Looking to the Future for Opportunity Niches


This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of TheInternetTimeMachine. All opinions are 100% mine.

Have you said to yourself “What should I promote?” It happens to me and everyone. Though I have my stronger niches, I always want to venture out and try other niches no one does or a niche everyone is ballin in and try to conquer that specific niche. But sometimes you want to ride a new niche because you have a feeling it will bank, but later found out you wasted your time.

Sometimes niche marketing can be a tedious task to research and find what can be profitable in the future. I tend to ‘think’ a niche will do well after a month or so and then it just flops. So the question becomes not what niche to concentrate in but what profitable niche.

I had the opportunity to take a look at the Internet Time Machine and it is a live search engine that lets you know what people are willing to take action on tomorrow. Such information is critical because you can now decide what you can promote.

The time machine collects apparently collects information from 40 million sources. Not sure how accurate that is but it work on a 24 hour cycle. The interesting thing about this system are the reporting and I can definitely say that the data they are collecting is all about trending topics and volume. I want to know how they are actually doing it and not just going by searchable terms.

There are analytic on most mentioned terms, potential terms, popular mentions, etc. Also, their recent mention and potential trends is an interesting report. It shows you the multiple searches via total search engines.

To test if this wasn’t copying Google Trends, I actually compared it t Google Hot Trends and found none of the mentioned terms are not being listed on Internet Time Machine. That is interesting. ITM does mention celebrities but not what is currently trending on Google, so it may see the future on upcoming niches.

The system separates searches by 3 categories: SEO, PPC, Product Creation and each has their own set of trend searches. Which all produces different results because each is different in it’s own. Separating this actually helps me when I am doing a PPC campaign or creating a product. It is real interesting because I found a niche that I would be interested in doing a product for!

Just knowing what is going to be trending and then riding that trend and/or being the only advertiser on that trend can mean a good amount of cash. Being the first is always the best because you set the tone and everyone follows. Knowing what is going to happen or what is going to be popular can give you the advantage over everyone else.

Since this is a launch they are having an Internet Marketing Contest, which consists of $20,000!! The winning affiliate will receiving $10,000 in cash and the person who refers that winning affiliate will also get $10,000! Watch the video below and checkout the time machine.


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  • Interesting post Ian. I’m always curious which topics trend and different times of the year so I’m sure this search engine will be of great benefit to me (and many other people for that matter). If you can foresee the future popularity of a niche, then you can prepare in advance!

  • This has got to be the first time I’ve read a sponsored post and found it interesting. Normally it is just shilling soemthing.

    I haven’t ventured into the affiliate marketing thing yet. I keep saying I will but I have no idea what to promote as theyre is always something else coming along that pricks my interest.

    Maybe it is my ADD. lol

  • Seen sponsored posts for these guys everywhere – what do you think of them Ian?

  • These guys have got some great backing. Their ads are everywhere. If you can identify trends ahead of the pack you get the chance to maximize your slice of the cake on offer. It’s worth considering.