Clickbooth Bothered Me at Home to Get My Secret Sauce


Recently I did a skype/video interview with Eric from Clickbooth. With all the buzz about Facebook ads, Eric conducted an interview and pressured me with some intense questions. With his intense questions, he asked his peers on twitter and Facebook to try and stump me. It was a fun interview and Eric is just the character.

Here are the videos on Youtube, there are 2 parts. I honestly didn’t know we talked for this long. It was an informative interview I can say that much. In the end Eric decided to throw in a slider and give you guys a discount. You will have to get the discount here.

So watch below it is a pretty lengthy interview, again didn’t know I was talking that long. Eric should have told me to shut my yap but instead he let me chatter away some quality information on Facebook ads.


Part 2 below…


I think I need to get a new web cam as well. Recommendations?

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  • I like the way those vids were put together. It made it a lot easier to follow along, and they were really insightful. I’m sure many people will appreciate the discount.

  • I do agree with you on the fact that collecting data is very important. It might cost a little to learn but the major thing here to recognize is that you are LEARNING.. I really think that the Facebook platform has great potential and we are still in the beginning of what is to come from Facebook Ads.. Great interview.

  • Ian,

    Justed checked out Facebook Ads Manager on Thanks for the advice once again!

    Brian @

  • It is great to see you getting interviewed, and having so much wisdom to dispense. It only serves to cement your authority, so don’t be apologetic about the fact that you had so much to say, Fernando. I look forward to more, and keep up the good work, its highly appreciated!

  • Both videos are somewhat long but the more we hear from you, the better. We benefit 🙂

  • Loved the title Ian. Great job sharing so much advice about facebook ads. It sounds like you are quite the fb advertising master. There must be so much more quality advice in Infinite FB.

  • thanks for sharing – i thought the video’s were fantastic. Good to hear so much great info on Facebook advertising.

  • Do you think that the whole Facebook hype wave taking over every guru is a little overrated?

    I probably get 95% of all of my AF campaign ads rejected on Facebook. Combine that with everyone running to it like it’s adwords I can’t say I’m as in love with it as I was when it first came out in it’s spartan form and I was banned from it the first time…