My SEO Efforts Produce my First $100


It has been about 3 months since I started SEO and I have learned a lot. There are several people I want to thank, which I mention in the video that has helped me with my SEO. In 2011, I want to try to attain more long term goals. With paid traffic, it is fun watching your stats and income but certain offers die, traffic gets abused, over bidding happens, advertisers don’t payout, etc.

This is why I am moving into the CPS side of things, cost per sale, because physical items rarely get removed from the merchant site. If it is discontinued, you can most likely still sell the item. Where with CPL/CPA offers die every week and you have to watch for that and look at your network emails to make sure your offer is still alive.

With the start of the New Year, my SEO efforts kinda paid off. I made roughly $100 dollars my first couple months. This is a combination of Clickbank Products, ShareaSale Merchants, LinkShare, and Amazon products. SO it is possible to make money with CPS but not in the huge amount of volume that I wanted. SEO is had and a pain. With paid traffic I can at least test quality of traffic, with SEO it is hard to test what works and what doesn’t because you don’t have the volume right away.

With paid traffic I can test demographics, keywords, time of day, position of ads, wording of copy, landing page, etc. SEO you really can’t test anything unless you have volume. The volume with SEO slowly grows, so testing can be a pain. I think the goal with search traffic is HUGE volume in any possible way.

Luckily, I have my own set of employees which I outsource the tasks to. My VA does the tedious tasks of SEO which is basically everything that you have to do with SEO. SEO is time consuming because it includes backlinking, content creation, keyword research, bookmarking, link building, etc. These tasks are boring and repetitive. So I hired a VA to help with this.

I also had the help of several people who taught me some tactics about SEO. One forum I want to thank is Clint and Chris Affiliit forum. I was able to get input on tools, programs, and tactics on how to do SEO the right way. I received feedback on the tools I mentioned and how to utilize bookmarking to my advantage.

They definitely gave me some good feedback as well as the community. Another amazing community is “The Church of SEO” this is a closed group within Facebook that share thoughts and feedback on SEO as well. Really amazing guys within the community and great feedback on noobie questions from me especially.

As I start my journey in SEO, I am going to be doing these videos. I have done it in the past with my PPC and paid traffic, so why not SEO. Make sure to subscribe to my RSS and stay updated on my journey into the SEO and CPS space.

Here is a quick video of what I basically just said.


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  • I’ve been starting the SEO biz for a while now too. I don’t have a “team” or VA like you but I have a free outsourcer…. My wife. We should have a contest

  • I started with SEO first actually, making a few grand per month, which really helped me with funding my ppc campaigns…

    now its all about scaling and being organized :p

  • Dang Ian, $100. Balla status. Nice job, you’ll get there.

  • Once the visitor is convinced that they have landed on a credible website and they have found the product or service that they are looking for, what next? Well, you now have to come across as being trustworthy.

  • Great job Ian.
    Keep going at it my friend. As for Dino above, few grands a month? wow!

  • Yeah they are 2 completely different worlds. Good SEO will pay you a lot of money in the long run, and is more hands off. It just takes a lot of patience! Great job on your first SEO successes! keep it up!

  • Congrats, Ian! Glad we could help and hopefully you keep taking it serious. It may not seem like much now, but trust me when I say that it adds up over time. Keep building and scaling and those vacations you enjoy will be even more enjoyable when you know your sites are still making money! 🙂

  • Speaking of SEO… make sure to delete replies like the Spam above this reply (cheapest flight pakistan).

  • Ian

    @clint lol I do love traveling and vacations

  • That’s great work for three months in! in my first three I hit maybe a hundy and that’s it, all be it organic and not paid, so i’ll be venturing into some paid traffic to see what kind of returns I can formulate


  • Hi Ian,
    Excellent post you have written about SEO efforts. I got some tips for newly growing seo works. I have also subscribe your rss feed to get new update in this blog. Thanks

  • Gotta love SEO. Once you get your stuff up and running right, it is just like a steady job. You can count on that money every month then, unlike PPC and other areas. Congrats on your success.

  • Awesome post man. SEO is definitely awesome. It takes some time, but it lasts. I’d rather have organic listings and laser targeted traffic! Just found your blog man, keep this stuff up.

  • @everybody: SEO and its results (direct and indirect) takes time and a bunch of elbow grease in the beginning. You’ve got to maintain what you built, as well. However, I would argue that SEO can be as equally fun and rewarding. Creating your strategy and unleashing it… watching your rankings climb to the top is just awesome (so long as you are seeing some sales).

    While seeing immediate cash flow from SEO is, in most cases, not going to be as immediate as it can be with CPL,CPA,PPV (CPM), etc. I can tell you from my experience that when it all kicks in, and assuming you’ve mostly adhered to best practices, you will see a more sustainable and quite potentially larger cash flow coming in from your efforts… without many of the headaches surrounding a pure affiliate play.

    Further, you can always run PPC and do some media buys to get that immediate result, right? Personally, I’ve created pages which rank well and serve as pretty darn good “offer/landing pages,” as well. Imagine your offer pages ranking organically? What’s that worth to you?

    At any rate… Keep it going and I wish you the best of luck. Looking forward to watching you progress with success.

  • Good luck for 2011 with your marketing efforts but you have started well and seem to have a good grasp of your goals.. So many people dont have a plan and follow it. Getting sales is good to see but watching your traffic soar is a thing of wonder 🙂

    Stick to your strategies and have a good year.

  • Marie Sanders

    Dude, a good free resource is black hat world. They actually have some pretty good white hat strategies.