Facebook CTRs: A Sucker Punch Campaign


This weekend it was a fight that everyone wanted to watch and I went with a couple affiliates to watch the fight at a bar. Honestly, it was a weak fight. It was getting really good till a sneak just came in. In any case, everyone started to disperse and my mind started thinking about the fight and creating a campaign. It was already late and I was drinking a bit during the HBO fight.

… but once I got home I created a campaign from an affiliate offer I was already promoting. I thought to myself, I should be able to take advantage of this buzz (sneak punch) that will probably last a couple days. I am assuming there will be a controversy about the fight.

So that night around 2am, I started to create a small Facebook campaign around that sucker punch. Below are my ad CTRs from my campaign and also my targeting:

  1. United States
  2. Age 25 – 45
  3. Categories: Health and Well Being, Outdoor Fitness, All Sports, Out Door Actvities
  4. Reached: 17,314,780

So I think one main reason why my CTRs were so low is because of my ad copy. Now that I am looking at it, I could have done better – but at 2am after the fight with some alcohol in my system, it was sub par. Also one big thing about this campaign is I only did 3 ads instead of my usual 5 ads for testing. I was not able to find any other pictures from the fight except these. I was pretty limited.

One part of this campaign is one of the ads has an orange border. I did this specifically because its bright and it relates to Floyd’s trunk colors. So I was playing an association campaign here. Meaning I was trying to bring some sort of relation from an obvious to an ad. In this case, the trunks had orange in them, his gloves were orange, even the shoes were orange. So I tried to bring that association to the ad. Which is why I think it received a higher CTR than the rest.

I really wanted to use another image from the fight but I could not find it. The only thing I can say I could have improved on this the ad copy. The next morning from Saturday, I forgot about it until this morning (I need to stop drinking). So I was not able to adjust my ad copy, which I think would of made a difference from my CTRs.

Another interesting thing I noticed was there were a lot of Internet Explorer users after 1am. When the ad ran during the day I saw more FireFox and Chrome brower users. This was just interesting to me seeing such a dramatic change from day and night.

Also, these ads were very cheap all less than .41 cents a click. Let me know your thoughts about these ads and more importantly about the fight that happened this weekend. Weak.

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  • Guest9

    Way to take advantage of an event that will be talked about for months to come! Try another offer, beach body is WEAK for boxing or fight related offers 😉

  • JC


    How did the campaigne do.  Did you have any conversions?

  • Rich28A

    Haha, nice campaign. But did you get any conversions from it? I was totally disappointed in the fight, which Mayweather obviously won by sucker punching Ortiz. The ref should’ve clearly had them touch gloves before starting to fight again. Mayweather obviously knew he was wrong which is why he started cursing out Larry Merchant, lol. Was that even necessary?

  • Anonymous

    I was trying to find a boxing offer for sure. but there wasnt any and I was not going to try to promote a clickbank product.

  • Anonymous

    Not so well as the CTRs are not where I wanted them to be at. I did have just 2 conversions though.

  • Anonymous

    lol Larry said if he was 50 years younger he could of taken him down. 

  • What about targeting Mayweather and Ortiz fans? That would get you some crazy CTRs. Yeah the volume wouldn’t be as great, but you’d be getting cheap clicks to the offer.

  • Cool! thanks for sharing the info on the campaign.

  • Nick Brim

    Some questions.  

    First, why didn’t you target males only??  
    Second, how is a 0.365% ctr not good on a demo of 17mio+??  
    Third, how are you paying $0.41 with that size demo and that ctr?  I know different demos = different pricing, but that seems way too high.  Did you wait for the cpc to drop at all?What do you consider a good ctr on a 17mio+ demo?I don’t understand your results at all

  • Anonymous

    I did target just males… I should have just added that forgot. I always try to aim for .5, which I think is a good CTR for any demo. The cpc was low because of the demo selection I chose, not because of the reach. I also was paying close to .78 cents in the beginning but started dropping which fluctuate but stayed close to .41 – which ofcourse can be the results of the ctr.

  • Anonymous

    I was going to do that but then the demo of fans vs a sports demo are totally different.

  • Nick Brim

    Yeah, the male targeting is a pretty important part 🙂  Still don’t get how such a good ctr on such a sizeable demo resulted in such a high cpc.  How much traffic did you send through the ad?