Working Out of an Office Instead of at Home

I got back from Miami this past Tuesday and I started to work in an office, I needed a new environment out of my house and I also needed a space for my admin to work as well. I really don’t want her working at my house all the time. Also, she has the ability to work form home as well, but most days I like to communicate verbally instead of just email.

The reason why I think an office fits better is because I do not have to be in my comfort zone, I walk around my house and I tend to stop what i am doing and turn on the TV or chill on the couch. The office gives that sense of environment where you sorta have to work, but puts your mind in focus.

Currently am subletting an area at Launchpad Creatives in New Jersey. The office itself is fairly medium size but has all the necessities an office needs. It has internet, printer, conference room, and writable walls!

The walls are coated or painted in this material that feels like a whiteboard, which is amazing because I can write on a wall! It spans out throughout the whole office. One part of the office has chalk like paint where you write on it with chalk.

I am going to have my NJ Meetup here, the conference room looks like it can fit a good amount of people. Plus the environment is relaxing. The only problem I found which I think is needed, there is no windows in the office.  At my house I can easily look outside and calm my mind if I need to.

The office itself is run by two marketing firm, a marketing strategists and promotional marketer. One aspect why they rent out space in their office is because they want to utilize users who come and go within their office. Personally, I think that would bother me. I am working for a couple days and one of these marketing people comes over and asks questions and maybe even ask to help their clients.

They rent out the space to benefit them. Really interesting concept. I tell you this much me and my admin has been keeping to ourselves most of the time. We usually try not to hand out our own work to them or tasks. But we do engage in conversation with others in the office.

So far the office has made be very productive and I accomplishes a lot of things while I have been working there. Though I am not going to the office everyday, I will go to the office if I need to heavily concentrate on an idea or get a set of agendas done. I can easily control myself and focus on my own, reason why I have a whiteboard. It would be cool to paint my whole office in whiteboard paint though.

….but if I have a ton of work or catch up I will go over to the office and concentrate. Right after I got back from Miami I went straight to the office and banged out work. It is amazing the amount of work that is accomplished by switching environments.

Working for yourself gives you the flexibility to do and work where you want. I can work at my house and be comfortable, on the beach while in Miami, or in an office and be focus.

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    What I always find humorous is that we get into the internet marketing field to make money from home and get away from the office lifestyle, but when you start doing really well in internet marketing then you head back to an office to stay focused. Many people do not realize how many distractions there are at home until they start working from home. Especially if you have small kids around.

  • http://www.mikeroosa.com Mike Roosa

    I love working from home but it definitely takes discipline. I know what you mean about the tv. So easy to turn it on.

  • http://www.ajesin.com Emmanuel Ajesin

    I quite agree with ian…

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    Sounds like you made a wise decision Ian. While many people dream of working from home, it is not always very practical. With all the distractions at home, you definitely lose at least a bit of productivity. Working at an office shuts out all of those distractions and gives your mind time to concentrate. Now the trick will be maintaining the discipline to keep working from the office on a consistent basis.

  • http://www.ndemandaffiliates.com mike

    Cool office man i think you should have a mini bar with shirley temples

  • http://www.superaffiliatetwins.com Ryan Gray

    I had an office for two years. I liked it much better that way. Not only did I have a secretary to handle all my calls, appointments, bank deposits, I found myself more productive (no distractions so I get work done much quicker). Last September I moved to be near my girlfriend and all the offices we checked out wanted at least a 5 year contract. We finally convinced one to do a 2 year-deal but they wanted me to pay for remodeling (crappy deal). So for the next 12 months I’m stuck working out of my home until I move. Then I’m definitely moving back into an office. Awesome walls btw.

  • http://www.aggeliopolis.gr aggelies

    Productivity and distraction(s) are the main two issues for me when working at home. The temptations are too many, so working at an office would be the way to go for me.

  • http://www.mortuos.com Zombie Survival Guide

    Congrats on the new office. I feel that if i had the opportunity to work from an office my productivity would just sky rocket.

    Unfortunately i still work a dreadful 9-5, but the environment of the office i work in motivates me to work on my personal IM biz. Due to time restraints i just cant work on by biz while im at work.

    When i get home from work, the last thing i wanna do is sit in front of my comp. And when i do, the next battle is trying not to turn on the television. Because once it turns on im gone.

    A tip for working from home: Keep your tv and your computer seperate, or just destroy your television.

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    I agree with you aggelies. Lot of destruction in working at home like for instance. Television, Computer Games and having fun with your neighbor.

  • http://leechcontinuity.com Leech Continuity Program

    I hope you kept it gangsta, Ian, and tapped your admin’s ace! :-)

  • http://www.jonathanvolk.com Jonathan Volk

    Nice man!

    Yea, I am in the process of getting an office as well! Excited to have it pretty soon! 😀

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    I know I will need an office when I start bringing in enough to warrant it. I am always getting distracted at home.

  • http://www.komododragonfacts.com Komodo Dragon

    Looks like you’ve got yourself a great setup there Ian, I can definitely see the positives from having an office, some negatives too, but mainly positive overall! :)

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    Your office looks spacious and all the best to your new environment.

    I bet a new environment does help in the productivity.

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    I love working from home but it definitely takes discipline :):)

  • http://www.komododragonfacts.com Komodo Dragon

    @Zombie, That’s a good tip, but… I wouldn’t just flat out destroy my tv 😛 hehe

  • http://myblog2day.com Lee Ka Hoong

    Ian, it depends actually. For people who have been working in office for a long time, they’ll like to work at home; while for people who have been working at home for a long time, they’ll like to work in office. Also, it depends on what works you’re doing too. :)


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    Yes Lee I agree that for many people a change of scenery is refreshing. When you’ve always worked in an office working from home has a lot of appeal for most people. It’s not until you’ve worked from home for a while that you can truly appreciate the benefits of working in an office.

    By the way, the whiteboard walls is an awesome idea. If I ever expand my side business enough to need an office I’ll have to keep that in mind.

  • http://www.mathewday.com Mathew Day

    Congrats Ian, you made some good points. I definitely would like to rent out a little office/suite one day, but for now I’m still just trying to make it. 😉

  • http://www.acaiguys.com/ Acai

    Ian your new office set up looking very nice. I love to work from home and it provide me more satisfaction. I don’t wanna go office to leave my naughty kids at home.

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    For me, I’d rather to work in the office than in the house coz I can concentrate more in the office environment.

  • http://www.leadguitarzero2hero.com eric

    Having your office at home is super convenient but can also quickly become a nuisance… Having an office away from home is far better IMO. you need to draw the lines somewhere and have home stay home…

  • http://webuildyourblog.com Andrew @ Blogging Guide

    Congratulations on your new office! I am working from home and like everyone has said, it really takes a lot of discipline! At home, I have my own room which I made to look like an office and I lock the door whenever I need to concentrate.

  • http://www.bal-nak.com evdeneve

    When i get home from work, the last thing i wanna do is sit in front of my comp. And when i do, the next battle is trying not to turn on the television. Because once it turns on im gone.

  • http://www.traffic-is-king.com Samuel

    I had the same problem. Watching a lot of sports center when I’m suppose to hammer out chucks of productivity at the house. Lots of distractions at home. I usually rotate locations where I work out of to help keep the focus. I like the office idea as long as the overhead isn’t much.

  • http://derekbingham.com Derek Bingham

    OK I guess I will ad my 2 cents.. I feel that as always you make great points.

    I also agree with what you said about “Working for yourself gives you the flexibility to do and work where you want.”

    I feel that us affiliates marketers at any level should work wherever they feel inspired. For instance, you gave us many hi quality products that was pumped out of your living quarters right? So If working in an office or home works for you then get it in and be productive.

    As I always say Ian, “It’s not where you’re at, it’s where you end up.” And I see you are making hits so keep up the great work!! :)

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    Must be an awesome feeling to work out of your own office, wish I could do the same, but for now I must work at home, perhaps some day I will get to your level Ian! :)

  • http://www.acaiguys.com/ Acai

    Very nice and informative post dude. When you’ve always worked in an office working from home has a lot of appeal for most people. It’s not until you’ve worked from home for a while that you can truly appreciate the benefits of working in an office. Awaiting for your next post.

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    The same method can be used with other things like sleep. If you want to sleep well then you should do nothing else but sleep in your bedroom. I used to watch movies in mine during the day and I guess my brain started associating my bedroom with entertainment too which did not help.

  • Mr Su

    Haha, I had the exact same thing. I ended up renting out an apartment in the same building and decking it out as an office. After a while it’s pretty much the same as my home except no beds, more art & couches and a bigger TV… just as comfortable, and procrastinating just as much!

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    Very nice and informative post dude. When you’ve always worked in an office working from home has a lot of appeal for most people. It’s not until you’ve worked from home for a while that you can truly appreciate the benefits of working in an office. Awaiting for your next post. 😉

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    haha this is cool. Why the hell I wasn’t able to do this so I can feel the presence of my officemates in my house. lol

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    You become much more productive when you work in an office, but I reckon in terms of creating ideas, the home environment is better. I think 3 days in the office and 2 days working at home can be a good routine to get into. That way, you keep your mind fresh at the start of each week. That’s my take on it anyway.

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    It’s true that at home, we tend to get distracted easily. I’ve been carried away watching TV or something fairly often and then fell back on my work. I think I’ll take a good look at creating an office area to do my work in soon to enhance my productivity.

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    I love to work in different environments. It helps me concentrate.

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    It’s good that you have taken a step to come out of your comfort zone. Hopefully you would have been enjoying your office.

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