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The internet is all about content and while I am in Cali still waiting for a conference to start in San Diego. I am going to write up another affiliate blog income series. This series is more for SEO people and users who want free traffic. But also is meant for readers who want to utilize the content to make the user take action.

Content is important… everyone says it is King and it is. The main factor is revolving your content around keywords so you get picked up by search engines and get rank fairly quickly. So how do you really do this? It is pretty simple. First just use Google Keyword tool and enter some actionable keywords and let google to it’s job.

You will find a bunch of keyword ideas to start writing your content on. Now the main results should give you some good keyword ideas on what to write. What I tend to do is sort by competition least to highest.

The reason why I do it this way is to write articles around the least competitive keywords. This way I can get ranked fairly quickly for a topic, especially if my content is unique. You can write the content yourself or outsource it. Either way you want your content to revolve around that keyword so you can get ranked.

In between the keyword targeted articles, I write other articles that are off topic but show some personal attention to it. Giving the user a break. Also this gives you the opportunity to catch keywords that you may rank for and start growing that keyword base with articles.

Meaning… you may rank for a new keyword which is getting volume. It is important to rank for other keywords and then build that specific keyword around actionable keywords. Let’s say you are starting to rank for “womens health iphone app” via your analytics or referring keywords.

I would start to write content around that keyword but with pre-sellable or actionable keywords such as: subscription, buy, register, etc. Creating these new keyword terms can get you volume and get you ranked to be number one really easy and very fast.

But sometimes writing or paying for unique content can be hard… so the next best thing is to automate content. I use Mass Article Control to automate a lot of my content. I simply just search for an article in any article directory such as goarticles.com copy the content and then insert it in this program.

What this program does is rewrite the content and changes certain words. You will have to read the content over to make sure it makes sense, but it beats writing content. The program changes the context of the article from 20%-60% and you can decide what article you want to use out of the thousands it generates for you.

Another program or service I use is SEO Link Vine. This service creates content for you in exchange for backlinks. This only works with WordPress sites which most of my sites are and which your sites should be as well. Users create content base on categories and sub categories. You approve the content or disapprove, so you have control of what content is being published on your site.

The only thing they require for you to do is to add their link generating a backlink for them. If you utilize the content right you can still target users to take action on your offer or product. Remember content is important especially when it comes to SEO and free traffic.

So writing your own content around actionable keywords or utilizing services or content to create your content can benefit your new blog site around your affiliate offers. I personally know writing content can be annoying and tiring.

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  • This is an awesome article, I’m looking forward to reading more of your tips.

  • George

    You use seolinkvine? It’s been out for 3 days. Can you really tell me it works after 3 days?

  • Ian


    I been using it while it has been in beta – I have already gotten articles to my mini blog sites

  • Aaron

    Who would have thought a retard like ian fernando would come up with a half way decent method. Im shocked…

  • That was a very nice read. I will definitely look up your other articles and check them out too. Thanks for sharing.

  • That’s really great approach to it Ian to sort it by Least to greatest competition, I guess people would be surprised how big it can add up in terms of attacking the smallest competition. I mean… if you can’t handle the smallest competition.. then why even try the hard ones? You know?

  • I agree, Komodo Dragon. That’s the same method I use too.

    Till then,


  • Have anybody used desktop based content spinners?
    Are the articles readable?

  • One of the things that I have tried to do is take a look at my competition that is ranking fairly decently and try to emulate their keyword stats. Then I get the articles written from their. Often I will find things that I wouldn’t have found by just generating the keyword tool!

  • The trick is to also identify longer tailed keyphrases considting of several words. People are inclined to ask search engines questions of 3 – 5 words long, so by targeting this you can be very effective with your keyword strategy. And please don’t keyword stuff the article too much. Mentioning it 2 – 3 times in the first 150 words, and then in the very last sentence, is good enough

  • From my observations, backlinks surrounded with contextually semantic content are the best links to get.
    Focus on a primary keyword with a density of 3-4% and include some synonyms.

  • You are right about it. Google likes it and the other search engines too. Your post is easy to understand and to implement it.

  • Great post, I enjoyed the read. I always enjoy all the post you come out with. Can’t wait for more.

  • Thks for the clear and concise explanation. I love the google keyword tools as it gives me the ability to choose between local search or any specific countries search volume.

  • great article in the beginning. but honestly only content is king. those article scalper tools are the best way to get banned and piss off the original authors “people have content monitor tools now days”. Plus i heard google is about to slap all those illegitimate back link providers and the site that use them.

    if you write good unique content people and other sites will share them freely. also i found just buy asking other site in my genre to link to me “even large ones”, they usually do. Same thing with people, i just ask, “if you liked this article, please spread the word and share”, and they do LOL – Free legitimate back

    no matter how good google ranks one of your pages, if the content isn’t good “or is an un intelligible keyword targeted mess” you ain’t going to make any money off it. You can brag about page rankings, but you can’t buy food them.

    Google is getting smarter everyday, and those tricks aren’t always going to work and might hurt you in the long run. you can’t game the system “keyword targeted articles, and fake back links” are gaming the system.

    Just stick with content, it truly is the only King!!!

    just my Opinion.

  • I have not heard of Mass Article Control, but it sounds quite useful. In the past I have tried paying cheap freelancers to rewrite content, but it is tough to find someone who can do that competently for a good price.

  • By the way, I love that you are doing a seo related series. This is definitely something I’m very interested in. I’m sure many other people are too as everyone loves free traffic.

  • I used it for that one Google Adwords keyword tool! Thanks for information!

  • Ok…content is king..what if your site is not based of content??
    I have a video tutorial site and only upload videos and links to resources..SO what im doing is creating backlinks for these other sites ( would this help me out in anyway ??) but how can I get this site with free organic traffic using content.. I know I can write personal articles or find articles and switch them up.

    How bout a product site where I just sell tshirts or have free mixtape downloads..
    anyone have any good seo tips for this kind of site???

  • @Money Brown. google and other search engine follow what people want, not what you want to put in front of their face, if you product or search deserves the ranking you will get it. And video are content. google video meta tags.

    “First you have to get people to come, then the search engines will come “not the over way around”

    Now for the product site. If you planning to make real money, investing in a modest advertising budget would work best. So use google adwords, yahoo sponsored search, bing, and maybe some media buy on related, but no competing sites.

  • @Laptop Cases, I agree, I love it when any of the Internet marketing blogs talk about SEO, because in the end you are right its all about the traffic, and we all love more traffic! 😀

  • Great tips, I usually always go for the most searched keywords, however it does make sense to go for less competitive keywords. I will start implementing that. Thanks for sharing some of your resources, I may give some of them a try.

  • @clarence:I heard only can meta tag images??? I asked on a forum one day about meta tagging videos..guess I will have to look into that for the video meta tags

  • The Keyword Academy has a new service called PostRunner which appears to be similar to the SEO Vine membership mentioned here. I have received and posted content with PostRunner and like it quite a bit.

  • Fully agree with your post.Keyword rich article help the website/blog to get good search engine ranking.Search engines like yahoo, google loves it.

  • Google’s keyword tool does work rather well, also in specific geographic locations where the english language gets used a bit differently 😉

    Most search queries are between 3 – 5 words long, so targeting longer tailed keyword phrases is the best way to get your keywords ranking well.

  • Great tips ian, i’ve tried this method before and usually always outsourced the content writting but thanks to you i can now automate it with the tools you recommended.

  • Is it just me or has the google keyword tool been rotating back and forth between their beta version and their regular version every other day? Been seeing that happen recently!

  • Do you mean the external keyword tool ?

  • wallace

    Thanks for the info Ian.i bought Mass Article Control and it works grrrrreat like tony the tiger.I had problems with my writers so i had to do it myself.For anybody reading this comment, you must get Mass Article Control if your tired of writers writing crap it really help me.

  • Tool like Mass Article control will get you in trouble. i used to use Article assistant and copyright owner contacted me by email asking why i was taking parts of their content, and some threaten legal action.

    Let me break down how these tools work. You get magic SEO articles for free out of thin air “Yeah Right”
    They search google “and other search engines” for a keywords you want to rank on “iPhones”
    The tool grabs the top ranking articles
    The tool steals bit and peaces from those articles to create a perfect “Keyword” targeting article for you
    The tool shuffles the words around to make the article seem unique.

    The problems:
    You didn’t honestly write the article “integrity”
    You are stealing someones content
    Your trying to steal someones’ search ranking “for you to go up, someone must come down, and that probably the original authors of the content you just stole”
    You’re artificially trying to scam search engines into ranking you “when you honestly haven’t put in the effort to deserve ranking”
    You’re producing tons of duplicate content “search engine hate this”
    Google is tracking and logging all these articles and site that use them for later enforcements “remember what happed to LP pages LOL”
    Content owner have gotten smart and use content tracking services “steal a piece of their content and disturb their search ranking and your info goes straight to their legal department”
    You can be held liable for copyright violation and sued for loss of income do to loss of Web traffic and loss profits.
    You will eventually get banned from google and other search engines.

    Do you selves a favor: Write your own content!!!! Trust me I’m not selling anything, or have any affiliate links, I been there, these tool will get you in trouble.

    Affiliate Marketing needs more integrity.

  • do u agree on keyword density?
    anyway, in articles it should really have rich of keywords. keywords that have less competition but has a higher searches.,

  • great article in the beginning. but honestly only content is king. those article scalper tools are the best way to get banned and piss off the original authors â??people have content monitor tools now daysâ??. Plus i heard google is about to slap all those illegitimate back link providers and the site that use them.
    Thanks for the info Ian.i bought Mass Article Control and it works great like tony the tiger.

    Good Luck

  • If you need a SEO linkvine alternative, just search google for “guest writers wanted”.

  • I’m using google adword tool for it. Really class tool and totally free with that anyone can find the result of keyword related queries.
    And wordtracker is too best for keyword searching.

  • I have seen a lot of people promoting Mass Article Control, but never heard any actually saying that they use and like it. How is the ‘auto rewrite’ function?

  • In the past, I was using Google Keyword Tool to do my keyword research too, but I believe that there is some information that we can’t get in this tool. So I’m using Micro Niche Finder now and it shows the SOC where we can easily get the least competitive keyword. The Mass Article Control program is new too me and it sounds great, I’m going to take a look and purchase it for building my micro niche sites.


  • @Lee Ka Hoong, can you point to “Micro Niche Finder”? It’s the first time hearing of this program. In regards to Google Keyword Tool, its great data… but when you start using all the different tools from Google, its often contradicting information is my biggest find 🙁

  • It’s quite important to do keyword research before start writing anything. Any blogger should know this. By doing thorough research one can actually start getting some major traffic from low-competition keywords not a lot of blog have realized yet.

  • You are right that internet is all about content. I am glad that you use google keyword tool instead of word tracker cause Google is better.

  • Nice article.

    However, I agree with Clarence. Mass Articles Software lacks integrity. I am an article writer myself and if all you do is take my researched work and spin it and post it as your own, you ought to be banned. I have not been tracking my articles but with such awareness, I will start tracking immediately!

  • By the way, I love that you are doing a seo related series. 😉