up! So decide and see which one will be better.

OBTW – if you are purchasing Keywords to Website use coupon code “ian” and get $20 off!

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  • glad you are enjoying keywords to websites. about the templates: because the site is built on wordpress, any of the thousands of templates available for wordpress can be used. The ones that come with the program are optimized to get clicks 😉

    lots more coming updates coming soon.


  • im thinking of keyword ideas , about what ppl may be looking to gift to their friends


  • Great, I will try this out, its something Ive been looking for let you guys know how it works out!

  • The holidays is always a good time to make some nice moola online, especially from the niche sites. Yep bans is no more but these alternatives look pretty good.

  • Hey Ian, I certainly remember those early days where you had your ebay Niche stores, it’s amazing how the landscape has changed since that time. This particular niche buiding system sounds pretty legit to me, love how it uses wordpress like that, talking about the Keywords to Website plugin. 🙂

    Till then,


  • Excellent post.I want to thank you for this informative read, I really appreciate sharing this great post. Keep up your work.

  • That sounds like a great plugin. I have affiliate websites that display product feeds, but I had it all custom programmed. It would be nice to be able to just use a plugin to accomplish all that.

  • I am not really utilizing affiliates on my blog. Just trying with CB first on banners. Trying out luck with current rate of traffic. Will try to utilize the above plugin if there is any luck. Thanks for this great share.

  • q: why do the demo sites look whack?

    My kid brother makes a better looking design in paint by microsoft..

    Why would i want amazon/yahoo answers/youtube/etc on one page?

    anyone have any answers?


  • Excellent work Ian.

    Thank you for enriching our knowledge and thoughts.


  • Keywords to Website sounds a bit similar to WP Robot, I think wp robot is more powerful. It also pulls in text content and all kinds of stuff.

    Most likely Keywords to Website would be at a nicer price than wp robot. Might take a look at Keywords To Website, cause I’ve never heard of it in the past.