Kitara Media Sponsors IANteract Dinner East 2010


I was at the Kitara Media office on Monday to hang out and to get a picture with everyone. I wanted to use one of their bigger whiteboards for a video tutorial on Facebook. So I was there did my videos and then went to lunch with Kasey. During lunch we discussed about the industry, advertising side and where it is going. We talked about the industry and about the upcoming conference, Affiliate Summit.

This year at Affiliate Summit East in NY, I am holding another IANteract Dinner. The dinner consists of close friends and people I want get to know more within the internet space. I have had an IANteract Dinner at every Affiliate Summit, except my first. So far this dinner has proved to be beneficial to me, the people I invite, and the sponsors.

This IANteract East sponsor is Kitara Media.

This year dinner will be held at Capital Grill in NY, it is literally 2 block away fro the Hilton. I will be arriving in NY Saturday, the 14th as I have some meetings, dinners, and parties to attend pre Affiliate Summit. So I hope to see everyone there.

This dinner is going to be a smaller dinner, usually I have about 15-20 people join my dinner and we interact about business and talk about what we are up to. The industry changes so fast it is only best to see what others are up to and share insights about what others are doing and learn from what they do.

This dinner focuses on social interaction and it brings and builds stronger relationship. That is what I want. You can’t build a relationship in  club. It isn’t intimate enough to pull information or share insights, it is only good to share a business card – that is it. I started this dinner on my 2nd Affiliate Summit because I wanted to leverage others expertise and vice versa.

Everyone that comes to my dinner makes money online, it is how they do it which I want to know. I share my insights and arguments and we exchange ideas and even probably do business together later on. I am just one person doing my own methods of making money online, everyone else has their own ways and ideas.

This is a private dinner and I hope to see everyone that has RSVPed so far.

Past IANteract Dinners:

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  • Ian – Of course I’ll RSVP on your plan B list in case somebody drops out

  • The industry really changes so fast. And it’s good to get other knowledge and ideas so that we know better where we are standing.

  • Enjoy and all the best to you Ian!

  • Good to see some folks with you ian! Enjoy mi amigo!

  • That’s a pretty cool idea, hopefully I’ll be able to attend one in the future. For now, my funds are pretty low and I’m on the grind. I hope everything goes well for you.

  • Great sponsor you’ve attracted for yourself Ian, wish I could be at the dinner myself, NYC isn’t too far from me but alas I am sure I am not making as much money as the ones at the meeting, hehe.

    Till then,


  • Enjoy and all the best to you Ian!

  • A very good idea, building a relationship like this. It is something different.

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