No Annoyance in the CPS Space


When I first started affiliate marketing and for the long time readers, you know I started in the CPS space prior to CPA/CPL. Ever since hanging out with a bunch of people on the CPS side from ShareaSale Think Tank, I been telling myself to get back into it and I recently started a couple weeks ago. Let me tell you, now I remember why I left the CPS and went to CPA. CPA is far easier.

If you do not know what CPS is, it means Cost Per Sale. Being paid on a percentage commission base. Similar to the Amazon affiliate program but higher than the 4%. What I have seen with other CPS networks, the payouts start at around 7%-10%. The only problem is the brand recognition of the merchants vs Amazon or other big online retailers.

For 2010… I want to have a continuous stream instead of running into problems like I did in the past month with CPA. I am not leaving CPA at all, it is just too easy to make money from CPA offers… this will just be a side project more so and hopefully something even bigger.

The first obstacle was to pick something that I would be interested in and I wouldn’t mind either writing some of the content. Since I want it to be more of a site than just a lander. But I already have part of the site as lander styles. Anyways the site is a blgo style format. Since it is going to have my ow uniqueness into it.

There will be content on there and obviously selling points on the blog. But the first week was all about content and setting up the site properly. I set up the Facebook fan page, twitter accounts, rss, and email optins. So that took a while for me to get everything setup for teh branding purpose.

The content comes to me day by day and writing is definitely not my strong points, especially if you read this blog. You already know. So what I do is write a topic and send it out to an outsource to proof read and expand. Most of the time thus far it has just been me, since I want to add personality to the site to the first time readers.

But why am I getting back into the CPS space?

If you have been reading some of the blog posts prior to this I had had numerous issues with advertisers, networks, etc. When I was in CPS way back in the day I really didn’t have that much issues.

I have also met a lot more people in the CPS space. They have given some good insights on marketing – then again they are also a different breed of marketers. Always drama between CPS vs CPA marketers – another post on that soon.

Even though the payout maybe far less than a CPA model, is it long term? In the past (2007) I sustained my income from mini sites on a CPS model. BUT I also made more money on the CPA side in a shorter time (2008). Though I spent for the CPA traffic, where CPS held its own on community sites or natural search.

So there is a big difference with both models and how you promote. I also want to get more in CPS anyways, it how I started in the affiliate industry.

Plus there isn’t any annoyance from the CPS industry about payout wars, I want your traffic, network mud slinging. All that noise got to me after Affiliate Summit West. I also lost focused which sucked a lot. Like I stated in a prior blog post, I want to just work with a close a mount of networks (CPA/CPS), so this doesn’t happen.

But here are some networks I am using for the new site I have been working on…

  1. ShareaSale
  2. PepperJam Network
  3. LinkShare

I am not going to just let go of CPA, I still need to make my CPS site profitable until then I will still be doing my normal CPA stuff and other projects. I have also mixed the site up with CPS and CPA offers as well. So this will be a good experience for me to get back into.

I have already found some issues on the CPS side, since I guess CPS merchants or affiliates don’t look at stats like CPA guys do. They did lack some features which I thought would be a must but apparently it wasn’t. I actually bothered one of the networks listed above because of the lack of information I was receiving.

What do you think about CPA vs CPS? What do you prefer?

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  • Thanks for the clarification between the 2. Choosing the right CPS product can even potentially result in recurring sales as well, a great reason why you should start it up again. I really need to look into CPS, thanks for sharing those networks.

  • hey ian yeah with everything going on in other markets cps might be something to start looking into now, also lead gen as well. Seems alot of people are pulling back their troops int he rebill market as of late.

  • I like CPS a lot, because they tend to do longer cookies too. I like setting an Amazon cookie and raking in the dough from long tail purchases. Easily done with Shareasale and eBay too.

  • CPS? Blimey theres a new marketing abbreviation every day to learn.

  • I believe CPS can still be profitable. The only problem with CPS I always read about is that it takes so much time for a small amount of money compared to CPA.

    I personally am looking at starting a project in 2010 myself to test CPS marketing through a passive-income method. For example, you have sites like and all of these article sites that pay users based on traffic AND per article. The users provide updated content and the website advertises links and CPS programs that could result in some income for the site.

    Might seem like a impossible plan, but like I said, CPS takes more time then CPA.

    And for the record, whatever happened to good old fashion membership marketing. In this case, TwitSnipe (earn every month the user remains a member.)

  • I started in the CPA world because, like you said, it’s easy money. Many CPA offers can be simply direct linked or made profitable with a simple pre-sell page. I never really paid much attention to CPS offers.

    Over the past six months, I have been consulting for a major publisher in the CPS world. It’s been an eye opening experience for sure. The two different worlds are very different. CPS can be very niche, sometimes with audiences that are much more difficult to target then something like mass market rebill offers. However there is generally much less competition.

    My client focuses on informational products in niche markets. He pays affiliates 75% per sale, and considering upsells and downsells, each sale is between $27 to $140. Its been interesting to watch the performance of affiliates from the publishers perspective. The top affiliates can push consistently strong numbers and do extremely well. However, these are also the guys who really understand what they are doing and have the time, capital, and knowledge to properly market and scale the offer.

    The experience has made me realize there is alot of money in small niche CPS markets.

  • NBA

    I like CPS .
    I started in the CPA world because, like you said, itโ€™s easy money. Many CPA offers can be simply direct linked or made profitable with a simple pre-sell page. I never really paid much attention to CPS offers.
    Thanks IAN

    Emre .

  • I’ve tried CPA but never CPS. But as long this will be profitable enough then they’re both good! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • CPS is the best for me. But CPA is good too.

  • They are both good. But majority said CPS is better.