Kajabi is Useless, 4 Products that Makes Up Kajabi


writing this late. I’m tired.

I just noticed all 4 of the ads on my Facebook wall have to deal with Kajabi. I sat and watch the 24 minute presentation, looks real interesting and looks like a solid product. It is technology like this that sells because it is easy and it is a push button system. I bet that even after this product does its pre-sell and all that other stuff, my own system is cheaper. Also, I met Andy Jenkins real cool guy.

Why, simple I did this with my own mini launch of Infinite FB and I didn’t use this Kajabi thing. I did however notice all the big launches and took into consideration that these methods work. So why recreate the wheel, I decided to simply just create the same exact process. The problem is how to do all this, I conceptually thought of the process and the funnel, but implementing was another thing.

Well if you can’t afford the price tag of Kajabi which is probably going to be a killer price. These are the tools I used that did what Kajabi did. It did require some work, like thinking on your own – but that is what you have to do.

Here are 4 scripts that you will need:

First you will need a squeeze page, it is obvious that you need to capture leads. There are 2 scripts that I use Squeeze Page Generator, Squeeze Theme, or Hot Video Squeeze Themes. You need to start capturing leads, I use both system base on the need I am in. Squeeze Page Generator has built in templates that actually work and is being used in the marketing space. While Squeeze Template is a drag and drop wordpress plugin catering to what you want your squeeze page to look like.

Both has it’s benefits. If you know code and can move some simple HTML stuff around thenΒ  Squeeze Page Generator is for you, if you don;t know any code, then Squeeze Theme it is!

Then you will need a theme that will show a video a the top and then comments for social proof. I use Product Launch WP Theme, amazing theme. It is very simple to use and implement. It is a top bar with 2 columns style theme. Obviously the top bar will have your video, the bottom columns have your comments and then the previous video series.

The best part about this theme is if they are on day 2, they see day 1 video and not day 1 – 5. So it keeps them on track! Very simple. The only work you have to do is implement your Facebook Social comment system yourself. It isn’t hard – yes it is work!

The next part is the membership part for your content. Another amazing wordpress system is WishList Member! It is one of the most powerful membership plugins out there. I currently run my own membership sites and wishlist is just an amazing system and gives you full control of the members and users and the community.

Lastly, WP Drip is friggin an amazing script! It drips content and it does it with ease! It only works with Wishlist but it is definitely worth having because it keep the retention rate! Which is what Kajabi main selling point is about, retention of users. Keeping users as customers. WP Drip definitely keep retention because it drips content base on dates of a post.

Kajabi talks about 5 aspects

  1. Technology Matters
  2. Professionalism Matters
  3. Retention is the New Conversion
  4. Stability Matters
  5. Speed Matters

Te 4 scripts I told you above, does each of these 5 reasons. Technology is important and it is the reason why so many great scripts are out there to help make your marketing experience online better.

The only thing you as a person will have to do out of the 5 reason is Professionalism and Stability. You decide if you want to spend money on a big server or cloud service and you should be testing your shopping cart anyways! Either or I doubt no big launches will be like Kern’s or Jenkins. So these sets of tools I mentioned will be what you need.

So lets add this all up:

  1. Squeeze Theme ($97)
  2. Product Launch Theme ($77)
  3. Wishlist Member ($97) or Unlimited License ($297)
  4. Wp Drip ($47)
  5. Minimum Total: $268
  6. Max Total: $518

Just to note, I have all of these products, because I use them on my own launches.

I bet Kajabi will cost more on launch. Kajabi looks like a great system, honestly I already did what Kajabi does with other scripts. It is easier to have everything in one system, but I do like having some sort of control on each aspect of my marketing. The fact is that I actually did my own research to copy a big launch strategy and I did it with my own research and outsourcing work.

But if you do have a big launch or anticipating, then Amazon Cloud is what you want to look at. I use it to run my videos so there is no ‘slow connections’ to my videos. My images load fast, my audio loads on point for my members. I want to make sure that I look professional to my users.

Most online marketers are lazy anyways, there are situation where you wish you can push a button and it is done. I do think of days like that, but reality puts you to work and it is all about putting in work. I literally watch these launches and watch what the big guys do, they have the volume already from their own list, so I just take the results from their testing and implement it.

It really isn’t that hard, just copy and get it done. The funnel system, the series, how they do a launch, template concepts, etc. There are tools that do what Kajabi does but instead of just one box you may have to order multiple items to get the end results. It is about wanting and thinking outside the box!

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  • I agree, while I like the simplicity of what they’re trying to sell with Kajabi who knows what the price is. If I had to guess it’s probably going to be some sort of monthly fee or something since they keep talking about getting speed when you need it based on their scalability etc.

    I’ve already learned how to use Wishlist member, Squeeze Theme etc. all together and being built on WordPress it’s easy to just use their comment system.

    Besides, I already paid for all these scripts and am using them now without issue…

  • Hi Ian,

    I think it will be around $47 a month, and it includes hosting and seems powerful… I too might be wrong, but to me it seems like a cool product…

    Thanks for the review though, interesting to note. I also have a new section on my blog where I give free training videos called: CKTV – I did that by editing my theme, and it looks the same as well in many ways, without the membership part, just content Delivery

    Keep up the good work Ian

  • Hi Ian,

    Let me first say that I really like what I’ve seen from you and what it seems like you’re all about. I just watched the video down in your footer area about the negative CPA & CPS dynamic that exists. I haven’t personally been around the circles enough to know much about all that except for what I hear and read about from friends that have been.

    For me at The Internet Marketing Clinic, I do both CPS & CPA marketing and I only see them as two methods I can use in order to diversify my business. I’ve never divided the two approaches at all, and I can’t understand why anyone would.

    I’ve spent a lot of time the last 3-months studying another problem in our industry with the whole CB scam thing that a lot of Gurus have been directing at new aspiring Internet Marketers. I think it’s a total blight on our industry, and I also think the two different problems might actually have some commonality in their potential solutions.

    Ian, I’d welcome the opportunity to share more with you (or anyone else that’s interested in bringing positive changes to our industry) in order to work toward a common goal in rectifying the separation between CPS & CPA, and equally as important, to clean-up the torrent of scams and deceptive marketing practices that have become all to common place lately.

    For anyone that would like to learn more and get involved in any way, I’ll leave it up Ian to decide what contact information to make available from here since this is his blog (which is a darn good one BTW). – John Messmer

  • Yea mang, I definitely agree with you on a lot of those points.
    I’ve pretty much watched you in Slow-Mo on your recent launches and marketing avenues do what Kajabi is capable of doing.

    I’d image the value of the services will be worth it in many aspects.
    Control is everything. Some sites I’d rather host on my own servers etc. my major businesses such as JV with Wal-Mart lots of promotion, and traffic. I’d invest in a system or hosting that I’d trust.


  • Hi Ian,

    I’m a former systems design engineer for Sony Electronics, designed HD remote trucks and complex post-production and film-studio facilities worldwide. I am no stranger to complexity.

    However, the main reason(s) I might consider going with KAJABI is to automate all of the tedious technological mind-numbing website design, WordPress, FTP, site administration and all the other tasks a marketer has to perform just to get one site loaded and live.

    Not to mention waiting for all the ‘supposedly useful’ SEO techniques to migrate and resonate within the search engines.

    Automating the design for sites, customer opt-in and landing pages / squeeze pages saves days of work in my mind.

    I can appreciate your wanting to control your stuff, but for 95% of the newbies it’s a relief to outsource this to KAJABI and concentrate on Marketing.

    I will wait and see, your ‘scripts’ sound like a solution for you.


    Nicholas Chase – affiliate

  • Thanks for your observations here you were reading my mind!!!:)

  • Jason

    Ian, I dont get way you need both Squeeze theme ( or generator ), plus the product launch theme.. isnt that just using 2 themes on top of each other?

    Why would you need one of the squeeze themes/plugins AND the product launch theme?

  • Ian

    @jason the squeeze theme is or the generator is to capture the leads. the product launch theme is to handle the video launches. it has no squeeze or lead capture incorporated in it.

  • “Most online marketers are lazy anyways”
    guilty πŸ™
    I was hoping for some quick cash, but soon realized that it wasn’t that easy… wish it was though

  • Ian,

    The only one thing I was not able to replicate is the navigation bar.
    Kajabi shows the coming soon post which are not possible with Product Launch Template.
    I checked on your Facebook product launch template and I saw you didn’t have too.

    Anyway to fix that?


  • Ian

    the product launch theme has those on the side. you get to see those once you view video 2, and the theme does a better job than kajabi instad oshowing you whats next it drips it to you, so you see previous videos only

  • Ian pretty cool of you to be straightup on this and give an alternative to Kajabi and just break down the pieces of it and show you can go about it in a different manner, hopefully this helps save alot of people alotaaa money πŸ˜€

    Till then,


  • Kajabi is not a business in a box as some people may think! You still need to create your products, sales videos, pages etc. Overall, everything that Kajabi does can be done – even in a better way – with tools that won’t cost you a monthly fee.

  • This is fantastic Ian – always appreciate your tips. I signed up for free Kajabi and love it, but price tag is a turn off.
    Your recommendations are great – and I have most of them!


  • Tim

    Now its launched we know kajabi is pricey limits users to 500 on basic plans and the user forum
    is full of complaints about bugs and the fact it wasnt ready. Until the owners decided to delete the forum posts. To rub salt in the wounds the link to refund policy goes to an error message!

    Nice touch!

  • The price tag for the monthly software/hosting should be slashed in half at least. Your not just paying low as $99 per month you’ll be paying $1,200 per year and then some in the long-run. ..But it’s up to you to determine if this solution is suitable for business and meet your business needs. However you choose to operate your business or online venture is completely up to you to determined if its all worth it or not.

    Me personally, I think its almost a perfect tool for quick instant way to setup and open shop online ASAP. It definitely saves time always you to focus more of your creative energy into marketing, testing and promoting your venture.

    On the other had, I can setup my online ventures and give them the same functions and qualities just like Kajabi.

    It would probably be a little more better if the Kajabi software was sold as a standalone software for one price to license it. I’d rather host and control it all right from my “OWN” servers.

    Best Wishes! 88

  • I’m looking for a commenting system similar to Kajabi’s that enables members to have a central dashboard where they can see all the comments/questions they asked and also the replies and answers to their questions. Any suggestions? It would also have to work with the Digital Access Pass plugin too.



  • Well i cannot say thank you enough for your great blog post! I too was amazed by the Kajabi launch and how everything is tied together. But after reading your post i realized i almost have all the plugins/themes you mentioned but never really put them to work.
    Yes, it is easy to get the same system Kajabi provides if you put in a little work. But you have control over your content. You probably saved me a big chunk of money there. You’ve got yourself a new subscriber there and if you review products i gladly buy from you. Thanks again!
    Have a great day!

  • Hi guys, I was sent to this post by one of my fellow GPS members (Rich Schefren’s coaching programme).

    Everyone seems to be missing the point a bit with Kajabi – you don’t HAVE to host it all on their servers, I’m keeping my stuff on Amazon AWS and using EZE-S3 to generate the embed code (just like I was with my previous membership sites)

    Which were on WordPress using Wishlist – which has sequential delivery built in and so why would you need WP-Drip btw?

    So why am I trialing Kajabi?

    Because for a long time those product launch sequences were a LOT of work to set up on WordPress and the whole membership site thing is STILL a lot of work.

    Because it only took a day to move a whole sites worth of content over to Kajabi and because the social interaction between the members is very easy and fun.

    Because it’s hard for someone who is not design orientated to make their content look funk in WordPress / Wishlist – have you tried using tables to organise content in WordPress? Nightmare.

    We took a month to record and set up a launch last December and it fell flat on it’s face – a month wasted!

    The only complaints I have with Kajabi so far are that you set up a sequence of events but when ou make your sales page go live, it over-rides your events…which makes a nonsense of the “perpetual launch” feature.

    I’m asking support about that as I may well have set it up wrong.


  • You really make it seem so easy with your presentation but I find this topic to be really something which I think I would never understand. It seems too complicated and very broad for me. I am looking forward for your next post, I will try to get the hang

  • I never really liked Kajabi, Maybe Im a control freak, but I do not like to depend on someone else to provide the infrastructure for my business, its just not a good idea.

    Another thing that Kajabi failed at was the very real retention factor.

    Membership Retention is a huge problem, sure you get a good launch and your walking on water but all the numbers I have seen suggest that 90 days and your looking at attrition, 180 days and your going to be wondering why your still paying kajabi, when your membership count keeps going down.

    I did the Demo, looked at it and just did not see the value it the product.

    Add to that analysis the fact that SAAS, is a one way street and you have a great recipe to make someone else money while your sitting there tinkering with an experiment in madness.

    Good luck if your thinking about using this