Forget Split Testing… Hulu Your Traffic


When it comes to marketing online you need to test and test. You have to test repeatedly. Sometimes you do not know what to test. How can you find out what to test without knowing. Well that is the hardest part, you have to test everything! To make my life a little easier I use a web analytic system that is a must to have when doing anytime of marketing analysis.

I use Clicktale. Clicktale allows you to see every mouse movement and every click in action. It is just like having a Hulu vision of your traffic. Watching your traffic and how they react to multiple aspects of your website or landing page. It is like being on the other side of a double sided mirror and just watching your traffic do what they do naturally.

The best part is you get to analyze the traffic in real time and see how they react. What are they reacting to, why are they rapidly leaving, why are they on the page so long, etc.

The best part of this system is the fact that you get to understand mouse movements, which is the most powerful aspect of Clicktale. Watching how a user reacts with their mouse is critical because you get to understand what they are doing. You then start asking yourself questions like…

  • Why are they right clicking on empty space
  • Why are they left clicking on images
  • Why are they highlighting text
  • Why are they rapidly browsing through the site
  • …etc

There are so many questions that goes through your head when you are watching your traffic. But you don’t want to watch every single one. You want to just randomly watch users at certain times… but that is another post.

Clicktale is also not just a mouse movement analytic software. They have heatmaps, showing you the parts of your webpages which users stay on the longest. This tells you they are reading the content or watching the video. They have a clickheat as well, which shows you where the most clicks are happening. This helps you with your determination and placements of call to action buttons.

Having a web analytic that can tell you what your users are doing is very powerful because it helps you determine what to adjust on your landing page or website. If you have an ecommerce website, you can figure out your shopping cart funnel. One of the most and highest drop offs is when users are about to pay. They just drop off and reconsider their thought.

With a web analytic that can show you what the users are thinking then you can make an educated guess to a small change to help improve shopping cart success.

With affiliate marketing, you can see how your users are reacting to your landing pages or mini sites. Does it work best if you call to action is on the left or right? Maybe it is better to have it center view for your traffic? It all depends on how your traffic reacts.

With Clicktale it can get addicting watching how your traffic reacts to your website or landing page. So try not ot waste too much time with this system. I use it for my landing pages and web services that I have. It has helped me improve my web design base on the information Clicktale provides to me, whether it be mouse movements, heatmaps or link popularity.

If you want to improve the quality and flow of your website or landing page definitely check Clicktale out to decipher what your audience wants!

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  • I’m looking into picking up an analytics software like clicktale… but I’ve also heard alot of good things about Crazy Egg. Any word on which is a better fit for LP/mini-site analytics?

    P.S. – Baby Slings… you alright bro?

  • Ian

    crazy egg is a heatmap system with click ratio, which clicktale has as well. so you can almost say clicktale has more feature than crazy egg.

  • IĆ¢??ve also heard alot of good things about Crazy Egg. Any word on which is a better fit for LP/mini-site analytics?

  • Oh wow, had no idea something like this existed, thanks for the heads up

  • Clicktale looks really impressive. Until now Ive used two systems, one caled HippoJaw, the other being Google Analytics. I find Google Analytics fantastic but probably not as comprehensive as clicktale…

  • Ther are more of these tools coming out now, click tale looks good but how would you rate it over crazy egg? I love the fact that it records videos which is pretty cool, bit exspensive though.

  • i’ve been also using this tool and it’s really great. perfect.

  • Are there any alternatives to clicktale with at least the same features?

  • Clicktale seems to offer many features. Think I am going to give it a spin!

  • Clicktale DOES look useful. Hope I don’t get caught up in it