Even Drunks Know, Failure is the Mother of Success


This past weekend or this past Friday, I headed out to the bars with a couple friends. The location was brand new to me and I was intrigued about the environment. There was couches, leather chairs, fireplace, a bon fire outside, and the basketball game was on. I felt I was in my living room. The environment was very comfortable and def enjoyable.

I then notice the quotes on the wall. One that caught my eye is “Failure is the Mother of Success“.

It was interesting to see this quote on the wall. This stood out the most as the rest were drunk quotes. The quote itself is true and should  be taken serious. I say this because you learn form your mistakes. For example, when you were young you probably put your hand over a flame and pulled it back fast. You associate that pain sensation with the flame and learn fire is hot and can be painful.

This can also apply to your online marketing efforts. By making mistakes you can only learn from it. If you are a beginner and buy a domain with the company’s name in it, you receive a C&D, and then you stop buying domains with the company’s slogan or name in it.

We all learn from our own mistakes, sometimes we do not have the knowledge to make the proper decisions. Sometimes we do not have the experience to make proper judgement in our own marketing efforts. We have to gather the data from our testings to make sure we can conclude the proper outcome.

Sometimes it isn’t the case, we simply just have to take a risk at something and see what the outcome is. Some of our greatest achievements comes from our own setbacks in life and in business. Maybe your mistake lead to an accidental achievement.

One quote I like is “Failure is Always an Option”, this is what the TV show Mythbusters always go by. They never see it as a true failure because they actual have data to tweak and adjust their theory to try again. They never see it as a full setback but an opportunity to improve.

Being successful is all about learning from your experiences and setback sin life. Most online marketers tend to stop after they fail, saying it doesn’t work with less than a weeks work. There isn’t anything which can come to you overnight. It does take dedication and the will to do more and better.

Remember when you road your bike on 2 wheels for the first time? You wore your helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, etc. Eventually you fell off your bike, but you also got back up and tried it again until you were able to ride and control your bike with no hands!

This analogy is also pretty similar to online marketing. You can have all the resources, reading blogs, buying ebooks and softwares, and reading marketing books. You will not prevent your first failure in your online business, you just have to get back up and do it again until you can do it with no hands.


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  • Brandon b

    Great post and it is so true. Loads of cash down the drain,hours of reading,and tons of persistence I recently just had my first profitable campaign.It’s not a huge profit but the feeling from achieving some success after so many failures is indescribable. Here is a quote from the great Michael Jordan to go with the one from the bar.”I can accept failure but I can’t accept not trying”. I still have a long ways to go but with every failure something else finally clicks and this should be applied to all aspects of our lives not just AM. Lord knows I have had failures as a son,husband,father,and as a friend but I have always tried my best to learn from the experience and keep it moving.I usually never comment but I felt like I needed to this time.Bro I have been keeping up with you and your progress since those old YouTube code you put out and I just want to thank you for the motivation.I am a person of color and it feels good to see a brother out here doing his thing.Keep it up and God bless you and your fam.

  • Ricky Ahuja

    Couldn’t have said it better myself Ian. Failure is not just a key part in truly attaining success but in appreciating it as well.

  • Anonymous

    Nice post. Many people got discouraged to go through what they started because of failure. Failure is just the beginning of your success, you must pass this failure to continue in the road of your success. 🙂

  • I read something written by a highly successful entrepreneur once (can’t remember who it was) who talked about failing fast and often as a reason he was so successful. He was constantly pushing his boundaries and making mistakes, but he learned from every failure and kept refining his efforts until he achieved his goals.

    Often times I think the people who have the most success are the ones who best understand how to deal with failure. They don’t get crushed when things don’t work out. They pick themselves up, take some lessons from their most recent failure, and jump right back into the action.

  • Nice read Ian… I totally agree with you on this post… Love the way you compose the article and be a source of enlightenment for people who failed…

  • word, Ian. 19 failures for every success then morphs into 9 failures for every success & hopefully better.