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Lately there is a lot of talk about SEO and the Panda – honestly, I have no clue what the SEO world is going on. It is probably one of the least topics I follow when it comes to internet marketing. As you know the beginning of this year, I attempted to do some SEO myself. I fell off it and now I have someone handling my SEO for me.

As I read the internet I find myself learning new things and challenging my brain. I needed it. I learned that bookmarking is important to SEO because it can you sites indexed quite rapidly and you do not even need a bunch of accounts, just 3-6. So I decided to create an auto bookmarking script with iMacros.

It took me a good half day to learn iMacros and understand it fully. For example, you do not want to click on a hard link – you want to open that link within the address bar. These small smart moves definitely stop me from re editing the script, which previously gave me errors.


Video done on iPhone

There are a lot of macro base submissions like Sick Submitter which I also used in the past. Since I only needed 3-6 social bookmarking sites, I created this macro just to challenge my brain a bit. The video will shows you…

  1. Clearing out the Cache – just in case I am logged in
  2. Closing all tabs
  3. Opening the first bookmark site
  4. logging in
  5. entering the bookmark information from a data file
  6. opening a new tab
  7. closing the old tab
  8. then opening the new bookmark site

It repeats this step several times, as SEO is tedious might as well create macros to do these tedious tasks. With Sick Submitter you can create these profiles within the system or purchase profiles from the Sick Submitter community. This small exercise was a great way to challenge my brain to do something new. I definitely like learning new things and enjoy a new challenge, so this was a good exercise and beneficial for any SEO efforts.

There are so many auto submitters out there, but creating something on your own is much more fun – I personally think anyways. It gives you the learning ability and challenges your brain. But off topic this video I found while learning iMacros is what inspired me to do iMacros. It auto creates accounts and then bookmarks.

[dailymotion width=”450″ height=”397″]http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xa6dtg_social-bookmark-account-creator-sub_lifestyle[/dailymotion]

Enjoy the video. Let me know what you think.

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  • Whothefuckcares

    no one cares; i nor anyone else is getting paid.

  • RevSEO.com

    At this point Ian, I wouldn’t recommend iMacros. Sure it’s great for simple bookmarking, but it requires constant babysitting and updating of scripts to stay functional. Not to mention the fact that iMacros requires a dedicated computer sitting around and not doing anything. Plus, unless you setup captcha support, you’ve gotta sit there and type in the captchas. Not exactly a good use of time.

    Since you’ve fallen off the bandwagon with SEO, what is your strategy these days? What are you outsourcing? You can find a decent bookmarking service off Fiverr or other popular SEO forums for dirt cheap.

    The key about SEO is GOOD backlinks as well, which I’m sure you know but am throwing it out there just in case. Good links = good PageRank. While bookmarks will help with the social side of SEO, they don’t really help all that much from a backlink perspective aside from indexing pages.

  • I enjoy reading your blog, and I appreciate that this post is just as much about designing a clever macro as it is anything else. However, calling automated bookmarking “SEO” is like calling a tricycle a “hog.”

    Good, effective SEO isn’t about automated tools and spamming bookmarking sites with links. It’s about relevant links from quality websites. If you took all the time you spent trying to figure out this macro and spent it on building a relationship with someone in an effort to build some links to your site, you’d be better off.

    I appreciate that you’re not an SEO expert, but you owe it to yourself and your audience to dismiss this notion that “submitters” constitute anything other than spam.

  • Looks pretty sweet Ian. It’s easy to use other software or programs that are out there, but making power moves like creating your own is a bold thing.

    Keep challenging yourself man.  

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Jason. Since I am not an SEO person… I don’t know what is right from wrong… all I know personally is backlinks and getting indexed fast are important. I just see all these auto tools to help with tedious repetition tasks as  resources and figured I acn learn something while accomplishing something as well.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Jason. Since I am not an SEO person… I don’t know what is right from wrong… all I know personally is backlinks and getting indexed fast are important. I just see all these auto tools to help with tedious repetition tasks as  resources and figured I acn learn something while accomplishing something as well.

  • Like I said, I appreciate that this is about the iMacro setup as much as anything.

    To your point about backlinks and indexing, I have two recommendations:

    1. Fast indexing is important. Here’s a tip: Post a link to any site/page you want indexed on an active Blogspot/Blogger blog. Google crawls those links in minutes.

    2. Backlinks from most bookmarking and directory sites have no value. None. If you want to know how I know that, check the cache date for the page that has your link. If Google’s cached copy is older than 60 days – or if it’s not even cached – Google is ignoring that link. It’s placed in their supplemental index and never…heard…from…again, LOL.

    Seriously, it’s a waste of time and energy to but these backlink submitters, directory submitters, etc. No point in it whatsoever.

  • Ian:

    TIP 1) Make sure your outsource is not just out there blog commenting and social bookmarking as fast as they can with the goal being “as many as possible.” Your money is best spent on him/her/them reaching out to other bloggers within your relevant realm and asking them to blog about you, your biz or perhaps even syndicate your content. Links within a blog post are more valuable than those within the blogroll. FYI… Syndication is a good signal to the search engines that your content is liked well enough to be syndicated. A cool way to do this is to have somebody go through a blog post, piece by piece, and sort of hash it out providing their own summation, feeling or addendum to it.

    TIP 2) Your brand took a long time to build. You have earned a lot of trust (with the search engines, audience and contacts). Since you know some powerful people and brands, include them in your linking strategy.

    Let me know if you want more clarification.

  • wow. it’s a good way yaar