SocialKik Review: Paid Fans/Likes – Good?


About 2 weeks ago I tested out a new service called SocialKik, it is a service which allows you to buy fans/likes on social networks. Usually I am pretty biased towards buying your audience, but I wanted to get my fan page some extra up lift, so I tested out SocialKik.

I got an order of 1000 additional likes for my Fan Page, which you can view here. Since I started it the growth happened slowly and it rapidly grew over the next 2 weeks. When I first inquired about this service, I asked some simple questions. Some were about targeting and what country they are from etc. I just didn’t want people to like my page, I wanted targeted users and people who will interact with the fan page.

After some small interrogation questions, I went on with the service and waited till my 1000 likes came about. Today, I took a look at my insight and saw that I have seen growth.

As you can see there has been a growth of users to my fan page. I gained about a total of 1200 new users to my fan page. SocialKik over delivers to make sure they hit their 1k like to your page, so you can receive more than 1k likes. As I am going over the Facebook Insight to the page, I found 70% are from the US which is good. I didn’t want 80% to come from India or another foreign country, since my target audience is in the United States.

The most interesting part is where my users came from. Looking at the stats below you can see that I have another ajority in the Philippines and UK, which is not that surprising because according to my analytics those are heavy hitters as well. I am also surprise to see that little are from India. Usually with these services, the users are from India.

SocialKik says there are no bots or spamming done. Instead of using bots they invite users, meaning they can like your page or not. It is up to the users to decide to like or not. So it is up to the end user to decide if I like or do not like your page. SocialKik says these are real users.

I post on my Fan Page quite often and I found some users do really interact with the page. Some comment and even like the posts. So I can say that these users are real, you can even check it on my Fan Page. SocialKik definitely did deliver and I am satisfied with the results. Looking at my Facebook Insight, I can see users interacting and visiting the page.

Now as far as turning interaction into potential leads/buyers I do not know. As of right now I enjoy the interaction of my new community on my Fan Page. I just hope these new users do not leave the fan page, I guess I just have to keep them interactive.

BTW for some reason Jonathan Volk seems to follow my footsteps in online marketing and decided to post a review as well.

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  • Nice! You got more ppl in the US than I did. I think I’ll try it again, and measure the difference to see exactly where the users are coming from.

  • This may be a noob question, but what’s the benefit of getting people to fan your page? I mean beyond the first few dozen, what is the benefit of paid fans?

    Is it just for social proof so other people like the page as well, or are there SEO benefits to it of some sort?


  • Do they simply get people to like your fan page or do they have a list of people who are looking for products?

    I’m wondering if it is like those companies hwo sell traffic which is pretty much rubbish traffic.

  • I emailed these guys like 4 days ago and they still haven’t responded.

    Also found this review

  • mark

    i have similar experience with Hustler on their support, after buying though…

    10 days after we submitted our order for 2000 targetted fans
    – no response from socialkik to our enquiries
    – addition of 14 non targetted fans (not of the country we wanted)

    you judge yourself.

  • John

    We’ve used to buy a few thousands of fans for multiple facebook pages and they always over delivered on the number of fans that we purchased by up to 30% of extra fans. After the Socialkik campaigns were over, newer visitors to our Facebook page are more willing to become a fan than before, because they see that it’s being liked by over 10,000 of other fans.

  • Soulja

    I find it strange to see all of these positive comments. I searched a little on Google and found that many people who ordered a package at Socialkik got ripped off. Especially when they bought targeted friends. Take a look at this blog, check the comments.

  • Nico

    You’re right @Soulja I paid for a 10’000 Facebook fans plan (300 USD) and they never did nothing.

  • Will

    Ian, I’m glad you didn’t get ripped off, but our company got ripped off by SocialKik for over a hundred dollars. 🙁

    I should have googled “SocialKik scam” before I started because I see there’s a lot of results for that. We’re now trying to fight with PayPal to get our money back and the service won’t respond to any of my emails. It’s very frustrating.

  • “I find it strange to see all of these positive comments…” (Soulja)

    I think you’ll find Soulja that this is possibly because the positive comments may be from SocialKik themselves. I am the owner of the site you linked to in your post, and we received the same exact comments on our post, multiple copies from different names and email addresses but from the same IP address. So it appears to be a spam attempt to promote SocialKik.

    The negative comments all over the internet should clearly warn anyone thinking of using them.

  • Louella

    SocialKik is an absolute scam. I read all the positive forum reviews and now believe (as someone else suggested above) that the positive referrals are posted by SocialKik themselves.
    I paid for 1,000 FB Likes and a few days later, faceless Facebook fans with empty profiles and no profile image started appearing in the hundreds as Likes on our FB page. The looked immediately suspicious so I promptly deleted them. For weeks now, I have been deleting an influx of hundreds of fake IDs daily. Even worse, after making a complaint to SocialKik, the influx temporarily died down and I started receiving what seemed like legitimate Likes from real users, only to realise that some of the names doubled up exactly with different profile images but virtually identical profiles. In other words, within a preview of 6 or so Likes on our FB page, two full names were identical and total scams. Ridiculous! All of my supposedly real Facebook users happen to be from Austin, Texas and have EXACTLY the same taste in music. If you are going to fake FB IDs at least get creative about it so it seems legitimate. I complained and complained via email to SocialKik and requested that they STOP this process which was bound to do more harm than good to our reputation on FB. I totally regret using them. I thought the worst that might happen is that I might only get 50 genuine Likes despite their guarantee claims but this ongoing issue of fake IDs is WAY WORSE. It’s like a virus I can’t stop. I would have rather built a few hundred genuine FB Likes more slowly that waste time and money on this SCAM. Hilariously, after one of my complaints SocialKik claimed that they were limited in how they could help build my genuine user Likes without me granting them access as an administrator to my Facebook page. Can you believe it?? As if I’d grant these scammers administrator access!

  • Ian, I am skeptical of this service now after reading the reviews. I was figuring I could give it a shot but have you heard anything since posting this post aside from the comments here about this service?

  • Ian

    @enkay – my results are great still and most of them stayed. So I have no complaints

  • MarkM6

    Socialkik always delivered fans for us and it is still working fine.

    Even after Facebook’s last month’s limitations by removing the “Suggest to friends” option, Socialkik is currently the only Facebook service that still manages to deliver fans.

    Most of the negative comments bellow are obviously from competitors who are trying to dirty up Socialkik’s image.

  • Nico

    Really happy that Socialkik works for some of you. But unfortunately I’m not lucky with them.

    For my 10’000 non-targeted Fan Plan placed on September 2010, I’ve now less than 5’000 Fans.

    I urge you to avoid Socialkik and keep your USD 300 for a good diner.

  • Nico

    I am not a competitor. if you are from Socialkik, perhaps you could treat my ticket #106836 opened October 19, 2010 rather than trying to advertise a service that does not work…

    Thx in advance!

  • Socialkik used to be good but they have disappeared in the past 2 months.

  • I have to say I agree with the detractors. Do not use this service under any circumstances. They’ve spammed my FB page from here to Kingdom Come.

    I’m not sure what happened. They delivered *mostly* targeted twitter followers, but with Facebook they just deliver fake profiles. Plus their absolute refusal to communicate with clients and stop their spamming is something I have never seen before.

    The ticketing system they have there is obviously only in place to promote the illusion of customer service.

    I’m not sure how they think this is acceptable. This is a great study in how not to run an internet business, though.

  • While surfing Yahoo I clicked on your link…very informative! I enjoy staying up-to-date about this kind of info. I’ll definitely bookmark your site for additional review.

  • Easy

    Yeah I’m an up and coming artist and I used Social Kik and Usocial, and got bad results, I tried Overnightbuzz and they delivered so i been using them since!

  • Sab

    Socialkik is a scam. I tried the service and not only was the response bad (barely any) they don’t even bother replying. It’s always “I’ll get back to you” but they NEVER do!

  • Eragon4u

    socialkik is a big scam.. it provided me only 100 followers in 1 month

  • SOCIALKIK IS A SCAM. I purchased 1000 Facebook fans and 1000 Twitter followers. They delivered my Facebook order promptly, but I got nothing for my Twitter order. My support requests were only answered within the first week, claiming my campaign was “processing”. But now eight weeks later, after the PayPal dispute window has closed they don’t reply at all to my requests. What a waste of time and money!

  • D M

    I noticed straight away that the facebook fans they deliver are mainly fake profiles, but I wouldn’t go so far as to call them a scam. They’re delivering quite well on a Youtube order I made with them, and at the end of the day, you have to be realistic and remember that you get what you pay for. If you want a starter boost to what you’re doing, I don’t think they’re a bad option.

  • Jon234

    overnightbuzz are crooks, dont believe this

  • Jbender

    Beware, this site is a scam.  They claim to give you real people that choose to like your page.  When you start reviewing each profile that has liked your page you will notice they are not typical of any facebook profile you would be accustomed to seeing.  In fact, each one I clicked on, does not allow you to add as a friend and each one’s wall status states thier last update was a changed profile picture.  It is a waste of money.  I have requested a refund from Socialkik only to be given the run around that their technical department is looking in to it.  I have escalated my claim to Paypal’s resolution center.

  • Tom

    company making fake fans !!! I also porches from them Google +1 and never
    finish this job. And there is no way contact them. Only answer at support
    “We will notify again our technical team”. Fuckers !

  • arina

    i don’t know about you but I been having crazy time with Socialkik;-( I been bagging them to stop sending useless likes my way and even deactivated the page, i ordered 1,000 got 3,500 and it wont stop after i singed up with them, and contacting them is useless;-( i’m going mad
    if you know any way around them please email me

  • Paying for likes is like paying
    people to come into your coffee shop and hoping they will
    actually buy coffee.
    They won’t. It’s snake oil.

  • Matthewcollins32

    Thanks for this tips, this article is really helpful

     I also used Socialkik to buy facebook fan likes and I agree with the comments below that Socialkik had no problem increasing the number of Facebook fans on my business page above 10000 fans within a few days. I just wish we had enough capital to hire a Social Media expert to increase the number of our fans on Facebook without resorting to having to buy the Facebook likes from Socialkik, but who am I kidding… it will take the Social Media expert a few months to acheive that, which translates to a few thousands of dollars in payroll, instead of just outsourcing this task to Socialkik for a couple of hundreds of dollars.

    I don’t have anything against hiring a Social Media expert, but most startups just don’t have enough funding to do that… they’re busing building their businesses and they just want immediate recognition through increasing the number of their following on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest… etc.