FIRST! … at the NEW Clickbooth Campus


When I visited Eric at the Clickbooth office, I was invited to get a sneak peak of the brand new campus. It was a crazy day of just having fun an a brand new building. It had that new building smell to it. The unique part is the fact they have two big buildings. It was a nice day in Sarasota that we decided to do a Youtube Hollywood clip.

Below is the video we did at the new building. It took months to prep up for this part and a lot of acting practice. But I think I held it down and I did my thing. I am hoping to appear at the Grammy’s next year for “Best Affiliate Actor”.



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  • Wow, you two have got potential to make it in L.A. if this online gig doesn’t pan out.

    I’m headed to Sarasota next week. I’m sure Eric will have his “social media office” all set up by then.

    – Brian

  • Wow! it is pretty cool awesome

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  • I must say that is one very cool campus which you got a tour around. Haha I like the smell of new buildings too – it’s refreshing!

  • Looks like a very neat campus and surroundings. Wouldn’t mind working in a place like that. 🙂

    Till then,


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  • It looks like you guys had way too much fun making this video. I guess they had to have some fun in this new building before the real work begins.

  • Oh wow, pretty awesome…

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    Looks like a very neat campus and surroundings.

  • Congratulation clickbooth. Wish you the best to be one of the successful ads media. Hope this expansion will lead to your best services.

  • Great presentation and interview! Nice watching your video Ian.

  • This is a well presented video within a great surrounding. Good job