[Series] Creating a Niche Blog for Affiliate Income


This is going to be a series since I want to kinda watch my growth. I have been heavily expanding my affiliate income via other methods. One of them is to move to the CPS side slowly and see if I can potentially make it profitable. My first month (March) I didn’t reach my goal. But it is a learning experience for me

So the I created a blog on a specific niche and I just pump it with affiliate links from Clickbank, ShareaSale, Linkshare, and Amazon. But it is an actual blog whith real unique content. In the next coming days or even weeks, I am going to log what I have been doing with it such as blog plugins, traffic, etc

My first month of creating this niche blog was to just bang out content and it was easy for me to bang out the content since I enjoy what I was doing. I needed to bang some unique content to start ranking within the search engines, Google specifically. Surprisingly I was ranked within 2 days for just 2 days worth of posts.

I use WordPress as my CMS platform which is probably the main reason I got ranked fairly quick. I use wordpress for everything from sales page, blogs, squeeze pages, etc. I do not use standard static HTML or any other cms platform. WordPress is just so verse and simple there is no need for me to use any other platform.

The next thing I needed to get was a theme and I wanted a nice simple blog formatted theme. I searched for a free theme and I found a really good one a particular site. So I threw it up and just customized it a bit. I kept all the colors, I didn’t want to spend too much time on colors and adjusting columns, etc. I wanted to find the right theme right away.

I also got a nice logo and image done for the blog as well. It didn’t cost much at all and it definitely brought an official feel to the site. I wanted to start giving it a presence online, which will be a post as well.

The next thing I needed to do was to start finding offers, which I will talk about in the next day or so. I also started downloading and researching plugins that I will need to get me ranked higher. A plugin post will come in the next coming days as well.

But this is just the introduction of what I will be talking in the next couple days. I have bought social traffic and contextual, which will be posted in the next couple days as well.

So make sure you are subscribe to the RSS or Twitter to stay up to date to my posts in the next coming days.

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  • I have seen a number of posts about this. I would be interested to see how it pans out for you Ian!

  • Same here Profit addiction.
    Have read many articles based on the same topic but i wanna know if this one would share something new and different or its just the same piece of text rewritten like most of them

  • Ian

    I logging my stuff on what I am doing so it may or may not

  • Ron

    Free traffic is good.
    40% of clicks at the #1 organic listing spot with out the cost that PPC would charge.

  • Looking forward to your next blog about your results.

  • I’ve always seen people building a landing page for the affiliate offer but never think of building a blog for affiliate program, that would be a great idea but I believe that it requires a lot of time to maintain the blog and write more about the affiliate product that you’re promoting.

    I would be more excited to know how you drive traffic to the blog and convert them into sales or lead. 😉


  • This sounds good but the results will proof that it works. I really would like to see the results(in money!!). So please keep blogging about it.

  • WordPress didn’t get rated as the best open source CMS for nothing! The results people are getting from using WordPress to power their blogs and websites are astounding, really making access so much easier for so many people.

  • this is something that i am into but i dont quite have the t9ime as yet to put my act together as im busy with other things, but if thats what you want to do ian then go for it and let us know how its doing.

  • Hey Ian,

    I consider myself pretty good with Amazon’s affiliate program and shared a few of my tips in this article a while back:


    Feel free to delete the link after you approve the comment if you don’t want it, but I’ve learned a bunch of other stuff that I didn’t share in that article. Feel free to contact me and I’d be happy to share with you.

    Chris Guthrie

  • This sounds like an interesting series Ian. Since I concentrate mostly on CPS affiliate marketing, it will be nice to see how well you do. It’s always good to add some new income streams.

  • Hi Ian,

    I’m here again in your blog and I’ve read this introduction of yours, and by just giving some intro I already got some ideas! thank you so much Ian. WordPress platform is really awesome then.


  • Interesting Series. As was mentioned above, free traffic “organic traffic” is the best if you can maintain it. Can’t go wrong with things that you don’t have to pay for!

  • This topic was in my interest for a few month. Thanks a lot for this useful info. I will then search for more of your topic about this 😉

  • It was wonderful for you to share this so called experiment with us. Cant wait to see the results and learn from you.

  • I am also excited to the result. keep up us updated through posting the related topics.


  • Two important factors there you have:
    1 Building a niche blog.

    This actually means that one truly must focus on one niche and obtain enough knowledge within in to share with others.

    2 Unique Content.

    It is always advisable to make use/ to write your own content of your site – or to buy it (which would be pathetically expensive seeing to it that one’s goal is to make money not spend it). Although not a lot of bloggers realizes this: quality content (unique content) has everything to do with branding, capability and reputation. People want these 3 things from you in able to trust you.

  • Do you know what makes a great niche blog? An upcoming product such as an expensive TV with a serial number. I used to set these up and dominated SE results pretty much every time. Besides, expensive products also mean good money in commissions or even clicks.

  • Just started reading this series, and it looks pretty good for a start. When I get the others read, I’ll let you know what I think.

  • Hey Ian. I found this post Googling for people who are making a full time income with WordPress blogs. Good to read about your experiment. It’s amazing – though not surprising – how much prosperity comes from just writing about what you’re truly interested in. (I’ve been doing it for about 5 years now.)

    Excellent tip about getting a pro logo and image created for you. The right look for your blog/brand can make a huge difference in conversion rates.

    Good luck with your niche blogging! Let’s keep in touch 🙂


  • His work is very good. Thanks for the post and much success!