[Series] Affiliate Blog Income – Creating Your Presence


In continuation with the Niche Affiliate Blog income series, one of the first things I have done is registered a Twitter account for the domain. I wanted to make sure I was able to brand the site right away. I also created a Facebook Fanpage for it as well. I was going to use KnowEm to register all the other sites such as Youtube, tumblr, etc – but I feel Twitter and Facebook are one of the two biggest that I can stick to them.

Once I have created their pages and account, I decided to start getting followers to my Twitter account. For this I use Social Snipe to leverage users who are in need of help in the niche I am in. This makes a big difference finding users who are in need of help instead of just a generic term.

Utilizing such a program helps me find users who are already in need of something and want to be helped. If I find these specific users I can easily bring in traffic to my new affiliate blog site.

Facebook Fanpage

The Facebook Fanpage is just an extension where users can find the feeds of any new blog post that I write on the site. The Fanpage also allows me to communicate with the fans appearing on their walls etc. The only problem I found that was hard was to actually get fans to the fanpage. BUT…

…the best part about the fanpage is I get weekly emails on the summary of people that has interacted and joined the fanpage. I can also see conversions from the amount of facebook users that visit the fan page and how many of them converted into a fan. It is some neat stats. For every 100 people that visit the fan page just 1 converts – so I got to figure out a way to see why they are not converting into fans.

I think it is essential to use the Facebook Fanpage since it is just another extension to gain and find users.

Keep in Communication with Twitter Followers

Once I had about 100 users I started tweeting and letting my friend also tweet on my account. This way it creates some vibe feedback to the users. I also use Social Snipe to auto tweet certain messages during the day. Now I don’t even publish meaningful things – simple stuff on what I am doing related to the niche I am in.

I also use TwitterFeed to auto tweet new blog posts to my time line. So everyone is in the loop of what I am posting. Since it is a blog, the blog itself is a presence.

Blogging is Creating a Presence

The blog itself is something I am into and so I can easily talk and write about what I want base on the niche. I also use the blog to draw in users. The blog is not about just always banging out information. For example this specific blog is about my online marketing experience. But I do posts trips and vacations related to online marketing.

It is the same concept with the niche blog. I write about information but I also break it up and write about random comedic things related to the niche. The blog shouldn’t always be filled with information – it is a portal to share thoughts and ideas. Keeping it as you are a person helps a lot because the internet is filled with so many news, everyone needs a break from information.

Creating a Social Atmosphere

I also try to create and reply to tweets and facebook comments to engage interactivity. This creates a sense of trust to the readers and people who want to interact. I also reply to comments to ease the trust of the site. Engaging with the reader is important but also it is time consuming. I have one of my friends do easy response via twitter and the comment forms of the site.

Giving a Forum Presence

When I started in internet marketing, I did what everyone calls forum marketing. It is basically being in a forum and just interacting with everyone. The reason why this is important is because your signature is free backlinks to your site or topic. Also it is branding because the text of your site will be repeatedly shown within the forum.

Offline marketers say repetition of a commercial for a product is important because it will create them to buy later. It is a reason why Google came out with Ad Innovations. The repetition of an ad will lead people to click on your link/ad.

So I have registered the username in several forums to communicate and put my input on certain topics. I also have someone doing this for me as well. This will help ease of sometime for me and create other aspects of the site.

Now I can actually create a bigger presence if I need to by just registering all the accounts in KnowEm and syncing twitter account and facebook account to them. But I think since Twitter and Facebook are big in itself – I feel they are just enough to get a good presence out there.

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  • Cool experiment, I really like the way you explain your thought processes and actions as you go along, Ian. Your views on your social media efforts is of special import to me, and I look forward too seeing more.

  • chris

    yo ian,

    i’ve seen your blog on affbuzz but never really followed it, i’ll def. be following this though!

  • I think branding is one of the most vital, but overlooked, aspects for many new businesses.

    Great series so far Ian!

  • Hey Ian,

    I started building niche blogs around a specific product because I suck at ppc. I have started this late last year and done everything you talked about in the post and it is working great for me!

    Have you started building a list from it yet?

  • Glad to see you make such valuable use of social media, Ian.

    Till then,


  • If you are currently not an affiliate marketer, this is a perfect time to become one due to the current state of the economy. More and more people are beginning to shop online everyday and you can put yourself in position to profit off of this trend.

  • Ian thanks for letting us know your strategies in creating a affiliate blog. I have my twitter account and I have 5000 followers but I’m only getting few clicks i guess i need to follow what you said only follow the people who are interested in your niche.


  • I am also very interested in your social media efforts. I am pretty clueless when it comes to twitter and facebook marketing. With the emphasis you are putting on those sites, there is obviously a ton of potential there.

  • Nice to see you using twitter and facebook pages
    I use normally use facebook but i didnot try twitter yet.

  • I totally agree with the tip about interacting in forums – they are a great source of traffic for one of my websites. Though the traffic is far far smaller than traffic I receive from Google, they are free backlinks for me 🙂

  • Really helpful post, I’ve been struggling a little with this whole concept and you put it all together nicely and easy to follow along. 🙂

  • I am pretty clueless when it comes to twitter and facebook marketing. With the emphasis you are putting on those sites, there is obviously a ton of potential there.

  • I have my twitter account and I have 5000 followers but I�m only getting few clicks i guess i need to follow what you said only follow the people who are interested in your niche.

  • I am also interesting in internet marketing through the use of social media. I never tried it.

  • I didn’t know about KnowEm or SocialSnipe. Great sites. Good to know what tools you use. Good second post.

  • Thanks for the tip ian. Now i know that you need to have a same twitter and facebook account for your brand name. Thanks