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Since I have been doing some SEO, I thought it would be great to get someone that I see as a mentor to me when it came to SEO. I met this person at DK’s ThinkTank, a valuable and small tight group of entrepreneurs that get together to just network and have fun. Eric Itzkowitz, is the person I met that has been adding a lot of great insights to my SEO efforts.

Eric has been in the organic search for 10 years and works on the merchant side of the affiliate industry. He also manage affiliate programs and ppc campaigns for merchants looking to expand their presence online. Although his strengths is organic and I found that out at ThinkTank.

photo by Tim Ash

I believe our discussions started going when we both introduce each other to our business. Ofcourse we were total opposite because of the type of traffic and we both paid interests into how each other gets traffic.

I have been wanting to do more SEO, but I just find it time consuming and it was not until recently where I started heavily digging into it and actually doing it. Even though I am not doing it physically, I am giving a blueprint to my VAs and thy do the work that is, I think time consuming.

After ThinkTank we kept in touch, as I did with most of the attendee of ThinkTank. When I actually started learning, researching, and doing SEO – I gave Eric a call to get a foundation. Ever since I kept in contact and we exchange ideas and see how can help each other in our businesses.

One Eric told me is his tracking plugin for WordPress. Think about Prosper202 for WordPress, without the spy view. It is actually very useful, especially if you are using WordPress as your landing page or if you use WordPress as a mini site. If you think Prosper202 is too complicated, then grab PPC Keyword Tracker for WordPress – it’s Free and it is simple and easy to use.

Anyways, since jumping into SEO I always have questions about links, directories, automation, testing, etc.

So, I decided why not get on a call and have a conversation about SEO to share with my readers. I did just that and we had alengthy conversation, 45 minutes about SEO. Since I come from a paid traffic side, SEO is definitely brand new to me and so far there are a lot of people that has helped me understand how it works.

In today’s podcast we talk about…

  1. Automation – the good and bad
  2. Content Spinning – Why the Internet is all spun content
  3. Gov, Edu, Org backlinks
  4. Getting Backlinks and where and how
  5. Google, Yahoo, or Bing
  6. Longevity of Organic Search
  7. … plus many more

The podcast is 45 minutes but has a lot of good information especially if you are new to SEO. So listen in and just let it play in the background. Enjoy!

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  • Ian, I forgot to mention a few equally important best-practices on link building, which are definitely key to creating a strong link graph.

    1. Vary anchor text on your backlinks to the best of your ability. Ask others to use the singular and plural variations of your keywords.

    2. Backlinks should not all point to your homepage. Don’t forget about links to your deeper content.

    3. Intra-site linking is a solid way to get more of your content crawled and indexed.

    4. In most cases, a normal link building graph for regular people and companies starts at zero (site launch) and increases over time in a nice upward trend with some spikes due to increased PR and yes, some dips (stagnation in link building efforts, people removing links, broken pages, etc.). Keep this in mind when link building.

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    great! thanks for the updates!

  • Whew! It took only 45 minutes to know about the basic and crucial part of marketing and SEO. Very valuable podcast, eh.

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    Thanks for the props! dk

  • Eric is a solid marketer in the Telecom industry

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