Just Have to Apologize about Private CPV


The other day I talked about Private CPV and how I downloaded it and started to grow my mini private cpv network. Since then I have taken the blog post down, due to the fact customers are not able to contact Ryan – owner of Private CPV. Since I had it, I wanted to share about the platform because I have been looking for such a system a while ago.

Ryan came up to me and told me about it and I was eager and eagerly downloaded the program. Very simple install and interface. Then when I wrote about it, I guess some of you bought the product. Then started having issues. Tried to get in contact with Ryan but no luck. I myself tried to help my readers to contact Ryan and I was unsuccessful myself.

The other day I got an email from Ryan stating he has been having issues and is currently working with current customers. To stop future purchases, I have took down the post. Prior to the post I had no issues with communication with Ryan. I myself had questions about the system and I got a prompt response.

It is a rarity to get a system to create your own mini PPV network. I hope Ryan is able to help his current customers and cater to future ones.

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  • Ryan set me up with a copy but I’ve been unable to get it to install properly on my server.

  • Anonymous

    ahh really? its pretty easy to install… had no hiccups at all. it was a really easy install.. good flow to it

  • Anyone know of a similar solution? Doesn’t need to be as cheap.

  • Have you found anything else that works like it?

  • Anonymous

    IDK why everyones having issues.. mine works fine.

  • CPVDen

    Any updates on this? Do you think it will be re-released soon?

  • Anonymous

    not sure. so far I am like everyone else and cant get in contact with Ryan. Before i was able to and now I can’t

  • guest

    So did you really “started to grow my mini private cpv network”?

  • Would you be willing to sell a copy of it? 

  • Ian

    probably not since I am not a programmer.

  • Anonymous

    I dont think any time soon.