How to Track Your eMail Optins with Prosper202


As you know I have been expanding my online portfolio… and it seems everyone else is doing the same. Lately I have built a new CPS site and I have been aggressive building a list for that niche.  The problem is I couldn’t look at my spending and see if my spending for traffic was worth the conversions for my email optins.

I was trying to think of a way to track my email conversions. Aweber has their own internal system but doesn’t give me a dollar amount for my email leads I captured. So I had to think of a way to try to utilize or even find something that was out there that can do this.

..duh.. Prosper202!

I showed you how to track your info products or digital products with Prosper202, so today I’ll show you how to track email conversions with P202. The concept is very easy to see because prosper is a click analytic tool. It has grown to be such a powerful PPC analytic tool that no one really thinks to use it in a different way.

Let’s get started… Personally I use Aweber as my email autoresponder… so this tutorial will be using aweber, but the concept will be similar to any email auto responder you use.

Here are the steps…

  1. Create your eMail Squeeze Page
  2. Place P202 Pixel in the welcome email

Simple and done!

Obviously it is important to create a squeeze page template to capture your leads. It can be something very simple from utilizing the aweber custom interface to create your own. You can use templates that are on the internet, I suggests Squeeze Theme which is a WordPress plugin which automatically turns WordPress into a squeeze page.

Now with your Squeeze page done, you need to turn it into a prosper202 redirect. Since this instance is capturing a lead, we will use the squeeze page you just made as the offer. So create the offer as you would via Prosper202, (#3 Affiliate Campaign). Enter your details in the options that are given.

To append a subid without messing up your url, just append a ? at the end of your URL. So it will look like

Once that is done all you need now is your link, just skip over to #7 and grab your tracking link. This is basically your redirect or tracking link. It will track how many clicks you have sent to your squeeze page with whatever traffic source you are throwing at it.

Now the next part is tracking the conversions. In aweber once you go through the long process of creating a damn email form campaign, you need to create your welcome message. In the HTML SOURCE of the welcome email simply copy your pixel code from Prosper202 (#8 Get Postback/Pixel).

Simply just copy the pixel (secured or unsecured) and paste it at the bottom of your HTML message.

<img height=”1″ width=”1″ border=”0″ style=”display: none;” src=””/>

The reason why I do the welcome message instead of the first optin is because they are finally a lead of mine. So it makes sense to track the actual leads that are part of your email campaign and not just people who sign up and never complete the 2nd optin. So that is how you track your leads, the only question left is how can I relate my spending to my own email conversions.

Another way to track and I think which is more accurate is to place the pixel on the confirmation page. Within Aweber, you provide a confirmation link when the USER clicks on the confirmation link. Once the user confirms their subscription, they are then redirected to your ‘thanks you page’ or ‘welcome page’.

Within this page is where you would place your pixel. This should be more accurate because the user does not even have to open their welcome email. Once the user confirms their optin and is redirected to the thank you page, your pixel will fire and should be tracked via Prosper202.

While most network email submits range from 1.10 to 2.45 (my experience) you can give a default value to start off. Once you start converting your own leads, you will want to take your actual spend and divide it by the amount of leads you captured, which should give you a value per click.

Some things to note…

  • The value per click will vary from traffic source to traffic source, unless you want to do overall.
  • The pixel will fire only if the email will be opened.
  • If the users use Thunderbird or any email client which stops images from loading then it will not fire the pixel and the conversions will be off.
  • If you are tracking via a ‘thank you page’ make sure the page is unique. If it is easily found, the pixel can fire by mistake without the user actually registering.

This should help you with your list building campaign and see if you are spending the right amount of money in the right places.

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  • Did you see my last Tweet? It’s so crazy that you posted this.

    Email Tracking is so sketchy. All these Read Receipt services, email services (aWeber, Campaign Monitor, etc.), and even Prosper202 use a tracking pixel as you stated.

    Thunderbird is not the only one that blocks images from loading. Services like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, etc. do the same thing i.e. “Display images below”. Users have to actually “allow” said image to display.

    I have been struggling with this for a while and I think I may have finally found a better solution. Check out my last Tweet.

  • Ian

    yea that is def a good point… when I was tracking I was trying to think away around this… the anchor text you stated it needs to be clicked on?

  • Thanks for the post Ian. I’m actually working on building a few email lists right now!

  • Yeah, Ian. The user would need to take that action. Sadly it wouldn’t be automatic like with pixels.

  • Wow Ian, leave it to you to find an alternate use of P202.

    I can’t wait until the next release this spring/summer.

    aka PandaMarketer

  • p202 is great tool thanks for this post Ian will help me with my email lists.

  • D

    Nice post Ian,
    Just exactly what i’m looking for yesterday!

    I got a question,
    How could i track the the keyword as well that bring in the conversion on the merchant side?

    I’m not a techie but i was thinking is it possible for the keyword and subid to be parse from adword going through opt it -> sales page funnel -> merchant order confirmation page?

  • This is good, i was searching these for days.. Thanks for information..

  • I found the interface to be very simple and easy to understand. Well, except for one thing. When you enter the destination url, it says something like “you have to understand how subids work on your affiliate network or this won’t work.” Now I understand how subids work, but I didn’t quite see how to relate this to the destination url. I think they need to be a little more explicit or give an example.

    But other than that, the instructions were pretty clear. 🙂

    Till then,


  • Thanks for the post, Emails lists really helps my business.

  • i was searching these for days.. Thanks for information..

  • Wes

    Yeah, I like the thank you page method pixel fire. Hopefully in future versions of Prosper, they have email tracking nailed down all the way from the traffic source, to the optin, to the conversion. It would be nice to track individual email messages sent in prosper as well. I know you can do this with a few tweaks, but its still a little confusing getting an entire campaign flow painted that can really show you accurate information.

  • Now I understand how subids work, but I didn�t quite see how to relate this to the destination url. I think they need to be a little more explicit or give an example.

  • I know you can do this with a few tweaks, but its still a little confusing getting an entire campaign flow painted that can really show you accurate information.

  • Chris

    You the man! This is some high level marketing ish, thanks for sharing!!

  • i will try p202 later.. thank for sharing ian

  • Affiliate Noob

    Anyone figure a way to get around the issue of users not opening the email or choosing not to display images? I couldn’t find that link in Kiley’s tweet

  • Martin

    Hey Ian, what if you want to track with p202 which keyword have made the conversion/lead? In case I’m sending traffic from Bing?

  • Ian

    well the p202 link will have kw= so the keyword just appends to that url at the end.

    then you just got to your analytic in 202 to see what keywords ocnverted, you just need to make sure you have your pixel on either the thank you page or the email it self (open rate)

  • Doobus

    I’ve been turning the web upside down to find a solution like this. My only question is how does the url/keyword get passed to the pixel? The setup you laid out is easy to follow but I’m at a lost as to how this actually gets tracked. I plan on using this with PPV, will this still work?

    Also, just a thought wouldn’t using a single opt-in basically guarantee accurate tracking of opt-ins since you can just send them to the confirmation page once they hit submit? I know single opt-ins are looked down on, but is it really that bad?

  • Ian

    in that aspect it can work. single optin. double optins gives you better lead quality