Grab an ASE Silver Pass by Saying How Cool I am


After all my travels and being in California… (I still have to write about the Magic Bullet Seminar as well). My buddy, Kris from Cashtactics invited me to speak on a panel with him, David of PPV Playbook, and Corey of AffPortal to discuss about PPV strategies and marketing.

Being on a panel who specializes in PPV Training and PPV Tools is just an awe in itself.

If you already have not heard about the noise about Affiliate Summit, its the conference to be at especially if you are an affiliate marketer or want to get into the affiliate/marketing space. I talked about Affiliate Summit all the time and I have been to every single one since my first one in Vegas.

This year it will be held in New York, just right around the corner of New Jersey.

Anyways, being on a panel with these guys will be awesome, David and Corey are doing a great job in expanding the PPV community and helping others with PPV marketing. With a panel with users already doing PPV marketing, this will be an awesome and controversial session.

…anyways… How can you get your free silver pass to Affiliate Summit? Simple – Vote for our panel.

>> Vote for Affiliate Summit East 2010: Pay Per View Traffic and Techniques

  1. Visit the link above
  2. Click the UP arrow
  3. Leave a comment on the voting page saying how Kris, David, Corey, or I have helped you or why you want to attend affiliate summit.

Pretty simple. When the voting for the sessions are close – Kris, David, Corey and I will go over and decide who will get 1 of the 3 silver passes we are giving away. So it is fairly simple, you vote, say how cool I am, randomly win a silver pass for ASE.

So just click the link above and vote for a chance to win a Silver pass for Affiliate Summit East 2010!

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  • Ian you don’t need contests and prizes for us to tell you how cool you are 🙂
    Congrats on being invited to be on the PPV panel. I’m sure you’ll have plenty of good tips to share.

  • I second that! You exude coolness automatically. 😉 Hearty congrats on on getting to be in the panel. Knock ’em off their feet.

    Till then,


  • I heard that the Affiliate Summit is the place to be if you are into affiliate marketing, hopefully one day I will make it to one. Good luck to you Ian and your panel. PPV is new to me and is something I need to learn more about. 🙂

  • Ian

    try to win a silver pass… you can definitely get a chance to win and you will love and enjoy ASE! I have and never missed one since my first one

  • You have been providing great value to us. I will definitely vote for you guys after this comment.

    Well Done

  • No problem to vote, even without an incentive. Keep going.

  • Yeah I think that you are cool as well. No questions asked . Very well done to this achievement!!:):):)

  • I live in California and I love it. I am going to try and win the silver pass just watch.

    thank buddy.

  • This is pretty Sweet Ian, I will definitely Up this article for you, I live around the area so for me it will be a pretty great opportunity. If I don’t get it that’s cool too, I appreciate the opportunity =D

  • This is yet another reminder that I need to get off my ass and attend one of these events soon. It seems like it would be just the boost my web business needs to really get going.

  • Awesome…count me in too!

  • I’m on my way to vote for you Ian. I watched your video yesterday – you’re a great speaker so the panel will be awesome for sure. If I am lucky enough to win the pass please give it to someone who really WANTS it & will be there. I’ll be in the blogger lounge 🙂

  • I heard that the Affiliate Summit is the place to be if you are into affiliate marketing, hopefully one day I will make it to one

  • I want to be there Ian:) I wish i could be there.

  • Many congratulation on invited for panel. You are really a great speaker and you deserve it. You are very lucky.
    I saw your video and that was awesome.

  • how i wish, I can go there

  • Yeah I think that you are cool as well. 😉