Tools to Utilize Amazon S3 for your Digital Media


Two days ago, I decided to get an account with Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service). I decided to get it because I have videos and audio that I want to start streaming to my landing pages, product sales page, optins, etc. So I figured I can utilize the cheap bandwidth of Amazon to my advantage.

While I spent almost half my day just looking and reading about Amazon S3, I found some good platforms that makes like easy. When I first signed up, which basically synced with my Amazon Associate account, I was up and ready to utilize S3. The problem is that the dashboard and FAQs is hella confusing.

So I was just all over Google looking for some tutorials and tips to help me move utilizing S3.

I found a great FF plugin called S3Fox – it made my life easier. I simply just entered my information and I was transferring files fairly quickly. It replicates an FTP client within your FireFox browser.

This little plugin helped me get started with Amazon S3. I easily uploaded my videos and audio and change the public properties and I was already streaming the content on my site. Its amazing.

Another script I found were…

  1. Automatic WordPress Backup
  2. Amazon S3 for WordPress

These are 2 plugins for WordPress that backsup and uses S3 to store any type of media, images, videos, audio, etc. The backup plugin allows you to back up your entire wordpress site on S3, so you have a backup on your server and with Amazon. So if your server goes down you know Amazon is always up.

So since I am doing a lot more online marketing, I need to have a reliable video source for private members and just to stream audio. I do not want the amount of traffic streaming 1 video to be slow and lag the rest of my sites. So this is a great alternative in managing my digital media.

…prior to this… I was looking at Rackspace Cloud. I always want to do something different from everyone else. So I was looking at Rackspace due to the fact their cloud can run scripts, I was hoping to add my prosper on their cloud.

While cloud is still in its beginning states to just provide rapid content, most can not run scripts or have the ability to run comprehensive scripts. I would like to put my prosper202 on a cloud instead of using my server. Other than that I am very satisfied with S3.

If it wasn’t for some of the Google searches I would have been lost. There are just a couple question I could not find, but I should be able to find the answer to them soon.

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  • I like S3Fox also, but one thing I couldn’t figure out how to do, using S3Fox, was rename files in place on S3. A free S3 tool that has all the bells and whistles is the Cloudberry S3 Explorer:

    Also, a WordPress plugin that makes creating expiring S3 links (i.e. the link to the file only works for X amount of time, that you choose: 3 minutes, 12 days, 500 days, etc.):

  • Every Amazon S3 related blog gives you an impression that there is only one Amazon S3 client available รข?? S3 fox. However there are many more freeware clients which are much superior. For instance, S3HUB for Mac ( and CloudBerry Explorer for Windows ( .

  • I have heard of amazon S3 before but you have provided me with a more detail insight of this service.

    Is it true that using amazon S3 can prevent people from downloading the video?

  • Kelvin,

    you can use Amazon S3’s signed URL feature to generate time limited URLs for the website users. The URL will be only valid for specified time. There are several plug-ins out there for WordPress and Joomla that help you automate this process. Check out the link in the first comment – this is an example of WordPress plug-in.


  • I didn’t knew that all this plugins existed. It seems that FF has a plugin for everything

  • You gotta love Firefox ๐Ÿ˜€ I know I do, oh and Google as well, its always there when you get a little lost!

  • Iโ€™m still backing up a good deal of my work files to S3, but have migrated my personal (music, movies, apps) over to Mozy. For personal use they have an unlimited plan for around $5 a month.

    Till then,


  • I tried to use automatic wordpress back up but it didnt work.

  • I have never heard of Amazon S3, but it sounds like a great place to store website videos & audio. At the very least, I should be automatically backing up my blogs to S3. Thanks for the tips Ian.

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  • good informati about Utilize Amazon S3 on there. Many thanks Ian. This information will help me a lot of work.

  • Really helpful article, Amazon S3 would have probably confused the hell out of me too. And those plugins sound like they compliment S3 nicely and I would’ve probably never figured that out on my own. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I haven’t heard of Amazon S3 before reading this blog post, but what strikes me is the fact there is already a FireFox Plugin to facilitate the process when you are saving your files. It sounds like a great service, what are the approximate costs like?

  • I don’t have more knowledge about wordpress, just learning at the moment like how to implement a new theme on blog.
    very nice and informative post related to it.

  • I was looking for detailed information about Utilize the Amazon S3. Thanks for information IAN ๐Ÿ™‚

  • we have the same problem ian.. I think Amazon s3 will help me also.
    thanks ian

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  • I have heard of amazon S3 before but you have provided me with a more detail insight of this service. ๐Ÿ˜‰